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Teaser Tell All


Hello Class……here we are again!

Today we’re going to let you know who gets an A+ in geography as well as who was faster than lightning commenting yesterday.     Are you ready?


Alright then.     First up we want to thank our new addition to the security force, Officer Kitty Kop who kept a nice orderly line and with four of you impatiently wanting in the front door yesterday to be FIRSTIES, her help was certainly appreciated!

DID I SAY FOUR?   Yes I did…………..we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS………………………………Let’s get a drumroll please from our newest drummer, Beavis the Chinchilla!



“Woooo Hoooooo!!”

And each of you Firsties gets one of these:

I was one of FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of June 1, 2021! It pays to sacrifice some sleep so I can get a badge once in a while!!!

THEN………………we waited to see who would be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………….we had a very close guess but it wasn’t the right castle……………then we waited some more and THERE SHE WAS – WITH THE RIGHT GUESS!      Here’s yesterday’s photo which was a GUEST TEASER submitted to us my friend Frank who has a wonderful blog HERE called “Beach Walk Reflections”.     Amazing what goes through Frank’s head when he walks along the beach – from A to Z – you will read his posts and leave with NEW thoughts about the many interesting things that come to him on his beach walks.


This is Belogradchik Fortress outside Belgradchik, Bulgaria.    I found a very cool website that has info on the 12 most beautiful castles in Bulgaria and this was one of them.   You might enjoy getting a little more information (scroll down the page a bit to find it)   about this one HERE.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we imagine that what you really want to know is WHO the lucky FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was…………………we’re gonna tell you !   (we want Beavis to get lots of drumming experience on his first day) – DRUMROLL PLEASE!

JANET!   Woo Hoo!  She’s a double Firstie today!

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of June 1, 2021! I was one of four First Commenters AND the First Right Guesser…..lucky me! AND Leo is handing me a glass of champagne!

Miss Janet you get the Double Firstie award………………………..congratulations!

We also had a few more RIGHT GUESSERS…………if you guessed THIS castle and not a different one in Bulgaria, you get an award too:

I guessed the Teaser of June 1, 2021 correctly BUT I wasn’t the FIRST ONE to do that! Darn!

And of course those of you who tried but failed to guess correctly get a little something too:

I’m SO upset! I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 1, 2021 but still….this is a cool badge so I’m not TOOOO upset.

TA DA!   Congratulations everyone!     The Cheer Team wants to congratulate you too!

We’re Late again for our ballet class
No lunch for us – we’ve gotta pass
We only have one Double First today
Cuz Miss Janet won it all the way!
So what the heck was up with the rest of you??
There were three other First Commenters along with her
Timmy, Carole and Sharon were also fast, YESSIR!
Well next week you can impress us with your smarts
Now don’t eat too much lunch or you’ll get the……er…..upset tummy?!


Thanks girls…………………now be on your way!    The rest of you students – follow us to the lunch room – let’s EAT!

Hello students and Professors……we have some great selections for you today!!  

Today’s Yummy Menu:



Pre-Teaser Monday (and more…)


YES it is, and we are just starting class at Ding Dong School so take a seat!

It’s Monday and time for us to get you pumped up for tomorrow when it will be up to you to take a close look at a photo and tell us WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN???!!!    It might sound easy but trust me – NOT NECESSARILY!     True we have some easy ones but often we have toughies.

Remember first of all that whoever is FIRST to comment tomorrow is a winner…………what of????   This:

Last Tuesday we had THREEEEEEEE First Commenters and each of them got a copy of this badge!     So when you arrive tomorrow – comment first then take a seat for class.

Gosh I wanna win that badge so I’ll be here EARLY!

Me too! I’m gonna even skip breakfast to get here EARLY!

We have other badges that you can win too………..if you’re FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, if you are a RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST and if you are WRONG!

Just to remind you of the rules for tomorrow when it comes to making a guess:

So are we all set on the rules?

All set on the rules and DETERMINED to win!

Now you know that normally Suzie and company don’t give you a cheer on Mondays………….they save it up for Tuesdays and Wednesdays…………but our very own Sarge thought you might appreciate a little ENCOURAGEMENT for tomorrow as only HE could provide……………….Take it away Sarge!


uhoh………….wardrobe malfunction……….Sarge thanks for trying – suggestion get those pants to the school seamstress ASAP and you might want to go to the school Jacuzzi and soak a while – no doubt those legs are sore!

Well, tomorrow the girls will be here and they don’t do any ATHLETIC moves other than shaking their pom poms so no danger of “issues” for them.

Now – who wants a snack?



I brought my OWN snack!

Yeah I’ve got that Valentine’s Day hairnet again….remember – no jokes!   I’m going to have a SPECIAL Valentine’s Day snack for you on Wednesday……..don’t expect these little treats all the time now – it’s because they pay me EXTRA to provide something CUTE to you on SPECIAL school days!


See the sign?   Wash hands FIRST!  

Then come back for popcorn OR cotton candy – you have to choose ONE!  

After all this stuff is expensive you know!

We’ll see you all tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!   

Profs Angel Sam and Teddy



Today is Teddy’s FIRST “Gotcha” Anniversary!

One year ago today, my husband David and I made a trip to our local shelter to meet a sweet 11 month old ginger kitten they had added to their website as being “adoptable”.     We had waited a few months after helping our sweet Sammy to the Rainbow Bridge before we felt ready to adopt again and when I saw this little boy – I knew we HAD to go see him!

He was a real cutie……..he was larger than Sammy had been at almost one year old – but he was just the SWEETEST little guy – he was just SO HAPPY!    The shelter helper took him out of his cage there and let me hold him and he made biscuits in my lap the entire time – he just never stopped…..even when I put him down on the floor to play with him – he hugged my legs and looked me straight in the eye and I could “SEE” him saying “PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!!”


This past year has flown by………..as time does…………and we can’t believe we’ve had Teddy in our lives now for a whole year but it’s been a FUN year and a happy year and two hearts that had been broken when Sammy left healed quickly as we realized Teddy was definitely the best thing that could have happened to us……………and we also felt strongly that Sammy had sent Teddy to us to raise with the love HE had known for almost 18 years.

Every day is an adventure with Teddy………..and we know he will keep us YOUNG (well……maybe not younger in years but younger at heart!)………and we hope it’s at least for as many years as we had with our beloved Sammy.

So while we’re not having a party here with food and balloons (well – maybe a few!) – we are celebrating the day by giving our little guy all the hugs and kisses he will tolerate – because……..

Today is HIS day (and ours too!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love, Mom and Dad

Pre-Tease Monday



Welcome to the day before THE DAY!

Tomorrow is the day we all wait for every week (well – some of us do anyway) – when I will be displaying a photograph of some location in the big fat world and YOU – yes YOU geography students of mine – will be trying to figure out WHERE the photo was taken!     As usual, the post will pop up at some time that you aren’t used to my posts being posted – in other words BE ON YOUR TOESIES!

As always, the first person who COMMENTS on tomorrow’s Teaser post will get an award…………………..and we’ll have additional awards for the first person who guesses correctly where the photo was taken – AND for all subsequent “right guessers” as well.    Even you LOSERS get an award and a mighty fine one it is if I do say so myself!

SO – do some studying up tonight – – then tomorrow be ready to show up in class and GUESS!

I'll be waiting to see your bright and shiny face in class tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be waiting to see your bright and shiny face in class tomorrow!!!!!!!!!


Now you KNOW you want to keep your teacher happy – right????

GOOD!   See you in the morning…..

The Prof…..