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Bacon Gardening


Hello Bacon Fans!


It is I – your King – here to wish you a happy and hopefully bacon-filled Saturday!     Are you curious about the title of today’s blog?   GOOD……………….I’m thinking it might be a good idea to ensure that there is plenty of bacon for all of my loyal subjects (YOU) and my own personal household (ME, MOM, DAD, ME ME ME ME ME ME!) so that we never run short or heaven forbid run out of it in the future.

I was inspired in this idea by a graphic I received from my good pal Mauricio, one of the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Here it is – you will see why I am planning a garden!

BACONSEEDSFROMMAUYES!   Who knew?   My favorite variety too – CRISPY!    So I’m going to get to work this afternoon planting……………………I’ve picked out a greenhouse:


I have a garden supervisor hired:

BACONGARDENER1And a staff of helpers!


Oh – and we even have a GARDEN GNOME!!!!!!!!


So what do you think?    They will begin planting today.   Yes I know it’s not planting season but it’s a special greenhouse and it’s magic – the bacon seeds will produce the best darn crop of crispy bacon you’ve EVER seen!!!!


Thanks Kitties Blue for inspiring this greenhouse!

Sammy, King of Baconia

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Here we are again!  Today is “G” Day!

I thought and thought and thought about what I should write about for “Letter G” and finally settled on GARDENING……….I hope you like my offering for this Thursday’s Poetic exercise!


Beautiful smells as I cruise by

The perfumed air rising to the sky

The busy bees stop by to dip

Into the blooms to take a sip

When I was young and a butterfly came

I couldn’t resist it – like a moth to a flame

I’d watch and wait and would take a chance

To catch it and do my happy dance!

I’d proudly carry my pretty prize

To Mom who gave me her “critical eye”

So I’d let it go – it would fly away

And I’d start my game again the very next day!

When I was younger (and so was Mom!) we used to have BIG gardens full of flowers in our back yard…………….Mom had to work hard to keep them pretty – watering, fertilizing, planting, moving, raking, weeding…………and I would sit with her in the shade and watch.   We no longer have big gardens because it was just too much work (and the deer decided to eat everything in sight anyway once they discovered the “buffet”) so now we have porch and deck gardens.    I still watch the butterflies come and go but now even if they practically land right on my nose, I don’t try to catch them.   Mom and I just sit and watch as we get our visitors to what gardens we have – bees, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, praying mantis, and we enjoy seeing Mother Nature’s critters enjoying our gardens too!

Yesterday my Mom and Dad deserted me for the WHOLE DAY – they drove up to the mountains – just a bit less than an hour away – to Skyline Drive.    I’ve talked about it on my blog before and shown photos but Mom DID take a few yesterday……………Mom said as she sat on the overlook wall where the wildflowers were growing she saw LOTS of bees and even the occasional “mountain butterfly”………………..seems Mother Nature sprinkles her beauty from mountains to valleys to MY BACK YARD!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NEXT Thursday is “H” day…….maybe “Happy”?????

Have a HAPPY Thursday!

Hugs, Sammy

See you NEXT Poem Day?

See you NEXT Poem Day?




Following Doctors’ Orders!  


Yep – never ignore your doctor’s advice…………we’re definitely following my doctor and Mom is cooking bacon right now…………..yep – nothing smells as delish!

BACONBEG8After breakfast is over, Mom says we will need to water all the plans on the deck and on the front porch.   They’re growing by leaps and bounds…………but with all the hot sunny days, she has to water EVERY MORNING.   Mother Nature hasn’t helped with some RAIN so Mom had to step up!

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

The deck box plants are blooming like mad!

Mom’s sweet potato vines are getting long – and we know that we’ll have a good crop of ‘taters this Fall when Mom cuts back the vines and cleans out the planters!

Sweet potato vines

Sweet potato vines

Halp!  I'm in jail on the front porch!

Halp! I’m in jail on the front porch!

What was that noise????  I think it was a chipmunk!

What was that noise???? I think it was a chipmunk!

See?  No shortage of excitement around my house on a Saturday……………..but the best part of course is the start to the day with BACON!

Yep - this is my policy for sure!!

Yep – this is my policy for sure!!


Hugs, The Baconator

Garden Shotz!



Ole’ !



Ok peeps – I promised some “baby garden” shots and this is it…………Mom snuck out between raindrops yesterday and snapped some of our “babies” in their pots – remember these are newly planted SMALL plants but give me a month or two and WHAM BAM THANK YOU SAM, they will be much bigger and prettier (I hope).

I did a slideshow for you – easiest way to show things off don’t you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I’ll do an update in a month or two – things will be considerably larger (we hope) and still alive (or else!).

I was so thrilled to see SO MANY of you bloggers “reblogging” Sharon of Gentle Stitches’ blog post about the special day for Forrest on May 10th………………..word is spreading like wildfire and I expect it will be a BANNER day.    Remember if you post a “WAG” or “WAVE” photo to Forrest that day to use the poster and if you want to, link it to All Fur One And One Fur All (Bev Green’s blog)so people can click and go leave her a message.

Thanks everybody for leaping on board this idea………………Bev is gonna love all the wags and waves to Forrest on the 10th!

Love, Sammy


You got HERBS?



Hi All!    Well  the old Momster went out yesterday to the nursery and returned with plants…..you know I’ve been DYING to have my front porch decorated and Mom promised me she would right?  I wanted lots of flowers in pots………not too much to ask yes?   Well, when she got home she had a dwarf butterfly bush for the yard, a bazillion petunias, some kind of other very colorful little flowers for a pot on the deck,   some  perennial salvia, more sweet potato vines   and a bunch of HERBS.   She made an herb garden……if it’s like the last one she planted, it will get some use.   She does like to use fresh herbs in her cooking.   She got spearmint,   basil, oregano, rosemary, orange mint (that was a type of mint she’d never heard of before), and    one other herb that I can’t remember the name of.   So all of that is planted.

Swell huh?   But still NO PLANTS FOR MY PORCH………………………Mom says MAYBE she’ll go out tomorrow and look again.  She claims she can’t find anything she likes for the porch.  Acres of flowers in bloom right now but Mom can’t find something she likes.   I’m starting to think maybe I should use my red wagon and hike up to the nursery MYSELF!!!!

Yep - remember this photo?   It's fast becoming a reality!!!

Yep – remember this photo? It’s fast becoming a reality!!!

Today will be  bed-changing day……….at least I can  enjoy that while it lasts………. but it’s still not the same as lying on the front porch smelling the flowers…………..I suppose I could  just ENJOY what’s out there?   The azaleas are blooming nicely this year so there’s that……….and the pink dogwood trees are in full bloom…………so there’s that……….and Mom’s pink potted geraniums are blooming but they don’t smell all that great.   I think I’m working myself up for a good old POUT, don’t you?


I don’t suppose I could  manage to turn this pout into an excuse to ask for extra bacon ????   That might take the edge off the pain of having to wait yet again for my porch to be decorated!

Hugs, Pouting Sam