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Teaser Tuesday Class


Greetings and Felicitations Class – Have you COMMENTED yet??

Clowie and her cracker jack Security Team have given us the go ahead for class.   All is well at Ding Dong School today!

I want to introduce two new students – Edgar is a big Harry Potter fan as you can see, and Marvin is just a happy guy period!


Always happy to have some new faces in the crowd aren’t we class.    Let’s get down to business.  Our Graphics Department came through with a really pretty photo for our Teaser class today and I hope it’s not TOO easy for you.    We do want you to be challenged and make you THINK – or else your brains will shrink and disappear in your heads – know what we mean???

Let’s review the rules of engagement for making a guess as to where the Teaser photo was taken!

And here are the badges you will win if you’re lucky!!

I can’t wait to get back to guessing !!!  I was MADE for guesswork!!!

OK then let’s bring on our Security Guard with today’s photo and then you can begin agonizing over it while our Cheer Team attempts to cheer you up………………………..

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Ta Da!    Whatcha think students?     Give it your best shot…………………make sure and follow the rules!    What TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE is this and what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA)??

Cheer Team – you’re on!!

We were feeling kind of chilly
Although hats and scarves look silly
But we’re here because we must cheer
And to remind that Teaser rules you must adhere!
So get busy and figure the photo out
Then tomorrow your name we will scream and shout!
Let’s start this year out with winners!
You’r experienced students NOT beginners!

Thanks team – that ought to put a fire under the rear ends of this pile of students here in class today.     And if THAT doesn’t do it – I bet if we go have some nice refreshing and delicious lunch, everyone will be in a better frame of mind to study the Teaser photo and make a GOOD GUESS.     Let’s do this!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hello Students……….please bring your trays up and let us load you up with some of our delicious lunch specials today.    Then back to class for you where you can agonize over that Teaser photo!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Class after you have completed your studying, you can hop on your bus for home and we will see you tomorrow at the usual class time and hand out BADGES!

Tell-All Class!


Greetings Students!   Hope you all had a great Christmas!   We did – now are you ready to hear the results of the Christmas Teaser?

We were thinking that everyone would be too busy to stop by school for the Teaser but we were wrong!   Who was our FIRST COMMENTER?



Sue Brandes from KATSRUS!

Concatulations for being so FAST and being our FIRST STUDENT of the day………..this is for you!

I was the First Commenter on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 25-2018!!!


We thought it might be a little difficult to figure the Teaser out so our Graphics Department gave us TWO photos to show you of this Christmas-decorated town to figure out.   Here are the photos again:

Two pretty photos of Venice, Italy’s Christmas celebrations!!!   Who guessed FIRST?

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi

WHOOP WHOOP WHOOOP for Miss Csilla!!

Here’s YOUR badge Miss Csilla!  

I got this special badge for being the First Right Guesser on the Teaser of Dec. 25, 2018!!

AND for those of you who ALSO guessed Venice, Italy – even though Csilla was the first – you still were right so you get one of these to celebrate with!

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of Dec. 25, 2018!

Of course if you guessed and you were WRONG – you still get a badge……one of our special Christmas GREENIES of your VERY own!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of Dec. 25, 2018 but I still got a cool badge!


Cheer Team?   C’mon down and give our winners some GOOD CHEER!!!!

Congratulations to those who could follow the clues!
Boo Hoo for the losers who have the blues…..
Now for the awards and we know you’ve been waiting
We’ll tell you now with no hesitating!
Miss Sue from KATSRUS commented first
She beat out the rest of you who were obviously cursed!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Miss Csilla the smarty
We think that she deserves a big holiday party!
Everyone though deserves a cheer
Because even though it was Christmas YOU ALL WERE HERE!!!!!!


Mad? Mad? You’re right that I’m MAD…..I wanted one of those cool Christmas badges!

No worries – there’s always next week!

Shall we console ourselves with lunch?    Let’s.    Then you get a half day off since it’s still the holidays.   What a deal huh?    We at Ding Dong Sheep School want you to spend time with your families not with your professors.    We’re pretty cool aren’t we???!!!

Miss Dingleberry is having her mustache lasered today and is getting some new glasses so she’s off.   The Assistant Culinary Specialist has run the show today.

The Assistant Chef trained at the Swedish Muppet School of Cookery! 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the rest of your day class and remember – STUDY HARD and you may win a badge next week which will be in honor of the NEW  YEAR!!!!!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy



Tuesday Teaser Time!


Hello Ding Dong Students!  It’s another sunny day in the neighborhood!  

Happy Tuesday…………and HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????  Better do that first!


It’s important to make a little comment before you take your seat on Tuesdays you know.   You would like to get a badge wouldn’t you?   Sure you would.   Now sit down and get yourself ready for Teaser Time!


Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER but it’s not the GUEST TEASER we were going to have – Mom wasn’t able to contact our TEASER PERSON about their photo so we’re using another one from our “TEASER STASH” instead!    Thank heavens some of you send photos in to us from time to time and we save them to use for TESTING on Tuesdays.

I’ll tell my Mom to send you some photos for your STASH!

Just as a reminder, here are the RULES for making a guess today:

It’s very important to follow the rules so everyone has an equal chance to figure out WHERE the Teaser photo was taken.    If you are a winner today you will get a badge – and we have several that are available – FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, and WRONG GUESSER.

Do you have a badge for the GROOVIEST student in class???


Several of you wanted to know if Sarge got a nice Hot Tub room of his VERY OWN in the new school.     You felt he deserved his own space – it might make him more CALM, more ZEN, less likely to scream at you.     Well we snapped this photo earlier of Sarge enjoying his tub relaxing before class started today.    As you can see, he is as content as Sarge will ever be!

He didn’t realize we were taking this photo……don’t tell him!   We also got a little audio – can you believe Sarge was singing???




Anyway, let’s get down to business………..we’ve got a Teaser to do today!     Shall we bring out the freshly hot tubbed cheer team to get you pumped up for guessing today?

Fresh as daisies out of the tub
Ready to cheer – RUB A DUB DUB
Our first Teaser in Sheep School isn’t that super?
We hope you’re ready and not a party pooper!
You might win a badge or you might just flunk
Then it’s off to the hot tub for a bit of a dunk!
Good luck though to all of you sheep
Pay attention in class and don’t fall asleep!

Thank you Cheer Team!    I think that new hot tub of yours is keeping you all extra perky.     Now let’s bring in our Security Guard……..he’s got today’s photo so you can start guessing!

Will the School Teaser Security Guard PLEASE Report to the Classroom!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today! By the way – I prefer to be in FULL UNIFORM without a sheep hat if that’s OK???

Where Was This Photo Taken???

Uhh……lemme think about it……


Alright kids – good luck to all of you and remember, tomorrow we’ll hand out prizes to all of you who win something!    Now, please take a break and go have a good luck in the school cafeteria.   Miss Dingleberry is ready for business.

Alright Sheep!   Single file – don’t dilly dally and hold up the line – ORDER, SIT, EAT, RECESS……got it?

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See you sheep tomorrow!    The Profs


Tuesday Teaser


Class Is About To Be In Session – HAVE YOU COMMENTED??

Alright students – please don’t run down the hallways – Sarge and Marge are patrolling and you know they don’t like to have to be extra strict on Tuesdays.    Please take a seat and we shall begin class.

Professor Teddy and I hope that you all studied hard since last we met and are READY to face the challenges of a new photo from a GUEST TEASER today.

I’m alert AND excited!

Yes Sidney, we can see that you’re ready – so let’s begin shall we?     A quick review of the rules:

And an equally quick review of the badges you could be awarded today if you are our FIRST COMMENTER, our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, our RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST, and our WRONG BUT TRIED GUESSERS:

So are we all clear now?  You all know how to handle Teaser Tuesday by now so sit up straight in your seats and we will bring out our fabulous Cheer Team to whip you into a frenzy so you can’t WAIT to start guessing where the Guest Teaser’s photo was taken!!


Yes Sidney we can see that you’re still excited…………did you by any chance have a lot of coffee to drink this morning before class?????????????????????

Tuesday’s here and so are we
This cheer costs you nothing – we’re here for FREE!
Clean up your glasses and open your eyes
You have to be AWAKE to win a prize
We saw this photo a while ago
We think it’s a toughie nobody will know!
Prove us wrong and tomorrow we’ll cheer your name
We’ll feel like idiots
You will rise to great FAME!
Ramma Lamma Ding Dong
And Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
HEY THERE KIDS, we’re rooting for you!!!

Thanks team – I just know everyone can hardly wait to see the photo so let’s go ahead and bring in our wonderful Security Guard so he can get rid of that old briefcase he’s been lugging around with today’s photo in it………!

The suspense is killin’ me!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Now get to work students – see if you can figure this out without resorting to drastic measures (like looking at your neighbor’s notes on their desk!)…………..give it your best show – where was this photo taken?

Gee…..it doesn’t even look familiar when I look at it sideways……

You can keep studying the photo at your desk if you like and you can even grab some lunch then sit at your desk while you agonize over the photo and eat.   Whatever you wish to do is fine but our fabulous cafeteria crew have lunch ready whenever you are.

Oh boy….some of my favorite fried stuff!  


We will see you tomorrow for the BIG REVEAL – who wins what!   GOOD LUCK STUDENTS………

Professors Angel Sam and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


It’s That Time Again Class!!   BE SURE AND COMMENT NOW!!!!

Yeah I’m back – no split pants, no hot tub therapy, no yoga…..just ME and YOU so watch yourselves!

Mr. Sarge we’re glad it’s the REAL you. We missed your crabby face.

Good Morning!  Shall we begin?

Time for the Teaser everyone and I hope you all got a good night’s sleep, had a good breakfast to start off your day, and are ready to ROCK the Teaser this morning!!

Did you say ROCK???

Yes but not ROCK as in “and ROLL” – as in “do a great job” !

Tomorrow we will find out with the Tell All who was our FIRST COMMENTER this morning – WHAT?  You forgot to comment?   You’d better go RIGHT NOW.    We reminded you at the beginning of class but maybe you’re late?

We’ll also be handing out badges to FIRST COMMENTER(s), FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS and WRONG GUESSERS tomorrow.

I hope maybe THIS week I guess right!

We have a GREAT “Guest Teaser” for you today – and tomorrow we’ll not only tell you who won badges but WHO sent this great photo in for us to show you along with a link in case you want to do a little more “learning” about the photo.

Let’s see if our cheerleaders would like to come in and give you all a little PUMP UP THE VOLUME cheer to get you in the mood to see the photo shall we???

Are you ready for the Teaser picture?
Then turn on the bright light fixture!
You need to put on your glasses
Or we might have to kick some……footballs (!)
We think this one is rough
A Teaser that’s truly tough
So study it well my friends
If you win your UNLUCKY streak ends!!!

OK girls and BOY.    We are thinking you have inspired everyone in class to do their best and make a guess.

Well I can’t promise anything but I’ll sure try! I wanna make my family proud!

Mr. Security Guard would you please display the Teaser photo for today??

Where was this photo taken?????   Remember the rules for guessing:

Now, since it’s raining outside today no outside recess but Miss Dingleberry brought some lunch for you!   You may get a sandwich, cookies and hot chocolate from the buffet table at the back of the room and sit at your desks and study the Teaser photo or read a book quietly but there will be no TALKING – let’s keep things nice and quiet for those who will be studying OK?

….I study best when I’m asleep….

………me tooooo….zzzzz

Did you wash your hands???

Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!

Hot chocolate bar


Your Professors