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Bacon for ME and Hold the Ice!

No worries everyone!  Me and the Bacon Greenhouse staff are ON THE JOB!   The crop is doing just fine!

No worries everyone! Me and the Bacon Greenhouse staff are ON THE JOB! The crop is doing just fine!

YES!  Thought you might like an

update from the Bacon Greenhouse!

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!    Well not the show – the bacon really………….who cares about a show anyway?!    What we DO care about here is the fact that we are going to have an ICE storm today with some snow mixed in.  In other words – YUCK.   But Mom and Dad can handle it because they do NOT have to go out in it!    I of course will come visit them today then head back to sunny, always beautiful, never icy or snowy Rainbow Bridge and let them enjoy their Saturday after we eat breakfast together!    Mom would prefer if it was all snow as ice is VERY dangerous…..there will be 87 bazillion accidents on the road today no doubt………there’s a HUGE bit of Virginia being effected so if you’re around here – BE CAREFUL………………….

Now – let’s talk BACON!


SO ARE MINE!!!!!   Feels like an electrical charge!!!!!


One of my newest bacon funnies sent in by a Bacon Fan……Takes a lot of imagination to turn bacon into Chewbaca from Star Wars!


Another little dandy item – – – what better way to keep your “bacon money” safe than in a bacon wallet????


INDEED!  Makes sense to me!


Mom says she misses this sight on Saturdays – – – I used to keep a CLOSE EYE on her !!!

Bacon Boy with Bacon Mom

Bacon Boy with Bacon Mom

So glad I stopped by this morning – Mom had bacon for me…..

Always has and always will…….now I’m out of here!


If you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back to SUNNY SIDE Rainbow Bridge and my soft cloud !

Happy Bacon Day!


April Fools Day!



Bet you wondered where my usual

post was this morning?  HMMM?

Actually I’m not sure it registers with everyone who follows my blog that our post goes live every morning at 3AM “our” time (EST).   EXCEPT for this morning when we thought we’d make you wonder just a little WHERE’S SAMMY???    I also bet that most of you who follow me aren’t even AWAKE this time of day.   You would be if I lived in your house though!   I wake my Mom up every morning close to 3AM.   That’s right – I didn’t do that until I got to be an old guy – now I’ll scream at the top of my lungs for her to GET UP GET UP GET UP…..so we can start our day.  

To celebrate April Fools, I thought I’d publish some of the more FOOLISH photos of me that I’ve had on my blog in the past.  There have been many as you well know!  How about this one?


Then there’s this gem:


And who could forget this one?


Or this one????


See?  I can be as APRIL FOOLISH as anyone……..Who says a sixteen year old cat can’t act just a little silly from time to time?

Happy April Fools Day!

Love, Foolish Sam 

Silly Photos


Howdy Friends!

Mom was looking through all the photos I’ve uploaded here (and the bazillions that we have that I’ve never used on my blog too) and we’ve found some incredibly SILLY photos –  many of which were done for Cat Scouts but not all.

I thought it might be fun to do a slideshow of these for your viewing entertainment.   Make sure you are not drinking a beverage while you watch……….you don’t want to spray your keyboard and/or screen and/or phone, and/or WHATEVER device you use – with LIQUID REFRESHMENT!   (it may take a minute to load – there are a lot of photos!!!)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what I mean?  Never a dull moment………………I do have a lot of fun don’t I ??   Thanks Mom for helping me to have the time of my life……………….and this is only a FRACTION of the wacky photos I have………………..I’m one lucky spoiled cat!

Hugs and Happy Thursday


little happy face

Photo Madness


Happy Monday!    YES it’s the day before Tuesday Teaser so you’d better get yourselves READY…………it’s coming whether you’re ready or not!

I was going through my endless media files here on WP yesterday looking for some “Monday Morning Inspiration” and realized that I really have a lot of totally silly photos here.   So silly that I think this slideshow I put together may be freaky enough that you should be warned ahead of time to (1) put your coffee cup down so you don’t spray your keyboard/screen, and (2)   visit the litterbox first so we don’t have any of those “I laughed too hard” boo-boos!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a bazillion more but I was laughing so hard I had to stop loading them up………………..it’s been quite a lot of fun hanging out here at ONE SPOILED CAT……….I’m not going anywhere – don’t worry about that – just doing a bit of Monday Morning Reflecting after seeing all the wacky photos I had!

SO – I’ll see you tomorrow?   Can’t tell you when or it wouldn’t be a surprise………………..just keep standing by and before you know it, that Teaser will pop into your inbox!   Yep – it’s gonna happen – you know it will!

Hugs, Sammy



Voting Day Two


Well!  We’ve been busy little beavers (and cats and dogs and fish and horses and guinea pigs and snakes and……well you get the drift!).  Lots and lots of votes coming in for the BIG PHOTO CONTEST.  Today is day two of voting so if you wanted some time to make up your mind – and you think you have come to a decision – VOTE TODAY! 

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

Have YOU voted yet????

I don’t want to drive everybody wacky waiting for the results, so instead of THREE days of voting – how about we end the voting today?  Hmmm??  That means at midnight tonight – whatever votes are in will determine the winner in each category.

SO………tomorrow  morning on my blog I will make the BIG announcement instead of Thursday.  OK with you?  Yeah, I thought so! 

If you’ve already voted then you’re done – BUT if you’re here for the first time since we began the photo contest – feel free to register your vote – vote once in each poll please!    Here are the polls:

And the second poll………….

Thanks to everyone for participating – this is such fun!  Thanks too for all your nice comments – this contest is “all about YOU” though and how much fun it is to have all of you as my friends.

Remember, TODAY will be our last day to vote…….and tomorrow I’ll announce the winners (one in each category) and I’ll also let you know who guessed right on today’s Tuesday Teaser (that’s a separate blog post today – – – my FIRST time with two blogs on one day!!!).

Good luck to EVERYBODY………….tune in tomorrow for the big scoop! (that’s scoop as in news not scoop as in litter box….. 😀 😀 :D).

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😉