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Teaser Tuesday


We’re Back!  

Summer School is officially in session……

Hope you had a nice long holiday weekend – we did here in the USA with our Memorial Day weekend and extra day off yesterday.  Of course school was not in session because of that but today we’re back in business with school, cheers, grumpy class monitors, AND of course our Teaser photo!

First thing to do today is COMMENT ON THIS POST!   That’s right – go ahead and comment because maybe you will be our first commenter and if you are, well, you get a BADGE to celebrate that honor with – cool?  Indeed!   If more than one of you posts a comment in the first minute, you each get a badge……we’ll tell you tomorrow WHO wins.  

Shall we start teasing??

OK, everybody sit up straight in your seats and pay attention because I’m going to have Suzie do her cheer THEN we’ll bring in our fabulous security guard who will post our Teaser photo for today.   This is a GUEST TEASER photo – and your job will be to examine it and tell me WHERE WAS THE PHOTO TAKEN????   What town/city/village and what State (if in USA) or Country (if NOT USA) the person who took the photo was IN at the time.   Got it?   

Your instructions were perfect Boss!

Thanks Sarge……………let’s bring our little cheerleader in to shake her tailfeathers and get everyone fired up to make a PERFECT guess shall we?   Suzie?

School is back
Take up the slack!
It’s time to do the tease
C’mon it’ll be a breeze!
Just take your time and examine
Or there will be some body slammin’ !
Don’t make me get all huffy
When I’m mad I get all fluffy
C’mon let’s have some fun
Stick a fork in me because I’m DONE!

Well done Suzie………the only THREAT I heard was the one about body slamming if our students don’t examine the photo right?   OK!   On that high note let’s bring in our security guard and the TEASER PHOTO OF THE WEEK!

I’ve got the photo here Professor Sam!


IF you are the first person to guess correctly, you will win this:

IF you are RIGHT but aren’t FIRST to guess correctly, you win this:

IF you guess INCORRECTLY, you will still win something because you TRIED!    This fabulous GREENIE will be yours:

AND……………………..if you were the FIRST COMMENTER on this post or one of the FIRST you will get this little gem to share with the universe!

So what are you waiting for?   Get guessing!   The world is waiting to see who is “on the ball” and able to think CLEARLY and figure out where the photo was snapped.   

Assistant Prof Teddy and I are waiting…….

We’ll see you soon!

Professor Angel Sammy and Teddy too!!

Tuesday Teaser!


Welcome Students!


Welcome to another exciting Geography class with yours truly Professor Sammy, AND our crew of miscreants interesting characters here to help give you a challenge on this Tuesday morning!

We have a photo for you to take a peekie at…………………..in fact, we not only want you to look at it, we want you to tell US where the photo was taken!   Yep – we wanna know the state/country/town/city – OK?   Clear?  I thought so!

To start things off, remember that the very FIRST person who leaves a comment on THIS BLOG POST – yes – THIS ONE – will win the FIRST COMMENTER badge and you know you want that to be YOU – so go comment, then come right back……we’ll wait for you…….honest.


Now, what do you say we bring Mr. Silver Briefcase in to really get this party (oops I mean class) started OK?    He will show us today’s challenging photo!

Here's today's CHALLENGE Professor Sammy. it's been safely sealed up in the briefcase and locked on my wrist!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE Professor Sammy. it’s been safely sealed up in the briefcase and locked on my wrist!




Now, to cheer you on as you agonize over the photo trying to find clues and figure out WHERE this is and maybe WHAT it is (!!)……………SuzieQ would like to do a bit of a cheer of encouragement (at least I hope that’s what she’s gonna do…..you never know for sure though!).   Suzie???

Good luck to you Cuz you're gonna need it If you have a hungry cat Then you oughta feed it If you can't guess the Teaser I'll call you a Wheezer If you don't like my cheer TOUGH!!!!!

Good luck to you
Cuz you’re gonna need it
If you have a hungry cat
Then you oughta feed it
If you can’t guess the Teaser
I’ll call you a Wheezer
If you don’t like my cheer

Uhhh……..well, thanks Suzie.  I’m sure you really fired everybody up and got them excited to take a guess at today’s Teaser photo……………………..(or scared them to death and they just left the blog!)………….anyway, you can go REST now.

Here’s what’s up to win today if you are taking a whirl at guessing where the photo was taken!







See?   Easy Peasy right?   Just tell me where the Teaser photo was taken and tomorrow I’ll tell you WHO my Guest Teaser was for Geography class this week AND I’ll tell you all about the photo AND hand out awards to the lucky duckies who guess right (or wrong)!!!!

Now get guessing! 

The clock is ticking!

tick tock tick tock

tick tock tick tock


I'll be here tomorrow......will you?

I’ll be here tomorrow……will you?