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The Broomhildas


Oh boy………………talk about taking my life in my hands – having the cleaners in on Fridays definitely is doing just that when they are two bulldogs who are bossy and want me to stay out of the way!

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Needless to say I do stay out of the way……………….sometimes on the stairs……….sometimes in the guest room……..sometimes in Mom’s room…………even the basement.

Vacuum can't reach up here!!

Vacuum can’t reach up here!!

Or here in the guest room (I'm under the bed)

Or here in the guest room (I’m under the bed)

Or on Mom's bed!

Or on Mom’s bed!

I’m SAFE!!!!!

Mom wants very much to do some cleaning OUTSIDE – which means “mow the lawn” – but with all the rain we’ve had – every single day – she can’t mow………………so we’re hoping at least for a few hours this weekend the sun will manage to break through the rain clouds and let Mom mow at last.

I did have to SHOOOO a few dust bunnies out from under the guest room bed though before I could move in there for a snoozie……….


I hope you enjoyed seeing our so-called “gardens” in the slideshow yesterday…….the plants are just teeny weeny right now but before you know it they’ll look like something I betcha!   Stay tuned because I plan to update from time to time.    Meanwhile, Mom was looking at some ideas for a new planter to put on our front porch.   Something artsy-fartsy and different…..there are some thrift shops around here and they might have something we can use – aren’t these cool ideas?

Well I hear Mrs. Broomhilda yelling at Mr. Broomhilda to bring the vacuum and stuff UPSTAIRS so now it’s time for me to move DOWNSTAIRS……………wish me luck!


Happy Friday Peeps!!  

Hugs, Sammy


Happy Caturday!


Hi Peeps!  This is going to be a “potpourri” blog – lots of different things all jammed into one.  The first thing I want to do is post a photo of me as a baby.  Why?  Well, I have two new friends who are youngsters and I’ve said I’m now a senior citizen but once a long time ago I was a kitten myself!


Alright - so I'm even MORE of a handful now than I was when this pic was taken!
Daddy and me when I was a little guy…..

And when I was little, I liked to fall asleep on his lap like this:

Happy Father's Day Pop!
On Dad’s lap…well, sort of….I’m kinda slipping down a bit!

Of course now that I’m older, I kind of prefer my Mom’s lap – Dad’s “on the go” all the time and while my Mom IS busy, she’s more willing these days to SIT STILL so I can get a great nap accomplished lying on her warm lap or legs on top of the blanket!

Another thing I wanted to say is that Mom mowed the lawn today and did a LOT of weeding in the front garden.  Of course I supervised from the shade up on the front porch, but it looks nice – thanks Mom for making my view so pretty from the porch!!

Trimmed grass – check! Weeded garden – check! Mommy gets a treat for working so hard – check!

And today my friend Savannah of Savannah’s Paw Tracks showed a photo of her Mom’s beautiful old quilts and her teddy bear from when she was a kid!  How cool is that?  Well, I remembered that my Mom’s old teddy is here in her studio – up on top of her supply cabinet – and later this year it’s going to be 65 years old!  Imagine!  Older than dirt even…..but here’s a picture of it, complete with the substitute RED eye buttons her Mom sewed on when the original eyes fell off (RED?????):

A very old teddy bear

Teddy is 64 years old today…talk about OLD!

It’s kinda tired looking isn’t it?  Well, check this photo out – it’s a picture of my Mom on her first birthday when she got the teddy bear and her very own first rocking chair!

Teddy and Mom

He looked better back in 1947 didn’t he?!

Well, see what I told you about today’s blog?  It’s just “all over the place”…….it’s going to be a GREAT day though – weather should be perfect for front porch enjoyment and ANY day is a good day for some naps………..maybe a wander down Dad’s “in progress trail” too!  Whatever YOU do, make it a great day OK?

Kitty hugs from Sammy 😀 😀



“Our” Front Garden


Hi Peeps!  I call the front garden OUR garden because one of my favorite things to do when I go out front with my parents is to hop into the front stone garden and hunker down under the miniature Japanese maple tree.  The branches after they get full leaves on them make a round dome and I can go between the branches and hide!!!  I get to see birds and squirrels and sometimes the chipmunks WAY UP CLOSE.  They don’t see me.  I see them though……… 🙂

Front Garden 2012

My little personal "umbrella" otherwise known as a miniature Japanese maple tree.....

Cool huh?  Once that little tree leafs out it’s a GREAT hideout. 

My parents went to the nursery this morning (plants not babies!) and got a new shrub for up by the garage.  One of the two plants that lived there died this past winter for some reason…..so they got a replacement.  I gave it the sniff test and it passed so I allowed them to plant it.  It looks happy. 

Two years ago my Dad was walking by one of the alberta spruces  when he noticed what he thought was a stick in it – he thought it was just some branch from one of our big oaks that blew out and fell into the shrub.  He got closer and saw it was a SNAKE.  Yep – just a black snake but it was sunning itself I guess – sticking straight out from the shrub about a foot and a half.   Dad did a double-take (or maybe a triple-take!) and told Mom about it.  Mom HATES (and I say HATE?  I mean DOUBLE-HATES) snakes.  They just left it there but Dad offered to take it out of the shrub and let it go in the woods.   Mom didn’t want him to mess with it and sure enough it was gone the next day………..thankfully……….I wouldn’t have wanted to see Mom passed out on the driveway if SHE’d been the one to find it. 


Happy Saturday !!!!!