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Friendly Filling In!


Let’s Fill In Shall We???

Every Friday our friends at 15andmeowing and Mcguffys Reader co-host a FUN blog hop wherein we get FOUR sentences (two from each host) and we get to “fill in the blanks” !!    It’s a fun way to get to know each other and more and more people are filling in every week!    If you want to pawticipate – please do – just click below to go to McGuffy’s then use the LINKY tool and that’s that – it will link to your blog and you can strut your sentence fill-in stuff like I do.


Here are this week’s sentences AND I’m letting Mom fill in today!  Her answers are in RED.

1. My favorite herb or spice is hot curry powder!.
2. An herb/spice I dislike is ginger.
3.Lately, I have been working on trying different dried fruits in my biscotti recipe – raisins, dates, dried peaches – some rather strange sounding things for biscotti but I like experimenting!.

4.This Winter was almost non-existent (not that I’m complaining!) .


We want to show you how Teddy dressed up yesterday for Dr. Seuss Day……………………….he was a lucky boy in that his “Auntie Ellen” from 15andmeowing crocheted some toys for him AND a couple of hats!    The Seuss hat AND another one which you’ll see on St. Patty’s Day!    Miss Ellen is an amazing crochet-er (is that a word?) and I was lucky enough to get a lot of toys she made which I left behind in the toy wagon for Teddy to have when I went to the Bridge.   Teddy is STILL exploring that wagon – it’s full of fun!    So here’s Teddy in his hat – well – ALMOST in his hat……he was totally uncooperative when it came to posing…..which is a shame because it was an adorable hat!



Silly Teddy – this is how it’s SUPPOSED to look – below is 15andmeowing’s beautiful Phoebe modeling HER Dr. Seuss hat – why couldn’t YOU do this????



Now we’d like to show you a photo Mom took the other afternoon which probably would embarrass the heck out of Teddy if he saw Mom posted it but she couldn’t resist……….it’s cute……..embarrassing but CUTE!


CAN YOU HEAR THE SNORING??????????????????????  I can hear it at the BRIDGE!


I’m ready to cook for Teddy’s Birthday Party tomorrow!!  Let’s do it Mom! 

EVERYBODY plan to come celebrate Teddy’s First Birthday!

LOVE, ANGEL SAMMY (and Teddy too)