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Tuesday Teaser Class


Clowie: “Well security squad – looks like we can tell the Professors all is clear today…..!”

Attention Students!   COMMENT FIRST Then Report to School Room #3 !

Greetings Students!   SURPRISE!   New classroom!   Also, Professor Angel Sammy is in his full Rainbow Bridge mode!

Cool huh?    We thought it was high time our Angel Professor be an Angel.    AND we also thought a change of scenery with a new classroom might be nice so here we are.    We haven’t decorated in here yet but that will come in time.     Meanwhile, find a seat and let’s get started with Teaser shall we????    Oh – before we start – today is Mardi Gras and we can’t let THAT pass without a tiny celebration can we!   Some of you dressed up in your Mardi Gras finery today – WELL DONE……………

Alright let’s start class.    First off, we have a GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT (yes it’s the same old wonderful Graphics Department person who helps us out on Tuesdays) Teaser photo for you today.    So who knows what we’ve got in the way of a TEST – we’ll find out shortly though but first – the RULES and Badges:

I’m diggin’ the new digs Professors! Let’s get going with guessing!

Well it’s nice that you’re in a good mood today Junior.   Sometimes – well – nevermind………..let’s just be happy you’re happy!

We like the new class too!   And your purple wings Professor Angel Sammy!   

OK everyone – let’s see what our Graphics Department dug up for us this week shall we???????     Remember to follow the rules too!

All you have to do is tell us WHERE this photo was taken!    Not necessarily what building that is but WHERE the photo was taken (city/town/state/country) – OK?   OK!!!!!!


Gosh – Cheer Team I think you all better do your cheer NOW……………..I see a look of confusion on some faces in the classroom – let’s shake things up – do your thing!!

The new classroom is one we all approve!
It’s a nice place to get on our groove!
The Teaser photo is very romantic
We hope the guessing is frantic!
Come on students and go for gold
Before our HOT Professors get all cold!
New badges are coming maybe soon
Still time to win an old one for the wall in your room!

Thanks ladies!   Good job…………………and your uniforms match Professor Angel Sammy’s wings and our new bow ties!    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PURPLE!

Now – who’s UP for lunch…………..let’s go – get in an orderly line and we’ll head on over to the cafeteria………

Hey!  No shoving buster!


Hello Students!   Hope you are enjoying your new classroom – we have the same, familiar menu for lunch though so not everything is changing!   At least yet…………..

What’s On The Menu Today?

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Good Luck Guessing The Teaser Students!   See you tomorrow!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy…………………..

Teaser Tell All


Welcome to class students!   Time for us to spill the beans…….(not literally of course)!

When we started off with class yesterday we only had TWO students comment during the first 60 seconds so the Cheer Team only had TWO names to work into their cheer.   Needless to say they were happy.   Who were the FIRSTIES??




Both of you get one of our lovely FIRST COMMENTER badges this week………………..concatulations…………….!

I was one of only TWO First Commenters during the first minute of Teaser class on January 28, 2020!

THEN we waited———————–and waited—————————and our Graphics Department Supervisor Mom finally had to leave to get ready to go to the dentist so she was hoping someone would guess it before she left BUT she had to wait until she got home to find that indeed somebody HAD guessed it!     But first, here’s the photo from yesterday just to refresh your memory:

A pretty Spring kind of photo (and we wish it WAS Spring) which our Graphics Department provided and it is the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia.    Our Graphics Supervisor (ahem) and her husband have been there MANY times.    It’s a wonderful spot with sidewalk cafes, street artists and lots to see – art galleries, antique shops – a little bit of everything.     Would you like to know WHO guessed Charlottesville, Virginia first?????????????????????????????

Drumroll Please!

CAROL (CarolMaeWY) from Wyoming, USA !!!

CONGRATULATIONS Miss Carol !!!    Here is your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge:

Guess who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the Teaser photo of January 28, 2020 – ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

But there were some other RIGHT GUESSERS after Carol got it so if you were lucky enough to figure out it was indeed Charlottesville, Virginia then you get one of these:

I guessed CORRECTLY where the Teaser photo was taken on the Teaser of January 28, 2020 but I was NOT FIRST! BOO HOO!

And of course you know what you get if you guessed INCORRECTLY…………………help yourselves to one of these:

DARN DARN DARN! I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 28, 2020. Maybe next week I’ll be lucky???????

There you have it – winners and losers……………..everybody tried and that’s the impawtant thing………………..

Too late kids!

Well some of us think it’s IMPAWTANT to win a RIGHT GUESSER badge too!!!!!!   So we’ll just keep trying!  (sniff sniff)

Sorry gang – not everyone can win………..but there’s always next week.     Now who’s up for a little cheer from our fabulous CHEER TEAM???


Only TWO First Commenters how lucky is that!
A shorter cheer for our two “FIRST” Cats!
Timmy and Katie were first at the gate
Everyone else was LATE LATE LATE
Then we waited almost forever
Maybe guesses were slow due to inclement weather?
Finally we had a student who guessed it right!
CAROL from Wyoming gets the award without a fight!
You all did well and your cheer team is proud
Now pardon us while we join the lunch crowd!

Well girls – we’re all joining the lunch crowd so you’d better hurry up before I turn the class LOOSE!!!!


Students!   Time to get in the cafeteria line and choose some nourishing lunch items before you board your bus for HOME!   ENJOY!


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All aboard for home sweet home until NEXT Tuesday! 

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Here we are – another Tell All Class and I’m happy to report that we are yet again all secure thanks to our CRACKER JACK SECURITY PUPS, Clowie and the Kids!    Thank you Clowie.

It would seem that we fooled almost NOBODY yesterday with our Teaser.    Almost everyone tuned right into where it was and for the EASINESS of the Teaser, our Graphics Department apologizes.

Easy?  I didn’t have a clue so I don’t think it was AT ALL easy!

Well mostly easy then….how’s that.    Let’s start off with letting you know who our EARLIEST BIRDS (or in this case CATS) were yesterday and made it to FIRST COMMENTER status!


This is for you two!

I was one of TWO FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of September 24, 2019! HIP HIP HOORAY for both of us!

Give them a CHEER!

Wait….who let these guys back in – they were here for Pirate Day but shouldn’t be here today!

Here’s the photo we had for TEASER yesterday:

This is indeed Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts although, contrary to what Evil Squirrel said, those dark blobs in the ocean are NOT sharks!!!

The FIRST to guess this correctly was the SAME student who was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS today so he gets a special DOUBLE WINNER BADGE!


I was FIRST COMMENTER as well as FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 24, 2019 so I get this SWELL badge!!


I’m a little UPSET – I didn’t get squat and that other ginger guy Timmy got TWO badges!

Did you also guess Martha’s Vineyard?   There were QUITE A FEW of you who knew that’s where the photo was taken…………good for all of you!

I guessed the Teaser of September 24,2019 correctly BUT I wasn’t first this week. Maybe next week????

Then of course we have a badge for those of you who guessed but were WRONG!

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of September 24, 2019. I’ll study harder next week I promise!

Well maybe next week…………………meanwhile, the Cheer Team wants to congratulate our winners today………..

We’re riding by the school
To show you that we’re cool
We also wanted to say
For all the winners of the Teaser
As well as our Professor Geezers!
This week it wasn’t so tough
But some Teasers are super rough
We’ll be back next week to cheer
But for now, we’re off for some beer!!!!

Thanks ladies……………….enjoy your ride – it’s a beautiful day for it!

The rest of us will go zipping off to the cafeteria to see what delights Miss Dingleberry and staff her prepared for us today.    After you have lunch, you can pop on the bus and head home.   Thanks students for another super fun TEASER TUESDAY class!

Happy Wednesday Students!   Winners or losers, all are welcome to get a nourishing lunch courtesy of your Ding Dong Sheep School Cafeteria Crew!


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All aboard!   See you next week!   

Your Professors

Before we go we’d like to wish our Graphics Department a Happy Birthday.  

Teddy and Mom

Our Graphics Department at age ONE (a very long time ago!)

Teaser Tell All Time


Greetings Students!

We sure didn’t fool you yesterday did we?!?!?!    Just about everyone who guessed got it this week.    Want some details?  OK – but first we want you to know who our FIRST COMMENTER was.


Miss Sharon of Friends Furever!!!


AND, she was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER – a few chimed in during the second minute we were live but Miss Sharon was the only one during the FIRST minute!


This is for you Miss Sharon:

I was up early enough to be the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of June 4, 2019! YAY FOR ME!

Then we waited to see if anyone would guess the Teaser photo location quickly or would it be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day.    Well, it was NOT a long day that’s for sure!

Here’s the photo:

This is a beautiful place called Lytes Cary Manor in Somerset, England…….here are two other photos:

Isn’t it gorgeous?   The photos were sent in by our good friend Miss Annie of ANIMAL COURIERS – Thank you for the photos – we just love how neat and pretty this place is.   Would you like to read some further info about the Manor?    CLICK HERE


Thank you so much Miss Annie for the beautiful photos…….this is for you!!

My photo was used on the TEASER CONTEST on June 4, 2019 !!

WHO WAS THE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER??????????????????????????

I’m holding my breath until you tell us!!!!!!

Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats!!

We didn’t realize it but Miss Jackie has been to this Manor AND lives only about 70 miles from it……………..



This is for YOU Miss Jackie:


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 4, 2019! YAY for me……!

There were a LOT (and we mean a LOT) of others who chimed in after Miss Jackie with the correct location of the Teaser photo so if you were one of them, you get one of these:

I guessed the Teaser correctly BUT I wasn’t FIRST on June 4, 2019. Still – I WAS RIGHT – good for me.

If you guessed but you were WRONG…..well, you tried……and we thank you for trying…………here’s a badge for YOU too!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 4, 2019 but at least I tried!




Now don’t get your knickers in a twist (or diapers if that’s applicable) – there’s always NEXT week!

Cheer Team – cheer up the losers and give the winners a RAH RAH RAH will you?

We’re on the way to the spa
We just stopped by to say
We owe some of you a HOORAY
First Commenter was Miss Sharon
Thanks so much for carin’ !
Our First Right Guesser was Miss Jackie
The photo didn’t drive her whacky!
She’s been to this pretty place
The right guess she didn’t have to chase!
Next week may be a different story
With other students getting the glory!!!

Thanks girls………well done…………you’re free to hop on your pink Harleys and enjoy this pretty day!

The rest of you can follow your Professors to the cafeteria………..time to get some lunch then head home for the rest of the day.    I’m sure your brains are tired after all the hard work studying the photo and guessing.

Students!    The picnic area is open out back so if you want to take your lunch outside you can!    We have items on the cafeteria line today that are PERFECT for picnics!    ENJOY!


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