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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday – and it’s a special day for yours truly – it’s my FIFTH birthday today.    I was almost a year old when I was adopted by my Mom and Dad (which by the way is my BIG THANKFUL for today) – I was 11 months old when hey waltzed into the Animal Shelter and saw me.    I made goo goo eyes at Mom and the rest is history.   I am MORE than THANKFUL.

Today is also Poetic Thursday which is when my Angel brother Sammy sends us his poem of the week based on the photo he gave us LAST week to use as inspiration.   We are supposed to write a poem every Thursday to share with each other.    The photos are always fun and so far we’ve read SOOOOO many fabulous poems YOU all have written using Sammy’s photos to inspire your words!!

My Poetic Brother Angel Sammy

Let’s see what he wrote for all of us this week AND see what photo he chose for us to use for NEXT Thursday!


Greetings Poets and Happy Birthday Little Bro’ !!!

Let’s start off today with me reminding you all that YES YOU CAN WRITE A POEM.    We get lots of notes from you saying you “can’t write poetry” when really it’s NOT that hard to do.   Poetry doesn’t even have to rhyme.    There are TONS of poetic forms – short, long, rhyming and not.    It’s fun to use a photograph to inspire your poem and I give you one every week with a whole WEEK to come up with a poem to share.   

Here’s the photo I gave you last week which hopefully you used to write a poem for today – if you wrote one, just tell us in comments here OR give us a link to where we can read your masterpiece!!

“My Comfort Zone”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©March 3, 2021

Mommy, Mommy, are you listening?

I’m so scared that my diaper is glistening

This kiddie wagon is awfully tiny

There’s hardly room for my diapered hiney!

What if I fall – what if I should crash?

What if I get a case of nervous diaper rash?

I see that you’re laughing but it’s not funny to me

Please get me out of this thing NOW and set me free!


Poor little baby – some people will do anything for a humorous photo and while this is actually adorably cute and funny to this baby it is no laughing matter!    I think he or she is most definitely NOT pleased with this photo shoot.     Babies make wonderful subjects for photos though – they do so many delightfully adorable things that it’s tempting to put them into situations that we think are entertaining but that they might not be so happy about.    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you’ve written for this photo.    Speaking of photos – here’s next week’s for you to work with to write a poem for next Thursday.

Another Fun One !


There you have it for another week – hope you decide to write a poem for the above photo – we’ll read some poetry NEXT Thursday shall we?   Meanwhile – stay healthy and safe and know that I love all of you and always will.    Even all the way from the Rainbow Bridge!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!


Love and Hugs to all of you and especially my TEDDY BOY


Thanks Angel Sammy……..it means a lot that you gave me a special hug for my birthday………………I’ll see you again next week and feel free to visit me in my dreams ANYTIME!


Pee Ess…..I’m sharing my purrrrrsonal horoscope from Cats-Astropic Events (Marv, JoJo, Kozmo and Angel Nellie)


Thank You My Friends!

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello Friends and Hello Thankful Thursday.    Another week has flown by and we are still feeling fine here and SO thankful that’s the case.   One only has to watch the news – just once – to realize that the world is imploding/exploding all around us.   In almost every way.    We might have our heads in the sand up here on our hill in our town in our safe home but right now that’s precisely what we need/should do.    So we are.    Thursday is our day to be thankful with Brian but we are truly thankful every day we wake up and realize we’re still here!!!    If you’d like to join the wonderful and THANKFUL-FILLED Hop, just click the badge above and join in by linking up.

I got my weekly email from my poetic Angel brother Sammy…………..his poem based on the photo he gave us last week is there………and I always feel just plain “better” after I read his messages anyway.    I hope you do too!!    Here’s his email:


Hi Friends and Lovers of Poetic Fun!

Hope you all are healthy and happy.    You know we are always happy at the Rainbow Bridge but we watch what’s happening with all of you – every single day – and while we can’t make things better for you – we DO care.   Remember that!

Now onward to poetry fun…………did you write a poem for the photo I gave you last week?    Did you?    Well GOOD!   Let us know you did in our comments here so we can read it.    I try to find what I believe to be interesting and fun photos for you to use as a “launch pad” for your poems.    It’s a chance to let your imagination fly free and maybe say something you might not otherwise say…….or perhaps express yourself in a complete flight of fancy!    

Here’s the photo I gave you for THIS WEEK’s poem – along with my poem for the photo……………then I’ll show you NEXT week’s photo inspiration!

“Thank you Sam”…….”Thank you Mam”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell          ©August 12, 2020


Sam enjoys making his dairy delivery rounds

But has found this past year that he’s gaining pounds!

Mrs. Smith makes the best fruit pies on his route

He’s pretty darn sure that’s what is “tightened his suit” !

The ladies appreciate his deliveries and they’re all so nice

And he can’t resist their cakes and pies when he’s offered a slice!


So Sam delivers their dairy orders and makes out pretty well with sampling the baked goods along the way.   I’m sure the ladies appreciate him as much as he appreciates them.    My Mom says she can remember when she was about eight or nine, they had a metal milk box on their front porch – supplied by whatever the dairy was that delivered milk.   Had the diary name on it of course.   These days I imagine people would be afraid to have one on their front porch because someone would steal it along with their milk delivery!    This is what it looked like (although the dairy was not this one):

Mom says she was never up early enough to actually SEE the milkman in his truck delivering milk but there was always frosty cold bottles of milk in the metal milk box every morning!

SO – I hope you will try to write a poem for this coming week’s photo – we’ll get together Thursday to share poetry based on the below photo so you have a WHOLE WEEK to come up with something to share with us.   YOU CAN DO IT!

Love this tiny chapel…………………I bet this inspires some great poems!!!    I already have an idea……………..do you?      See you next Thursday – in the meantime please stay happy, and healthy, and hopeful.  

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love to you all!   Angel Sammy


Thank you for sending us your poem this week Angel Sammy……………….I always enjoy your poetry and I hope everyone plays along with you and writes one for the photos you find!     I love you!

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday – it’s time for us to be THANKFUL on the Hop hosted by Brian.   If you’d like to Hop with us, click on his badge and link up.    We love to share our THANKFULS!

I’m super thankful that I received so many sweet messages from friends in honor of my THIRD GOTCHA DAY yesterday.   Mom and Dad spoiled me more than the usual “spoil” and I thought all day long about how thankful I was that I lived with them and am safe and loved.    That’s the BEST thankful of all.    I received this card from my friends at The Cat On My Head……I love it!   Thanks to the Kitties Blue………….

AND – I got a card from my friends at Friends Furever which is also very sweet………………thanks to all my friends for their messages to celebrate my Third Gotcha!

Angel Sammy didn’t let me down either – he sent me his Poetry for this week right on time.    Ready?


It’s Poetry Time Friends!

Hello!  Can you believe it’s been a week since we got together to share poetry?    Time flies.   We don’t have “time” like you do up at the Rainbow Bridge……………we just enjoy ourselves any way we please AND keep an eye on our loved ones here on this plane.     Yesterday I spent the day watching over my little brother Teddy as he celebrated his third GOTCHA DAY.    I know that HE knows I arranged for Mom and Dad to go to the shelter that day and adopt him.   It helped heal the holes in their hearts when I went to the Bridge.   

Anyway, let’s get on with poetry shall we?    As you know I give you an inspirational photo each week and you have that week in which to write a poem based on the photo.    Here’s the photo I gave you last Thursday followed by MY humble poetry!

“Lost in Lost Springs”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 13, 2020

The map I have got me just this far

It’s a very old map I found in this rental car

The highway signs disappeared a while ago

I must be on the wrong road so I’m going slow

I wonder if anyone lives in that old house now?

It’s been several miles since I saw a human or a cow!

Is that old house there where the ONE resident lives?

This is like the Twilight Zone – hey – what gives?

I need to get back to the highway and be on my way

And save exploring Lost Springs for another day!

I see a storm brewing up ahead so I’ll turn right around.

I don’t think I’ll be missing much in Lost Springs town………….


Something about this photo struck me as so totally strange……..is the sign a joke?    Well turns out there IS a Lost Springs and I saw two different signs when I researched online – one said “Population One” and the other said “Population Two”……..whichever is correct I will don’t think there’s much to SEE or DO there so I won’t be visiting for real that’s for sure.    

Did you write a poem?   Let us know in comments so we can read yours.    Did you think this was a bit of a spooky photo or did you just think that once upon a time that sign probably displayed a MUCH higher number of people living in Lost Springs?

Here’s the photo I found for us to use for NEXT Thursday…………………

I really like this photo…………………I bet that old truck has a story to tell!    

Have fun with this one and let’s get together next Thursday – same time – same place…………..same good time sharing poetry.     Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and remember the Angels are watching……………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy



Love from Angel Sammy and Teddy…………..