Possum Bottom

No that’s not the name of a new housing development out here in the country…………nor is it what Mom’s fixing for dinner tonight…..it’s a “lead in” for a rather silly story I have to tell about something we saw last night out the front door…….

Sam Standing at Front Door

Mom! Come see! There’s a possum in Stevie’s water bowl!

It was dark………it was in fact about an hour before my parents were going to head up to bed for the night……..and my Dad went to the front door to bring in the dish that we use to feed our feral visitor “Stevie” when she stops by for a “mooch”……….she’d left a bit of kibble in the bowl as she usually does.  However, there was someone ELSE out there enjoying those little left behind tidbits.

A possum. 

A BIG FAT possum.  This was not the first time Mr. Possum had visited the front porch to see if Stevie had left anything in the bowl after she’d had her snack!  We’ve seen this guy once before – same time of evening – same circumstance.  And that wasn’t ALL that was “the same”………

Mr. Possum was not just standing next to Stevie’s food bowl……he was SITTING IN HER WATER BOWL.  See we also leave fresh water out for Stevie……..the bowls are next to each other.  There’s always water left over at the end of the day.  This guy was sitting in the water bowl and munching the food in the kibble bowl.  

Mom couldn’t take a photo although she did have her camera – because this scene was too funny to miss……she was also afraid she wouldn’t be able to capture this guy on film before he’d run off…..either the flash would have scared him OR if she hadn’t used a flash she would have HAD to open the front door which would have scared him off. 

So you’re just gonna have to take my word for this……….but cross my heart it happened……..and it’s the SECOND time we’ve found a possum sitting in the water bowl eating kibble from the food bowl.  Now you tell me – what are the chances of there being TWO possums who like wet bottoms while they eat huh?????????????????????

Stevie is just gonna have to do a better job of eating ALL her food we put down……….Mr. Possum needs to find another place to have his all you can eat buffet……….

Eat it up Stevie or Mr. Possum will get it while he's sitting in your water bowl!

Eat it up Stevie or Mr. Possum will get it while he’s sitting in your water bowl!

Hey folks…….I don’t have to make this stuff up – it just HAPPENS!

Kitty Hugs and Happy Funny Friday

Sammy the Possum Bottom Watcher !!

Cancelled Camel Trip

Yep – you guessed it – some of you already know it even – but yesterday when I tried to make my big get away in time to avoid the vet visit, I failed miserably.  Mom was apparently expecting me to pull (or try to pull) a fast one and get out of town because there she was at 4:01AM after I did yesterday’s blog waiting for me to back Clyde the Camel out of the garage and high tail it for the hills.

Nabbed again…….Mom’s ultra x-ray vision/psychic vibe thing worked and I had to go to the vet after all.

BUT – it wasn’t bad at all…..surprise, surprise…..I decided to try a new tact and I just let Mom take over.  I got in the car with no fuss – I rode in the backseat with her with no fuss – I even rode on her shoulder into the vet office with no fuss.  I only squeaked a couple of times in greeting to Ginger, the red-headed office manager……then I went into the exam room, let the tech take my temperature (they ought to warm that thermometer before inserting it in my “you-know-where”!), weigh me (I’d lost ten ounces since last year), and then the doc arrived.  He checked me up, down, around, in, out – everywhichway.  Said my heart was good (I knew that), my eyes, ears, mouth/teeth were good (knew that too) – checked my bad “knee” (I knew about that because that’s why I can’t jump up on top of high places anymore) and then they carried me to another room away from Mom to give me my shots and take some blood.  Now that I’m a senior citizen they do a full blood workup to keep tabs on my thyroid, cholesterol and all that other “stuff”. 

Finally back safe in Mom’s arms after getting lots of pets and cuddles and having everybody come tell me what a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD boy I had been….they even gave me a treat but I asked Mom to save it for when we got home.  I was even good in the car all the way home but as soon as we got in the garage and Mom opened the door I was out of there like a shot!  Yep – ran to the door and couldn’t WAIT for Mom to let me in my HOME SWEET HOME.  After getting a drink and visiting the litter box I went upstairs to Mom’s studio and into my afghan tent where I’ve been resting up ALLLLLLLLL day.  Whew! 

In case you’re interested, I weigh 14 lb. 1 oz. (down from 14 lb. 11 oz. last year).  I’m a BIG boy!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to get the checkup.  I was being a great big weenie – and now that it’s over I’m thinking it was silly to be so worked up over a little vet visit……(but I’m still glad it’s over with).

Another way way way way cool thing to tell you is I won another little competition that Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats had on her blog the other day.  Mollie’s got a reputation (!) for destroying some of her rubber toys in record time (tee hee) and someone had suggested she try an empty plastic bottle for a toy because it would be hard to destroy!  In turn she challenged her followers to send in a photo of themselves with a plastic bottle toy….kitties or doggies…..well, even though cats don’t play with plastic bottles much (or ever??), Mom decided to take a picture of ME with a plastic bottle.  I had just woken up from a nap and she caught me with a goofy look on my face standing next to her orange soda bottle:

So you woke me up just for this?????

See what I mean?  Goofy huh?!  Well, everybody was supposed to vote for the best photo and GUESS WHO WON?????  ME ME ME ME!!!  I get a prezzie all the way from England from Mollie and I can’t wait to see what it is.  YAY!   Meanwhile they made a special “badge” for me to display for getting the most votes:


Yay Me!!!!


That’s about all the news I have to share…….whew……never a dull moment in the life of One Spoiled Cat……that’s for sure! 

Happy Saturday Peeps…………….Sammy

Dad’s Trail Project

Hi Peeps!  I’ve been asked a few times lately to show you a photo of this “trail renovation” project my Pop has undertaken.  I figured I’d better get a photo of it NOW so that when it’s done you’ll be all impressed and I can tell HIM that and his head will swell up even bigger than it already is!   But that’s our little secret – right?

So, anyway, here’s a few shots Mom took for me this afternoon.  There are THREE shots of the trail from various angles and on her way back into the house my nemesis (aka The Pest) Stevie the neighborhood mooch, came around to the back yard and posed for Mom (nice of her huh?).  I’m always talking about her so I thought I’d give you a decent shot of her!

Onward…….here’s the photos:


Top of trail, looking down – “my” bench is about halfway down on the right!

The cross pieces are the new bits Dad added recently – along the sides are old limbs, bits of trees from the woods which will be replaced in “Phase Two” of the trail renovation project. 

Bottom of trail looking up to the backyard….see? It’s not a very long trail – just far enough to come down to the bench and a bit beyond….Mom will add some plants, etc. – should be really nice…..eventually…..

Then here’s the shot of Stevie, (or The Pest, or The Mooch, or The Cat That Picks A Fight With Me In My Own Yard)


Stevie….enjoying MY grass!

Now, as the trail renovation moves along (assuming it does!) I’ll provide some updated photos…..it actually should be pretty swell when it’s done.  In my younger days I spent a great deal of time down that trail (which used to extend a lot further down into the woods eventually coming to a very small stream).  Mom and I would go down the trail for my “morning walk” and wind up sitting on the bench for a bit before coming in.  I really don’t do much bench sitting anymore…..and the old trail has been covered up for years with leaves and branches and stuff. 

Mom says it’s a good project for him to keep him out of her hair (I’m not sure what that means but I think it’s a GOOD thing). 

Happy Friday To All !

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

The Capture of Mr. Chirpy!

The Continuing Saga of the FBI Capture of Mr. Chirpy! 

Fancy Private Jet Interior Shot

Back to London I go for the capture of Mr. Chirpy!

Just as Kozmo and I were landing in London we got a call from our FBI handler. He wanted me to check out Buckingham Palace because it was believed Mr. Chirpy’s lair was located on the grounds somewhere. They issued me a special collar attachment which would allow me to be in contact with Kozmo at any time real sneaky-like!

Sam's special FBI collar

Wowzers...the FBI sure has cool stuff!

They told me if I found Mr. Chirpy’s lair, I was NOT to attempt to take him down by myself but to wait for Kozmo. Meanwhile, Kozmo was checking out the Tower of London because the FBI agents in London noticed some “extra” bird activity there.

Both of us were given the usual FBI speech about watching ourselves and our activities because if we were caught – well – they’d say they didn’t know who the heck we were!

So Kozmo and I parted company and off I went to Buckingham Palace. I had to figure out how to get on the grounds though because it was known that even though the Queen’s corgis were honorary members of the FBI (due to their status of course), they guard the Queen and wouldn’t allow ANY (yes I said ANY) cats, or chicken-ish birds near her. I thought about it and remembered in my stash of disguises I had THIS:

Sam in a London Bobby uniform (haha)

They'll be sure to let me on the grounds of Buckingham Palace if I'm dressed like a Bobby!

I’d be able to slip in, identify myself to the Palace guards and in my disguise, be able to walk the grounds to search for Mr. Chirpy’s lair. There was still the problem of a suitable disguise for Sweet Elizabeth who was to accompany me to provide whatever help she could. She and I decided to stop by the local Acme Costume shop to see what might work.  The owner told us the Queen kept some royal peacocks on the property and disappeared into the back of the shop, returning with a disguise in a box labeled “Demented Peacock”….sounded suitable so Sweet Elizabeth tried it on:

sweet elizabeth peacock costume

Hmm...Acme Costume's "Demented Peacock" costume should allow Sweet Elizabeth to blend right in (yikes!) with the Queen's peacocks.

We combed the grounds looking for a likely spot for a chicken to hide out and even though it was difficult to see in the woods surrounding the Palace, we FINALLY located his birdhouse by an old tree. Elizabeth laid out an arrow with some rocks so that Kozmo would be able to see it from the air since we knew that’s how he’d be arriving!

Sam's Caper Buckingham Palace Grounds

Waiting for Kozmo to arrive...we've found Mr. Chirpy's birdhouse....back here in the trees in sight of the Palace!

 All of a sudden Kozmo appeared beside us – he’d been “delivered” by the Ravens, Mac and Bridget who followed the arrow perfectly.

We peered around the tree and there was Mr. Chirpy – out in the open! Kozmo leaped and caught him easily but I had to persuade him we needed to bring him back to justice instead of allowing my pal Kozmo to squeeze the daylights out of him right then and there!

I handed him a birdcage so we could put him in “Chirpy Jail” and we all headed for the Buckingham Palace helipad together.

Sam Caper Bird Cage

This ought to hold Mr. Chirpy nicely until we lock him up!

 Want to know what happened next? Good! All you have to do to continue with this exciting story is go to my fellow FBI agent Kozmo’s blog CATFROMHELL and see what Kozmo was up to while I was on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and how the caper went from there!

Whew!  What a caper! 

Agent 00.8, Sammy signing out………..