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Teaser Tuesday Time at Ding Dong School!


It’s TIME Students……..time for you to COMMENT then have a seat!

Good Morning all.   Here we are again getting ready to agonize over a mystery photo yet again.   Rain or shine we carry on TEASING to the best of our ability.    Today is no exception of course and we have a goodie for you to figure out today.

I hope I don’t have to pull my hair out guessing!

No of course not.   Just relax and let your brain do the talking.   HAHAHA

As a reminder, here’s what’s at stake today – some badges and they are NEW ones so you just KNOW you want one of those right??????

Oh I’ve GOTTA get one of those!!

Here are the rules one last time for those of you who slept through yesterday’s preparatory class…………..

So what do you say we get our cheer team in here to pump up the volume – then bring in our Security Guard with the photo !

We love Ding Dong School
We sheep are VERY cool
On Tuesdays we have a TEST
To see what sheep is best
At guessing photo locations
Taken from people’s vacations!
The new badges look really super
So guess well and be a sheep trooper
If you can flash a brand new badge
You’ll scare the pants off Madge!!!!!!

We don’t want Madge to be without her pants!

Now Team I know you’re just teasing but really – Madge’s pants?    PULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!

OK – bring on the Security Guard…………..we are READY!



Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!


SO, where was this beauty taken????    Tomorrow in class we will let you know who wins what new badge…………………so study it hard………….no cheating………..no peeking at your neighbor’s scribbles on their notepaper….and above all no using Google Image Search – just do your best!

Now – who’s UP for pizza today?   I hear Miss Dingleberry is having a pizza extravaganza………………so we’ll see you tomorrow in class for the TELL ALL……….don’t eat too much pizza before going out on the playground equipment – or else!!


Alright all you sheep…….watch it……..don’t try to trip the student in front of you or behind you – just stand in line RESPECTFULLY and you’ll get all the pizza you can shove into your little sheep mouths……….ENJOY!


Good Luck!!    Your Profs

A P.S. of Remembrance………

I’m reposting the blog I did in September of 2011 – not that long after Angel Sammy and I began this blog……………..it was my recalling of where I was on 9/11 and what my husband and I were feeling and thinking as we were far from home when the tragedy occurred…………we were in Paris on vacation and all we wanted was to be HOME with Sammy and our family.     Below is a link to that old blog post………and of course every single year on this day David and I spend some time remembering how we felt then and how difficult it was to be so far away………….

Hugs, Pam

Click Here

Pre-Teaser Monday


Yep – it’s Monday again and time to prep all you students for tomorrow’s TEASER………………….Your Professors are always on the ball on Monday to make sure you have every chance possible to be a STAR on Tuesday.   First Commenter?  Maybe that will be YOU – if you get here first and post a comment you get a badge!  WOO HOO!

THIS ONE!!!!!!

If you are the FIRST to guess where the Teaser photo was taken, you get a badge!  WOO HOO!


And if you are RIGHT but not FIRST or WRONG, you get one of these badges!   Woo Hoo!

So you see you have PLENTY of reasons to be here tomorrow…………………..I can’t tell you want TIME our TEASER post will go up because it’s TOP SECRET – that’s why it’s so much fun – you never know when you will see it so everyone has a chance to be FIRST COMMENTER!

I’d sure like to be right tomorrow…….!

I hope maybe THIS week I guess right too!

I’d like to be right JUST ONCE!!!!!!!! Mommy would be so proud!

Here are the rules!

Yep – everybody plays by the rules here at Ding Dong School’s GEOGRAPHY class…………..so just be prepared to study the photo we post tomorrow and do your best to tell us where it was taken – could be anywhere in the world – it’s up to YOU to figure it out…………………

OK Professors – I’ll study!

Our Cheer Team will fire you up and get you ready to spend the night studying tonight – oh – well – maybe you have some more Mother’s Day celebrations to do tonight so perhaps you don’t want to study ALL night but you’d better study a little anyway.

Bee Boppa Lula
If we were Hawaiian we’d do a hula
Instead we’ll shake our bootie
For each and every cutie!
Your test will be in the morning
It will arrive with absolutely NO warning!
You’ll have to watch your inbox
And don’t get acid reflux…..(yeah we know that doesn’t rhyme well!)
Get out those atlases and tour guides
And study hard for a real wild ride
We always look forward to Classes
The Professors really kick our…….buns! (we fooled ya)

Thanks Team………………..we’ll see you tomorrow – you’d better not still be soaking in Sarge’s hot tub or you might have to show up in WET cheer uniforms.    We do NOT condone “wet t-shirt or uniform” contests here at Ding Dong School!

Hubba Hubba….wet t-shirts????

Miss Dingleberry thought that she’d just serve us some cookies today since many of us had BIG Mother’s Day meals yesterday.    So please help yourselves at the big table at the back of the room and do not make big pigs of yourselves.    OK?    OK!

When you touch a cookie – it’s YOURS!  Got it?

See you tomorrow at a surprise time class!  

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Class Is In Session – we will be telling it all!

Happy Wednesday dear students of Ding Dong School!    We gather together on Wednesdays not only for a fabulous lunch courtesy of our cafeteria personnel headed my Miss Dingleberry BUT to tell the deal about who wins what on our TUESDAY TEASER class.

Ready to hear what’s what Professors!

I’m paying attention too!!

First of all, you should know that we had a THREE WAY TIE for First Commenter yesterday…………three of our classmates popped in at precisely one minute after we went live!    Who were the lucky three??

Miss Csilla, Oliver and Calvin, and Timmy Tomcat!

YAY for three firsties this week!

I’m gonna hold my breath until you give them their badges!!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of May 1, 2018!! YAY FOR US!

Congratulations everyone!   You all chimed in so quickly……………and ONE OF YOU was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    A doublewhammywinner!!!

I have to tell you that the Teaser photo wasn’t a Guest Teaser – it was a photo Mom found…….and we honestly thought you’d NEVER guess where it was………..it could have been so many places but we of course underestimated that some of you just might have traveled there or figured it out from clues WE didn’t spot in the photo.    Here’s the photo again:

It’s the SMOGGY city of Athens, Greece!    WOW.    Who was the lucky ducky who guessed it FIRST???

Nope – not her!

Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Timmy !!!!

Timmy Tomcat

YAY TIMMY!!!!  Way to go!

Timmy you make me smile real BIG!

This is for you Timmy!   And congratulations on being a DOUBLE WINNER today!!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of May 1, 2018!! GOOD FOR ME!

We had a bunch of you who ALSO figured out it was Athens, Greece and if you were one of the lucky ones who knew it – you get one of these of your VERY OWN!

I was RIGHT with my Teaser guess on May 1, 2018but wasn’t FIRST…..sniff…..

If you guessed but you were WRONG with your guess – you get this for trying!!!  Better luck NEXT week Greenie friends!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of May 1,2018 but got this cool badge anyway!

Now our adorable but occasionally wrong with a rumor Cheer Team will give a cheer for our winners today!

The Teaser was not so easy
But for some of you it was rather breezy!
Our First Commenters we had THREE
Csilla, Oliver/Calvin and Timmy
You all sure are alert
Our alarm clocks make our ears hurt!
Then Timmy wasn’t happy with ONE win –
He came back and we let him in –
He guessed Athens and was RIGHT
We made him happy and high as a kite!
Two badges for Mr. Tim
We bet you wish that you were HIM!
Next week you’ll have another chance
Now c’mon everyone let’s DANCE!!

Alright enough of that…………………………..let’s move on to encouraging everyone to come by NEXT week for more Teaser Fun and of course for another fabulous  lunch from our Ding Dong Queen of the Kitchen, Miss Dingleberry!   It’s PIZZA DAY!!!!

It’s a Pizza Party!  Thanks Miss D!

Your Pizza Lovin’ Professors, Angel Sam and Teddy too!

Tuesday Teaser


Time To Ring The School Bell!   Class Is In Session!


Happy Tuesday Students!   I trust you had a good week since we met last to discuss PHOTOGRAPHY and GEOGRAPHY and some other “GRAPHY” things that I can’t think of right now.   Point is, it’s time to gather together and take a peek at a Teaser photo and have a guess at WHERE the photo was taken!

I got my eyes checked last week –

don’t have my new glasses yet so I’m gonna sit in the front row OK?

Certainly………………we don’t want you to miss a detail in the photo that the Security Guard will bring in shortly!

First though we want to remind you of the rules for Teaser guessing……………there are only two but they’re important………………….

There can only be one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but if you are RIGHT with your guess but you aren’t first you still get a badge……….it’s one of the FOUR badges we award every Tuesday.   Also, if we have more than one FIRST COMMENTER (during the first 60 seconds of our blog being published) then everyone in that first minute gets a FIRST COMMENTER badge.

So are we clear on the rules?   Cool – you are smart students!

Yeah man….we are smart AND groovy!

Now where was I…..oh yes…….as you know, our Cheer squad took the weekend off and returned from a trip to the beach yesterday.  Unfortunately they chose to allow themselves to be buried in the sand up to their necks……..you can imagine that while they probably felt good on the BODY to be in the cool sand, BUT their heads were “out there” and they didn’t even wear hats.   They are all sporting a nice sunburn today so try not to giggle when they do today’s cheer OK?    Here’s the photo our “beach drone” got of them at the beach:

HELLO????????? Anybody there ever heard of SUN SCREEN?????????

We’re sunburned but we’re sassy
Sunburns are “in” and quite classy
It might hurt but we’re still smilin’
Our sunburns make us stylin’
The Teaser today is rather puzzling
Makes us wish cold beer we were guzzling!
But we’re sure some smarty will know it
You all are so smart and you show it
We’ve decided the beach isn’t for us
Sunburn hurts and makes us want to CUSS!

Now students I asked you not to laugh!!!  

Let’s bring out the Security Guard with the photo – that will stop the laughing I’m sure!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

OK – you’d better have on your thinking caps!

It’s on……….!

You can give this some thought and make a guess up until MIDNIGHT tonight Eastern Standard Time.     We will announce winners (and losers) tomorrow in our TEASER TELL ALL class…..I know you can hardly wait to see who gets what.

In the meantime, how about some lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry??    She decided we ought to have some HOT STUFF today in honor of our HOT cheerleaders with their sunburns.

Alright you four in the back row!   No more giggling or MADGE will be giving you some demerits!!!!!!

Remember, we have TUMS and lots of extra toilet paper should you need them.

GOOD LUCK!   (with the food and with the Teaser guessing)

See you tomorrow!  

The Profs

Teaser Tuesday



Good morning students.   I’m sure you all got a good night’s sleep last night in preparation for being on top of your game today as we take a peek at another stumper of a photo and figure out WHERE WAS THE PHOTO TAKEN????


Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER……………yep – someone sent this one in and we hope it gets your brain cells churning around in your heads and that you study it wisely before you make your guesses.   Remember we have RULES for guessing!

We also have brand new badges for Spring!   That’s right – even though Spring seems to have forgotten where many of us live because we are still in the depths of Winter (we had snow flurries today here in Virginia!), we have NEW badges.    If you are the FIRST COMMENTER you will get this one:

IF you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, a RIGHT GUESSER (but not first) or a WRONG GUESSER, you will win one of these:

So shall we begin?   Oh yes let’s!

Let’s do it – I’m not skeered!

Before we show you the photo that our fabulous SECURITY GUARD has been keeping secret and hidden from prying eyes since we received it, let’s bring on the cheer team to pump up the volume!


Bee Bop A Lula
Let’s all do the hula
Or maybe we shouldn’t
Because we’re sure Sarge couldn’t
Maybe we’ll just say
That this could be YOUR DAY
Purrhaps you’ll guess right
You’ll be higher than a kite!
You can brag about being a smarty
Your friends will throw you a big old party!
Good luck to all you students…..
That goes for you too new student Prudence!!


Oh WOW!  The Cheer girls put me in their cheer!!!!!

Yes, welcome to Ding Dong School Prudence.   Class – Prudence transferred here from another school so today is her first day.   Show her around the playground during recess will you?    Now on with the Teaser

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Where was this taken????

Tomorrow we will announce winners and losers AND tell you the scoop about this interesting photo……………..don’t get eyestrain figuring this one out – we don’t see any super EASY clues but perhaps you do????

Now, we have lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry today………………..anyone want to guess what it is?

Beer, salsa and chips???????

Absolutely NOT!    Bobby I’m surprised at your guess!    No we have some wholesome good old fashioned lunch for you today.   Burgers and hot dogs and all the fixings.    But FIRST – Miss Dingleberry made a special cake for one of our students who celebrated their birthday yesterday…………..This is for YOU Kismet our one and only BURD!

Now let’s ALL EAT!


Festive Fries

After you eat, you may head out for recess……..remember to show Prudence around and also remember not to make a big mess out there or the School Grounds staff will be reporting you to the Principal !


Good Luck Students!   

Your Professors

Pre-Teaser Monday


Attention Students!  Easter is officially over – please put your BUNS away.

HUH?   What did he say?   Who told him to make that announcement!    Oh well – WHATEVA.    Let’s get Pre-Tease Monday underway shall we??????

Good Morning Geography Class……………….here we are on the day after Easter comparing notes on who found the most Easter eggs, who ate the most chocolate bunnies and got sick, and who just slept all day like we did.    We are here this morning to get you in the proper frame of mind to ATTACK with gusto the TUESDAY TEASER tomorrow.

The best way to do that is to give you the RULES first!    You must follow these rules when you guess where the photo on tomorrow’s post was taken.   No fair getting AROUND the rules either!   Remember, Santa Claus is watching – it’s not too early for him to be making his NAUGHTY and NICE lists and I know which one YOU want to be on!

The post tomorrow will pop up in your inbox at a SURPRISE time.    Then as we say around here – “IT’S ON!!!!!!”………….whoever is the first to comment on the post gets a badge to display in a place of honor on their blog or page or WHATEVER:

Sometimes more than one of you comments in the first minute – if you are one of them in that 60 second period you get a badge!   Otherwise we have OTHER magnificent badges for you to collect like the RIGHT GUESSER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, and WRONG GUESSER badges:

Gosh….maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow!

Maybe if I get lucky I can get rid of this ridiculous pointy hat!

Groovy….if I get lucky, I’ll get a date for tomorrow night!

Alright everyone – let’s settle down and let our cheer team get us all in the right mood for guessing tomorrow morning shall we?????

Rippity Rappity Reezer
Are you ready for the Teaser?
Study your geography book in your room
Or you’re liable to feel gloom and doom
Get your rest and don’t stay up late
Or GREENIES will be your fate!
We want you here hale and hearty
And we’ll try again for a hot tub party!

Well Cheer Team I know that Sarge has practically moved into the hot tub room.   So good luck wrestling some hot tub time away from him!

Did I hear them say they’ll use the hot tub? That’s what THEY think!!

Today for our after-class lunch before you all head outside to recess, Miss Dingleberry has baked up some fabulous pizzas!     She said she figured you probably were all pretty full from yesterday’s Easter dinner but a slice of pizza is one of those things you can always find room for in the old tummy right?    Remember – tomorrow’s post will be a SURPRISE TIME and when you get here, COMMENT RIGHT AWAY – got it?



We’ve GOT IT TOO!!

Pizza day……don’t be a pizza piggy – don’t take more slices than you can eat!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I don’t wanna slide off the jungle gym! Better wash!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Ringy Dingy – school’s in session!!!!

COMMENT then report to class…..

It’s Pre-Easter Teaser Tuesday!!

Oh heck…..I lost track of time…..Class is about to start and I couldn’t YELL at the students!


Good Morning Students – did you comment on this post?   Did you?  Maybe you were first or one of the first?   Hope so………..if you were, you’re gonna win a badge!   We’ll find out tomorrow who our BADGE WINNERS are in all categories though…………..can you wait?   You have to!   HAHAHA

I hope you got a good night’s sleep………..the better you feel, the more SENSE your brain will make of the Teaser photo.    We will have our Security Guard bring it in but first we have business to take care of  – like reminding you of the RULES for guessing where the photo was taken!

Yep – please follow the rules too…………it’s more fun if everybody plays along with the rules!

Yeah man…..don’t be “UN-GROOVY” – follow the rules!

OOPS…..I didn’t follow the rule to wash my face and hands before class…..

Here are all the badges you will be eligible to win today…………from FIRST COMMENTER, to FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, to RIGHT GUESSER and last but not least WRONG GUESSER!!


Cheer Team?   Want to fire everyone up this fine Tuesday morning???

Here we are, cute as can be
We’re trapped in the classroom and unable to flee
Guess we’ll just pretend we don’t look like fools
We sure don’t want to break any golden rules!
We wish you all luck with the Teaser today
If you win a badge we’ll be saying HOORAY
So may your Easter be swell and your basket be full
Happy EASTER to you all, and that’s no “bull” !!


Well done Cheer Team!!!     Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (NO NOT FOOD – THE TEASER!!!)………………..Mr. Security Guard?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Alright class – give us your best guess…………….tomorrow in class we’ll hand out the rewards (badges) so GOOD LUCK!     Miss Dingleberry has a pawsome Easter Buffet for all of us today so EAT UP but not so much food that you upchuck it all over the playground – those monkey bars are not the place to hang upside down after a big meal!!!!!

Alright children…..no pushing in line…..or else!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh my!  What a feast!   Thanks Miss Dingleberry!

Yes students, we know it’s NOT Easter and we also know that we could have had this wonderful Easter extravaganza tomorrow but we are HUNGRY NOW so Miss Dingleberry decided to serve us this delightful treat TODAY!    ENJOY!   We will see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL……………………………….

Your Professors!!


Teaser Tell All


Time to Tell It Like It Is!

Welcome to Geography Class Students! Time for the TELL ALL……………

Well we told you that we were going to give you a slightly easier Teaser yesterday and it WAS – how do we know?  Because not only was it not long before we got our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but tons more of you knew where this was.   So, we did what we said we’d do right?   Right!

Wanna know the details?     Well FIRST of all, we had a THREE WAY TIE for “FIRST COMMENTER”………………….certainly makes for an easier “winners cheer” for Lucy and Suzie compared to a FIVE WAY TIE…………..They didn’t scream when we told them about the tie.   They were too busy stuffing themselves with Miss D’s cookies from yesterday.   Our FIRST COMMENTERS were:

Miss JackieDa Phenny and Miss Csilla !

CONCATULATIONS!!!!  You all get one of these!!!!

I was one of THREE “First Commenters” on the Teaser post of Nov. 28, 2017!!

The Teaser photo we used yesterday was sent in by Miss Stephanie and her kitty Gracie from HERE and it was a FUN one wasn’t it?    This is for you Miss Steph:

For Miss Stephanie and Gracie for their TEASER PHOTO used on Nov. 28,2017 !

Here’s the photo again for one last look!

This is indeed BRAN CASTLE near Brasov and Bran in Romania.    There’s a lot of “misinformation” about this castle though – it has a super interesting history AND an interesting pile of fiction about it as well.  You can read some of that by clicking HERE !

Yeah, we thought it was where DRACULA lived (or maybe STILL lives???!!!!!!)

I’m sure you’d like to know WHO was the first to guess the place this photo was taken – our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER WAS:

Miss Csilla (yes again – she was a First Commenter too!)

For Miss Csilla for the Teaser of Nov. 28, 2017!

AND as I said, there were a BUNCH of other RIGHT GUESSERS and if you guessed Bran Castle then you get one of these:

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the Teaser of Nov. 28,2017

Even if you were WRONG with your guess, you still get a badge !

I was WRONG with my guess for the Teaser of Nov. 28,2017….sniff sniff

I know that Suzie and Lucy want to honor our winners with a cheer…………………I can hardly wait!   At least there’s only THREE First Commenters this week…….an easier load for them!!

Three Comment Firsties?
Long cheers make us thirsty!
That’s close Lucy you get a shiny new penny!
She’s also a very snappy dresser!
This week wasn’t too bad for cheering

OK girls – you may go rest now.   Well done………Lucy we’re all impressed and Suzie who knew you were such a good teacher in addition to being HEAD CHEERLEADER of the Teaser!!

I’m not surprised!!!!

We will see you next week class for another Geography test on Tuesday………………..a reminder that if you think you have a good “stumper” of a Teaser photo to send it to me in email.   We’ll use it one day – at least you will know that one for sure and get a badge (hahahahahahahahaha)!!!!!    Seriously though, you can send in photos if you like – we have a file full and we get one out, dust it off, and bring it to class on Tuesdays to see if we can fool you or if you’ve studied and know it.

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy

One year ago we lost our very good friend Easy – we miss you Easy but we know you and Angel Sammy

and so many other Angels are watching over us!



We’ll Tell It Like It Is!

Well we had a heck of a Teaserween yesterday didn’t we?    Sure had a lot of people stop by to see all of you (and us) in our costumes and it was a BIG HIT……………….also a ton of fun.   We did have some winners but I also wanted to remind all of you that if you stopped by yesterday you are entitled to a BADGE just for being here!   Feel free to take it if you like……..(incase you forgot yesterday!):

We want to thank our wonderful Guest Teaser for the GREAT photos…………….it kept you guessing for quite a while yesterday morning until we FINALLY had a Right Guesser.    Here are the photos again:

Were you stumped?    We had a whole lot of guesses and they were all good too!     These photos were sent to us by our Guest Teaser Miss Jackie from TWODEVONCATS and she took them on her recent trip to Ireland.     These are photos of the Trinitarian Abbey, Adare, County Limerick, Ireland.   This abbey was built in 1230 (!!!) and was restored in 1811 by the Earl of Dunraven which is why that large cross in the first photo is called the “Dunraven Cross” – it was named after the Earl.    THANK YOU MISS JACKIE – this is for you!

For Two Devon Cats for the great Teaser photos of October 31, 2017

Let’s talk about BADGES shall we?   Before I tell you who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, let’s talk about FIRST COMMENT!    We had TWO First Commenters yesterday within the first sixty seconds………

Da Phenny

McGuffy’s Reader

Woo Hoo For You Two!

For McGuffy’s Reader on October 31, 2017

For Da Phenny on October 31, 2017

And who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?????????????????????

Csilla of Kolytyi

Woo Hoo For You Too!

For Csilla on October 31, 2017

We did have a couple of other RIGHT GUESSERS for this Teaser – GOOD FOR YOU TOO!!!!!   Since you were “also right” and guessed the same thing Csilla did, then you are entitled to this!

There were QUITE A FEW (!) of you who guessed incorrectly, but you ALL get our special Halloween GREENIE and that’s not such a bad deal right?

Suzie has a few words for our winners………….and she’s also mighty happy to get out of her Teaserween costume – she still hasn’t figured out what she was supposed to be.   That’s what she gets for letting her MOM choose her costume right??? Right!

That costume was confusing
It was not of MY choosing!
My Mom thought it was “adorable”
I thought it was deplorable!
But still the event was a real gas!
We had super costumes in our class!
Concats to Phenny and McGuffy’s
Getting here first can be quite roughie!
Miss Csilla was FIRST RIGHT and that’s tough to do!
I bet you wish that it had been YOU!

A big thanks from your Teaser Professors for pawticiapting in our FIRST Teaserween extravaganza.    No doubt we’ll come up with some more fun with the upcoming holidays SO make sure you’re attending Teaser Classes here on Tuesdays every week.   You don’t want to miss any of the action right?

I foresee more FUN events in the near future!!!!!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Professor Teddy


Pre-Tease Monday


Class Is Back In Session!

The school bell is ringing so you’d better get your REAR in GEAR and take a seat!!

Sarge is back from his little break too….and he’s WATCHING YOU!

That’s right – we had a little break while the Professors’ family was out of town but now it’s back to schoolwork for everyone so settle down…..HERE COME THE PROFS….

We missed you all….hope you put your little break to good use and are ready for figuring out a Teaser photo this week……

Before we get started I wanted to introduce our newest student – he transferred here from another school – his name is Cooper Murphy Blue so please make sure you introduce yourselves to him at recess today and welcome him to our happy little team of TEASER guessers.

Let us remind everyone in class that we DO have some rules that must be followed in order to make guessing the Teaser Photo tomorrow FUN for everybody…………here they are:

  1. When you make a guess tomorrow as to where the Teaser photo(s) were taken, you must guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE where the photos were snapped AS WELL AS what country (if not in the USA) or state (if in the USA) you think is the location for the photos.  
  2. We have been asking everyone to please make it fun for EVERYONE by not using a Google Image Search or any other photo program assistance to tell you where the photo was snapped – it’s a whole lot more fun – and more fair – if you just look at the photo and figure it out from what you see.    OK?   It makes it more fun not to let your computer do all the work for you – let your mind and your eyeballs do the work for you!!!

When you arrive in the classroom tomorrow – remember to go to COMMENTS and speak up – why?  Because the FIRST to comment tomorrow on the Teaser blog will get a special badge!!!    Sometimes we have more than one commenting in the first 60 seconds and if we do then EVERYONE in that first minute gets a badge……….woo hoo.

I’ll be READY!

Me too!

Me three!

I’m always ready!!!!

Well I’m glad we’re all in agreement…………..now on with the next activity which will be for our fabulously vivacious Teaser Cheerleader, SuzieQ, to get everyone pumped up to arrive tomorrow in class ready to examine a photo and figure out WHERE IT WAS TAKEN!    Suzie?   TAKE IT AWAY!

That little break was cool
A nice week off from school!
I hope you’re ready to guess
Otherwise you must confess
To NOT studying your lessons
Then you’ll have to give your confession…..
That you stayed late at some crazy party
Like a dummy and not a smarty!
I hope you’re alert and ready
For Professor Sam and Teddy!

Thank you Suzie………………I hope you’re right – that everyone didn’t take advantage of a week off just to get crazy and party hearty – studying would have been to their advantage since Teaser Tuesday is NOT always easy.   Tomorrow’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER too……………….so no parties tonight!

Just another reminder that since Tuesday Teaser falls RIGHT ON HALLOWEEN this year, we are letting all of you come to class in a Halloween costume – and we will show off your costumes in a cool slideshow if you submit a photo of you in your costume to me via email by a DEADLINE DATE OF OCTOBER 29th!     Don’t miss the deadline – it will be fun to dress up and let everyone see what cool costumes you found for Halloween!    Miss Dingleberry is planning some special Halloween snacks for us before recess that day………………Oh boy!

Remember at recess to welcome our new student Cooper Murphy………………make him feel at home – and make sure and warn him that we mean business around here when we say STUDY HARD FOR TUESDAYS!

Don’t forget that our Teaser post will pop up at a SURPRISE TIME on Tuesdays so you never know WHEN to expect it!   Then hurry here and comment – you might get a badge for being FIRST………….



Professor Sammy and Junior Prof Teddy