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Teaser Tuesday Time





“OK Squad – let’s report in and tell the Professors it’s OK to start class!”

Hello Students!    Don’t forget to COMMENT before you sit down!

Happy first Teaser class of the year year everyone. Are you ready to ROCK 2021? Buckle down and study and win some badges for being OH SO GOOD?????? Alright.    We got word from Clowie and her “almost all grown up” Security Squad in their brand new hats that our campus is secure this morning so let’s go.

“Say……that Clowie and her crew are cute!  Anyone available for a date?”

This is not the Dating Game Oscar……………….you can talk to Clowie AFTER class!    Let’s show everyone the rules of the game AND the badges that will be available for the lucky folks who win them today.



Now that the information business portion of class is OVER, let’s move on to the main event…………….seeing the Teaser photo!     This week’s Teaser photo is a GUEST TEASER.   Yes – our Graphics Department gave themselves the day off from finding a photo (they deserve a break) so this is a GUEST contribution.    Hopefully it will turn out to be a toughie – we don’t want you all getting SOFT with easy TEASERS right?    

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken????

Yep – that’s your challenge of the day.     First challenge of the new year in fact.    Let’s hope you’re UP for it. 


“No problemo Profs!  We’re UP!”

Cheer Team?   Are you UP?   

We’re always ready for Tuesday’s class
We bring you a cheer and a big dose of sass!
This photo is cool – we wanna visit
So come on class and tell us WHERE IS IT!
We’ve heard a rumor we might get new clothes!
We’ll be cute for the new year from head to toe!
We’ll be back tomorrow with the badge winners cheer
C’mon and make your guesses you’ve got nothin’ to fear!

We’ll have to see if the school budget in fact allows for new uniforms.    We’ll keep you posted!   

“The budget is tight – don’t hold your breath for new uniforms!”

This would be a GOOD time for us to head off to the cafeteria for lunch.    Cheer Team we’ll see you tomorrow – hopefully with good news about uniforms. 

Happy New Year to the charming Staff and Students of Ding Dong.

Today’s Yummy Menu:

STUDY HARD students – we’ll see you in class tomorrow for badge awards!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time


Welcome back to school kiddos. Ready for the TELL ALL?????

That was a fun one…………………..and it wasn’t guessed IMMEDIATELY – we had a lot of great guesses though – places that it could EASILY have been but wasn’t.   HAHAHA     Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First we’ll talk about FIRST COMMENTER!

OK you students – no sleeping in class – you should have done your sleeping last night or on the bus!

There – that ought to wake them up!

Now that we have your attention………………………..our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday was:


Woo Hoo Boys!!!  

And here is your badge – by the way we were happy to see you in class – it’s been a while!

We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of December 15, 2020! WOW!

Super duper seeing old friends again…………..!     Then onward we went until we got to the Teaser photo itself…………….it was another Christmas special from our Graphics Department.   Here it is again:

This is the beautiful town of Cape May, New Jersey at Christmas

Cape May is chock full of old Victorian style houses and B&Bs and quaint little shops – beautiful.    Christmas time is a big deal in this little town and it just looks like a fairyland (Mom and Dad said so!).

“Who guessed it – who guessed it – who guessed it???”

Alright!   I’ll tell you – can we have a drum roll please??


Carol Mae !  


Here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of December 15, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

AND if you were also right with your guess – you get one of these:

I did guess the TEASER right on December 15, 2020 but I wasn’t FIRST! Darn!

AND if you were WRONG with your guess – well – you know we have a Christmas GREENIE for you to take home!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of December 15, 2020 but at least I tried!!

Cheer Team – it’s all yours!!!!!!! 

Another Teaser in the books
Now don’t go giving us dirty looks!
We’re here to tell you who won what
So keep your ears open and your mouths shut!
First Commenter from a duo we’ve not seen in a while!
Calvin and Oliver were first and made us smile!
Then we waited a bit for you to give it some thought
Then finally we got the right guesser we sought
It was Carol Mae from Wyoming who got it right
Good guessing Carol – you’re outtasight!


Now who’s up for lunch???????????    Let’s do this!!

Hope you’re hungry students – lunch is served!

Today’s Specials

See you next week students!  It will be the last class before SANTA!!!!

Teaser Tell All and Professorial BD Fun


ALL CLEAR PROFESSORS!!!!  Let the fun begin!

Time to celebrate Professor Teddy’s Birthday AND the winners of this week’s Teaser !   Let’s TELL ALL shall we?

First up as you see we have a birthday cake on the teacher’s desk at the front of the room.    Well it’s NOT EDIBLE – it’s a big old birthday cake balloon and is just a reminder that we are having birthday cake, birthday cupcakes, and ice cream in the cafeteria today so you can stop salivating right now or planning to rush up to the front of the room and grab some cake when we’re not looking.

Let’s talk TEASER…………………………………..!    Yesterday our Graphics Department picked a good one because it was a little while before we got the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……….but before THAT happened, we had a FIRST COMMENTER – want to know WHO????????????????????????????


The First Commenter (and we only had ONE this week!) was:




Here’s your badge – wear it in good health…………!

I was the ONE AND ONLY First Commenter on the Teaser of March 3, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

Well I’m sorry it wasn’t ME but I know Miss Janet VERY WELL so I’m happy for her!!

Here’s the photo from yesterday so you can have another look at it……………………

This is actually only about an hour from where our Mom and Dad live………………….they live in Warrenton, Virginia and this photo is of the beautiful town of HARPER’S FERRY, WEST VIRGINIA!     There’s a lot of history in these hills.   Here’s Wikipedia’s info on this town and its’ importance in history CLICK HERE.

As for WHO was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………..are you ready to find out?




Congratulations Miss Csilla !!!!!!!!   WOO HOO!!!!!!


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for the Teaser photo of March 3, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

We had several others who guessed Harper’s Ferry, WVA and if you were one of them, then please take a copy of this badge for your very own:

DARN! I was right with my guess on the Teaser of March 3, 2020 but I was NOT First……Maybe next week????

Did you guess but NOT RIGHT?    Anyone who was wrong gets one of these of their VERY OWN:

I was WRONG with my guess for the Teaser photo of March 3, 2020 but next week WATCH OUT FOR ME!

I’m smiling (sort of) through the pain of not getting a badge YET AGAIN!

Cheer Team – take it away!

OOH LA LA it’s Birthday Time
For a birthday kiss just stand in line!
Happy BD Prof we love you tons
You really have the cutest buns
Teaser Winners we have TWO
One FIRST COMMENTER this week – no – not two!
First to comment was our friend JANET
We’re sure she’s from Earth and not another planet!
First Right Guesser was Miss Csilla this week
Her photo investigating skill doesn’t need a tweak!
You all did well and it was fun
Better hurry to the cafeteria party but you’d better not RUN!

Good Job Girls!

OK students…………..good job – we had a lot of you who are getting the RIGHT NOT FIRST and WRONG BUT TRIED badges so next week – who knows what will happen!  In the meantime, let’s head over to the cafeteria and celebrate Professor Teddy’s BIG FOUR shall we?????

Happy Birthday Professor Teddy!  Let’s EAT!

WOW Miss Dingleberry – nice job decorating – the cake and cupcakes and ice cream look delish!

“Happy Birthday Professor Teddy – all of us in the cafeteria staff want to thank you for being so kind to us and so complimentary of our food (in spite of the nay-sayers!!!!!).    Enjoy your BIRTHDAY LUNCH!”

Today’s Birthday Lunch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks everyone for the awesome birthday celebration!   See you next week in class!   

Professor Teddy

All Aboard for HOME!

Teaser Tell All



Here we are everyone for the TELL ALL!!    Are you excited?    Well we are every week on Tell All Day because we get to hand out rewards to our friends for the hard detective work they did YESTERDAY on the Teaser.

Excited??? I can’t WAIT!

I’m beyond excited – I’m FROZEN with anticipation!

Well? Are you gonna tell us or WHAT?

OK – our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday was……………………….


Miss Sharon of Friends Furever!

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of Feb. 20, 2018!


Now I want to tell you WHO sent in that beautiful photo that we had on Teaser yesterday.   It was a GUEST TEASER as we told you and was sent in by our friend Miss Annie at ANIMAL COURIERS!

I sent in a FAB PHOTO that as used for the TEASER on Feb. 20, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

This is for you Miss Annie with our thanks for sending in a really beautiful photo for us to use for Teaser!   

Here’s the scoop on the photo!!

The beautiful and picturesque town of Beziers, France!

If you would like to know more about this pretty place – CLICK HERE

Now I suppose you want to know WHO was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER???????



Timmy Tomcat !!!! 

YAY! We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser of Feb. 20, 2018!


Those of you who also guessed correctly that it was Beziers, France, get one of these for your VERY OWN:

Well I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST so I got THIS badge from the Teaser peeps on Feb. 20, 2018

Were you WRONG?    Well, fear not – you also get a badge for your trouble!

I tried – but I was wrong – still I get this GREENIE so I won SOMETHING for the Teaser of Feb. 20, 2018

Time for our weekly winners cheer – Ding Dong Cheerleaders – TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!!!

The WINNERS circle is not barren!
In the middle of it is Miss Sharon!
FIRST COMMENTER is her new badge
No we’re sorry BUT it wasn’t YOU Miss Madge!
Then we waited to see who’d be RIGHT
We were hoping to avoid a fight!
The FIRST to guess RIGHT was TIMMY!
A hunk of a mancat, NOT skinny!
So this week we got off easy
Our cheer is nice, short and breezy!
Congrats to our winners AND losers…..
Remember that beggars can’t be choosers!


I do believe that Miss Dingleberry has decided to make it a fried food extravaganza day – or – as we call it – “Artery Cloggers Delight” !!!!     After class everyone should go outside and work off the fat by playing in the sunshine!

If you ask real nice, Miss Dingleberry MIGHT give you some onion rings – she hides them behind the counter!

Your Professors – Angel Sammy and Teddy