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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday!    Thankful one too……and we are always thankful just to arrive at another Thursday.   Time moves so quickly – my Mom and Dad said so!!    I’m thankful that SO FAR when they say “snow” it hasn’t – BUT I think that my luck is running out because we could get 6-9 inches of it this weekend.   EEEK.   I’ll try to be thankful for how pretty it is when it falls though.    It’s the least I can do.     If you’d like to share your THANKFULS on Brian’s Hop, just click his badge above and join us!

Now, one more bit of business to conduct THEN I’ll show you the poem Angel Sammy emailed me last night from the Rainbow Bridge.    Yesterday’s TUESDAY TEASER TELL ALL we missed out on a cheer from the School Cheer Team – why?   Because they always have a tough time with a cheer when there are a BUNCH of winners.   We had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS and – well – they were writing a cheer but fell asleep in their hot tub.   SHAME ON THEM – so we didn’t have their cheer in time for class.    Here’s the cheer they came up with.

This is tough writing about FOUR Firsties!
Good thing we’ve got a refrigerator cuz writing makes us thirsty!
Sharon, Carole, Charles and Jackie
If there’s been any more we would have gone wacky.
Congrats to you guys for being so FAST
You all got in before sixty seconds passed!
Bravo, woo hoo, and a great big yippy
Now pass us a brewski so we can have a big sippy!

Gosh, I’m not sure this particular cheer was WORTH waiting for!

Now onward to the second half of today’s blog which is sharing Angel Sammy’s THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY poetry.


Happy Poetry Day Everyone!

Did you write one this week?  Oh I hope you did!    It’s a pretty funny photo and hopefully it inspired some of you to write a poem – maybe for the first time or maybe not but at least I hope you had fun with it.    Every Thursday I give you a photo to inspire you to write a poem – – – and at the end of my poem today you’ll get another photo for NEXT Thursday!     If you’ve written a poem this week, let us know in Comments and we’ll come visit you to read it.   

“Poor Pitiful Me”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     January 9, 2019

I can’t believe this is the only costume they had

I wouldn’t be in this fix if I’d listened to my Dad!

He told me to go pick a costume up way before the party

But as usual I ignored him thinking I was such a smarty.

Now here I sit on the sidewalk while people laugh and stare

I might as well be sitting here in my underwear!

I’m gonna be late for the party now and my girlfriend’s gonna fuss

Because my costume was too big and they couldn’t push me into the bus!!!


HAHA…….I know it’s shorter than usual but I couldn’t resist………..it just “came to me”…………….this guy looks just so darn miserable doesn’t he?   Maybe it’s summer and he can’t breath inside that thing so he’s taking a break from some kind of job where he has to wear that “Big Scrat” costume…..WHATEVER is going on it’s not good.   But it did make for a fun photo to use to write a poem about.

So here’s your photo for NEXT week – let’s see what we can all do with this one shall we??

Yep – I think I’ve found another goodie for us to play around with right???   Right!     So, put your best poetry ideas to paper inspired by this photo and share with us next Thursday.   C’mon – you can do it.  If I can, you can.

Meanwhile, hope you all are well and happy.    All is well at the Rainbow Bridge – that should be no surprise to you – things are always perfect here!   

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Hugs and Love to You All !    Angel Sammy



I like this one Angel Sammy……..that guy in the costume is totally NOT happy but it sure makes for a fun poem.    I’ll look forward to hearing from you  next week my Angel Brother.

Hugs, Teddy

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Ta Da!  Let’s Get Poetic!


Greetings Poetry fans and anyone else who just happens to pop by on a Thursday only to find that I’m WAXING POETIC!    (what kind of polish does one use for that do you suppose???)

Today is the letter “N” – we’re working our way through the alphabet and “N” was one of the letters I dreaded because I had a problem coming up with something to write about that starts with the letter “N”!    I agonized and worried and hoped “N” would just never get here but alas, it has………….so I shall do my bestest to come up with SOMETHING because I know you want me to right?



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/15/16

When I was just a wee guy

Of maybe one or two

I often was in trouble

What else was there to do?

I stole things off of tabletops

I pulled trash from the can

I turned my kibble dish over

Then when Mom came, off I ran!

It was a big old game to me

I played it every day

Now that I’m old my games have changed

In a not so funny way.

I call for Mom all night long

She doesn’t get to sleep

I ask for food then won’t eat it

The pantry is filled with my food three feet deep!

I may be slightly exaggerating

I may be just an OLD tease

But Mom I hope you won’t get mad

Just always love me……….PLEASE?

OK, I squeeze one off!   Now it’s YOUR turn……..did you write an “N” poem today?   If you did, put the link to your bloggy in my comments so we can all go take a peek at your work……OR, you can put your poem in your comment and we’ll read it NOW right here!    You know next week we’re up to “O” and I have to tell you, that was another of the letters that gave me nightmares (and daymares too) when I was planning my poetry series.    But I have a WHOLE WEEK to figure it out and so do you!

Happy Poetic Thursday Peeps!

Ahhhh....I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Ahhhh….I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Au Revoir!  

Monsieur Sam