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Furrsday Chill


Hi All!

Looks like it’s gonna be another cold day here but from some of the photos I’ve seen around the blogosphere we have been SOOOOOO fortunate not to be snowbound like some of you! 

We visited A Tonk’s Tail….errr….Tale yesterday and saw poor Allie trotting along the sidewalk outside her house surrounded by walls of snow.   lots of you are getting extra home time with your humans because they can’t get out to go to work.  Assuming that means extra treats, tummy rubs and chin scritches for you – it’s pretty grand huh? 

Anyway, we hope Spring will be here soon……….for ALL of us who are in the midst of Winter right now.  So far THIS was our “biggest” snow this year – remember this?  Many weeks ago – and we haven’t had anything CLOSE to this since!

Not exactly a blizzard huh???

Not exactly a blizzard huh???

Am I complaining?  Not really.  I’m just amazed at what a rather strange Winter we’ve had.   As I napped this afternoon, visions of Spring danced through my ginger head…….

Can you see me in this photo?????  I'm there!

Can you see me in this photo????? I’m there!

Spring makes me think of the camping trip I thought we should organize………I’m thinking about some ideas now……….stay tuned.  That good camping weather will be here before you know it!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀