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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday – it’s time for us to be THANKFUL on the Hop hosted by Brian.   If you’d like to Hop with us, click on his badge and link up.    We love to share our THANKFULS!

I’m super thankful that I received so many sweet messages from friends in honor of my THIRD GOTCHA DAY yesterday.   Mom and Dad spoiled me more than the usual “spoil” and I thought all day long about how thankful I was that I lived with them and am safe and loved.    That’s the BEST thankful of all.    I received this card from my friends at The Cat On My Head……I love it!   Thanks to the Kitties Blue………….

AND – I got a card from my friends at Friends Furever which is also very sweet………………thanks to all my friends for their messages to celebrate my Third Gotcha!

Angel Sammy didn’t let me down either – he sent me his Poetry for this week right on time.    Ready?


It’s Poetry Time Friends!

Hello!  Can you believe it’s been a week since we got together to share poetry?    Time flies.   We don’t have “time” like you do up at the Rainbow Bridge……………we just enjoy ourselves any way we please AND keep an eye on our loved ones here on this plane.     Yesterday I spent the day watching over my little brother Teddy as he celebrated his third GOTCHA DAY.    I know that HE knows I arranged for Mom and Dad to go to the shelter that day and adopt him.   It helped heal the holes in their hearts when I went to the Bridge.   

Anyway, let’s get on with poetry shall we?    As you know I give you an inspirational photo each week and you have that week in which to write a poem based on the photo.    Here’s the photo I gave you last Thursday followed by MY humble poetry!

“Lost in Lost Springs”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 13, 2020

The map I have got me just this far

It’s a very old map I found in this rental car

The highway signs disappeared a while ago

I must be on the wrong road so I’m going slow

I wonder if anyone lives in that old house now?

It’s been several miles since I saw a human or a cow!

Is that old house there where the ONE resident lives?

This is like the Twilight Zone – hey – what gives?

I need to get back to the highway and be on my way

And save exploring Lost Springs for another day!

I see a storm brewing up ahead so I’ll turn right around.

I don’t think I’ll be missing much in Lost Springs town………….


Something about this photo struck me as so totally strange……..is the sign a joke?    Well turns out there IS a Lost Springs and I saw two different signs when I researched online – one said “Population One” and the other said “Population Two”……..whichever is correct I will don’t think there’s much to SEE or DO there so I won’t be visiting for real that’s for sure.    

Did you write a poem?   Let us know in comments so we can read yours.    Did you think this was a bit of a spooky photo or did you just think that once upon a time that sign probably displayed a MUCH higher number of people living in Lost Springs?

Here’s the photo I found for us to use for NEXT Thursday…………………

I really like this photo…………………I bet that old truck has a story to tell!    

Have fun with this one and let’s get together next Thursday – same time – same place…………..same good time sharing poetry.     Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and remember the Angels are watching……………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy



Love from Angel Sammy and Teddy…………..