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Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Sam posing for the camera on the sidewalk in front of the house - what a ham.

Decent weather for a change! I'll be OUTSIDE more than IN today!

Ahhhhh!  A breath of de-humidized air for a change…finally.  Not that it’s perfect of course but it’s less hot and humid and I’m going to get to sit on my porch and walk on my sidewalk and maybe munch a little grass (if I can find any that is).   I’m a happy guy.

Mom’s a lot happier too since she decided to stop worrying about her gardens…..we decided it was more important that the poor deer (especially the Moms and their babies) have something green and tender and yummy to eat, than it is to have pretty flowers.  Aren’t we generous???  There seem to be a big bunch of baby deer this year – more than ever before.  I worry so much about them because people drive around here WAY too fast and they don’t know to be careful.  See?  I’m just an old softie….!  🙂

Today is Mom’s grocery shopping day.  Of course that means I’ll get a wider selection of breakfast items AND the birds and deer and squirrels will get a renewed supply of sunflower seeds.  They sure do like those.  Oh yeah – forgot the chipmunks – they like them too.  They look pretty funny after they’ve crammed and jammed a big pile of seeds in their fat little cheeks and headed off to their burrows to stash them.  They look like they have a TERRIBLE case of the mumps!

Guess I’d better go help Mom fill out that grocery list…..you know, make sure she puts all the “right” stuff on there……for me AND all the other critters around here.

A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do…………………….!

Happy Wednesday

Sammy, One Spoiled Softie Cat


Sam’s Friday Update…..

Funny Face Sam
How’s THIS for a “face” ???!!! haha

Happy Friday fans…here I am making my funny camera face.  Trying to cheer Mom up.  She’s not feeling too swell this morning.  Something’s “going around” I think.  I know she’s had to use her litter box more than usual the last day or two – – – or something like that!!  Anyway, I’m taking good care of her.  She isn’t helping me with my blog this morning so hopefully I don’t make too many mistakes.

She’s also a little upset about her garden.  I know she tells you all that she doesn’t mind when the deer eat her flowers but she woke up this morning and looked out to see about eight doe and their babies munching like crazy through all of Mom’s impatiens!  I heard Mom say “oh darn” – or maybe it was some other word starting with a “D” – not sure about that – but I think she’d been happy that the deer had been just eating sunflower seeds and leaving her flowers alone.  They are all “mowed down” now…………….
Know what else is happening in our yard?  The oak trees are dropping their acorns already.  It’s early for that to be happening.  I got conked on the head a few times yesterday in the backyard by acorns falling.  At first I thought the squirrels were throwing them at me from up in the trees but nope – they’re just falling on their own.  I’ll have to start wearing a HAT out there I guess!
I think I’ll go check my food dish.  Hopefully Mom has put some breakfast down for me.  Hey – a guy’s gotta keep his strength up right?
Happy Friday Folks
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Sam’s Tuesday Morning Ramblings…..


Hi People (and Cats!)…..yesterday Mom and I sat at the computer and she visited a lot of other cat blogs so we could get some ideas for what I can write about.  There are some really super sites and fun photos of other cats (of course I’m the cutest one) and maybe one day MY blog will be as popular as some of the others are.  But, while that would be nice, and I love being the center of attention of course, I’m just happy to share what’s going on in my world – which often isn’t very exciting – every morning.  I enjoy sitting on Mom’s lap while she helps me do my blog and deciding what photo to post with it.  It’s “our time”. 

Today’s photo isn’t of me – it’s of the plants around our front door on the porch…..one of my favorite spots is that porch and I love the flowers.  I sniff each pot of flowers every morning just in case a juicy bug might be lurking – something I need to “take care of” (if you know what I mean…yum!):

Potted plants on Sam's front porch.

The entrance to MY house....well, OUR house to be exact!

Also, Mom and I got some inquiries from people about yesterday’s blog post – the story of little Dedo the Gargoyle.  Anybody looking for their OWN Dedo can just to a search online for Dedo sculptures and a LOT of sites pop up that sell them.  Mom says we might need to get a new Dedo one of these days since my own little buddy is getting a little bit…..well…..crumbly!   The actual story of Dedo is longer than what I posted yesterday – Dedo actually saved the life of a little boy who got lost in Notre Dame and wound up out on the roof – he slipped and his shirt or coat got stuck on Dedo’s toes! 

Well, I’m off to go demand – er – I mean ASK for some breakfast.  Gotta keep my energy level up….takes a lot of that to keep this house going……it’s a BIG job, but I’m just the guy to do it!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat