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Snoozy Sunday

Sam Sleeping Close Up

Ahhhhh……Sunday.  My parents read the Sunday paper and I sleep.  Why read the paper anyway?  Now if you want me to involve myself with the newspaper – give me a chunk of it to add to my tissue pile !

Sure – I’ll read it….but I have to read it MY way….from the inside out.  HAHA …..

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....

Another Sunday rolls around and I get a FRESH supply of newspaper to play with!

But really – all I want to do on a lazy Sunday is BE lazy.  At my age, I’ve managed to perfect the fine art of “lazy” so why mess with a good thing??? Speaking of LAZY, my Dad’s still sound asleep in bed.  Mom and I have been up for a while now but I’m thinking MAYBE, just MAYBE I should go hop up on the bed and come up real close and give him a nice, loud 


Or would that be crossing the line of “acceptable behavior??????  I’ll let you know how my plan turns out. 

Happy Sunday!

Little Devil Sammylittle happy face

Agent Sammy Checking In


Hi Peeps…….well, as I told you yesterday, I’m on a mission for the Feline Bureau of Investigation but I’ll be returning today some time….hopefully in time to greet Mom when she pops in the front door after her trip. 

I’m not supposed to say anything of course about the adventure Kozmo and I are involved in, but I decided it wouldn’t be telling anything TOP SECRET to show you a picture of what I was riding on/in yesterday as I set out on my mission to help Kozmo!

Fancy Private Jet Interior Shot

Talk about traveling in style huh???

Yep – I was really “roughing it” huh! 

OK – I’ve said enough – besides, I’m getting a top secret text from Kozmo right now so I’ve got to sign off……………….tomorrow Kozmo and I will BOTH be blogging about our journeys and the BIG MISSION.  You’ll need to visit both of our blogs to get the full story and I promise it will keep you on the edge of your seat!!!

Agent Sammy, 00.8 signing off until tomorrow……

President’s Day

Sammy the President

Happy President's Day!

It’s another holiday here in the US of A.  President’s Day.  Just another excuse for the mail service not to deliver mail.  Just another excuse for the stores to have ridiculous sales and cause traffic jams at every Mall. 

Humbug.   However, I must say, I look rather splendid behind the podium don’t you think?  Gives me an idea…….since people are having a tough time deciding on who to vote for in the next election – what about:


Oh – wait a minute – that means that I actually have to manage the government????  NEVER MIND. 

Anyway, those of you who get to celebrate President’s Day by not having to work…….enjoy!

Sammy (just plain old regular Sammy the Cat)

Valentines and Teasers!

Sam's Valentine's Day Card

I hope you all have a super special day......!

So – first things first my friends…….HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!  Thanks for being my buddies – both human and non-human (you know which category you’re in) and following my blog.  I love following yours too!

Everyone asked me if I’d still have a Tuesday Teaser even though it was Valentine’s Day and the answer is OF COURSE I AM!!!!!!  Now – let me start by saying I think this one might be TOO EASY but the other two haven’t been so easy………I’m being extra nice because it’s Valentine’s Day. 

So here’s your teaser…….only hints I’ll give you are that Mom took this photo on her honeymoon.  So there.  That’s it.  Now put on your thinking caps and let me know where you think this was taken way back in September of 1990???  Huh??????

Mystery Photo #3

Where in the world was this photo taken??

I hope this one wasn’t too easy…….you guys are pretty darn good at Tuesday Teasers.

Happy Valentine’s Day again everybody…….BIG HUGS AND KISSES.

Sammy the LOVE machine!! 😉

Teaser Answer and Other Stuff

Sam On His Tissue

OK Mom...let's tell everyone where you took those photos for Tuesday Teaser!!

Happy Wednesday!  So, I think that Tuesday Teaser was a good one wasn’t it?  People figured “Europe” but not really sure WHERE.  Well, the answer is:



AND….guess what…..two people guessed it right!  Miss Ingrid of ConsciousCat and Miss Isobel from IsobelAndCat ….. concatulations ladies for figuring that one out.  I’ll try to find another goodie for NEXT Tuesday.

In the meantime, as you can see from this photo, I’m still in love with tissue and newspaper.  I’ve transferred all my FAVE toys to the paper pile and while it’s in the middle of the room, and Mom has to pick it all up when she vacuums then carefully put it right back where it was (!!) she’s OK with that.  I’m OK with that.  Dad’s OK with that.  Sammy’s tissue collection lives on! 😉  Mom does occasionally substitute new paper for the old stuff – and who can blame her.

I’m not sure if it’s going to snow today but it MIGHT.  Not a lot – just a little, but this has been a weird winter.  I know all of my friends in Europe are having a REAL winter and in some cases more winter than they’d like to have with some SERIOUS snow.  We’ve had some little snows and a couple of icy days but mostly no big deal.  As I’ve gotten older I stay outside for shorter periods anyway.  I feel the cold more…..and not too crazy about cold feet either so maybe this is MY kind of winter after all????? 

Wherever you are I hope if you love snow you HAVE it….if you don’t love it you DON’T…..and if you wish you had it that you eventually get some!  How’s that for covering all the bases?????

Kitty Hugs from Sammy

Monday Meow


Good Morning and Happy Monday Peeps!  So – it’s all over but the crying (whatever that means – Mom said it this morning when Dad asked her who won the Super Bowl).  Actually, Mom and I only watched HALF of the Super Bowl.  Dad watched about ten minutes of it then went upstairs to read and eventually snore fall asleep in his den while Mom and I watched until Madonna did her thing at halftime.  I found that part rather confusing – all those people flying around and flipping through the air and walking on wires and lights flashing and – well – I just wanted to watch football!  After the game started back up Mom and I watched for a little while longer.  When we stopped watching the Patriots were ahead.  There were moments when I just couldn’t watch – it was too close to call!

Sam Super Bowl TV

I just can't look....tell me what's happening Mom....!

But in the end, Mom just was too tired to stay up and watch til the bitter end.  We had to wait until this morning to find out that the NY Giants had won in the LAST MINUTES of the game.  Wow. 

Know what?  It didn’t REALLY matter to us who won – we just wanted to watch the game (secretly I was rooting for whoever had the ball at the time anyway….tee hee).

We had a nice Sunday……..a little bit of snow early in the morning, then the sun came out and stayed all aftenroon…….then Daddy made a cheese fondue (I got to sample it!)…….and eventually the game came on.  It was a FAMILY day. 

Nothing wrong with that – right?

Oh – and don’t forget – tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER and I think it’s going to be a picture from “somewhere” in the world and you’ll have to guess WHERE (so get those Atlases out and start studying!!!!).

Happy Monday!


Playing Tag!

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Hi ! Guess what ! I got tagged !

Mom had to explain to me what “tagged” meant – she said she hadn’t played tag since she was in elementary school a bazillion years ago (oops…. did I say something wrong??).  Anyway, a few days ago my friend Rumpy the dog tagged me and some other friends of his in his blog.  What you have to do is answer TEN BURNING QUESTIONS!  So, I’m going to do just that.  Then I’m going to pick on some of my friends to tag…..so there!

  1. Describe yourself in seven words:   That’s easy…..ginger, middle-aged, adorable, spoiled, happy, polydactyl, talkative
  2. What keeps you up at night?  My duties as Kimmell household security officer patrolling the premises
  3. Who would I like to be?  Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a bird BUT in truth, I like to be ME!
  4. What am I wearing now?  I’m stark nekkid 😉
  5. What scares me?  Not crazy about bluejays dive-bombing me in the yard, don’t like dogs that chase me up trees, and HATE when the doorbell rings!
  6. The best and worst of blogging:  The best is getting so many new friends from all over the world….the worst is when I don’t hear from them for a while – I get worried!
  7. The last website I visited:  I visited my Mom’s website to make sure my blog was showing up there!   My Mom
  8. What is the one thing I would change about myself:  That’s a toughie……hmmm……I can’t think of one single thing!
  9. Slankets YES or NO?   YES!  I love my fleece blankets but Mom doesn’t have a slanket (maybe she should!).
  10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you!  My friend Rumpy is a very handsome and likeable guy who does FANTASTIC interviews with animals and tells great stories too.

So there…..the inside scoop about ME courtesy of being tagged by Rumpy Dog. 

If you would like to play along, I’m tagging the following friends!

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If you’re too busy to play tag….that’s OK….if not, HAVE AT IT!!!!

Your Buddy Sammy