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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Time to be thankful – and we do have lots to be thankful for.    First up thanks to Brian for giving us a venue for voicing our thankfuls every week.   Join us if you like by clicking Brian’s badge above and linking up.   It feels GOOD to voice your thankfuls!     I’m thankful so far Mom and Dad are healthy.    Mom is totally recovered from her hip surgery and my Dad is ornery as ever (oops did I say that out loud???).

I’m also happy that I’m still hearing every single week from Angel Sammy – he sends me an email from his heavenly laptop which contains his poem of the week and a new photo for all of us to use when writing next week’s poem to share.    What fun!


Here we are again!   Every Thursday – sharing poetry!

As you can imagine, we at the Rainbow Bridge are super busy these days keeping all of our former families as happy as is in our power to do so.    We sneak into their dreams, give them little signs we are “around” and watching over them………..it’s what Angels do – human Angels and animal Angels alike!

Did you write a poem to share this week?    I gave you a photo LAST Thursday to use as inspiration for today and I hope it worked for you.    Some people last week said it was a SCARY photo and others said it was a MOODY photo but everyone seemed UP for the challenge so let’s do this.   First I’ll show you the photo we had for our poetry project followed by my poem, then I’ll show you the new photo for next week.   Ready?

“Chill In The Air”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 17, 2021


A carpet of leaves beneath my feet

My steps align with my heart’s swift beat

There is no sound in the fog so thick

I hold back a vine with my walking stick

Something or someone is up ahead

I approach with caution – and a sense of dread

A rotted tree trunk greets me as I approach

My wayward imagination I reproach!


Just goes to show that things are not always what they seem to be.     That shadowy figure wasn’t a figure at all – just an old tree trunk.     But it COULD have been almost anything and that’s what’s so wonderful about imagination AND what makes for fun poetry writing.

Here’s your photographic challenge for NEXT Thursday – you have a week to come up with something for this one…………………………

When my Mom saw this photo she said “when I used to go to the beach I would always look for a spot far away from throngs of noisy people – I loved the quiet”……..well I bet there’s no quiet around this place!     Imagine deciding to spend the day at the beach and joining THIS throng.    Now if meeting people is your thing, then a crowded beach might be a good idea.   But I kind of think my Mom has the right idea……….quiet……….peaceful………..somehow that seems a lot more inviting than this crowd.      Anyway it’s your inspiration for next week’s poem so have fun with it.

Until then, please stay safe, stay happy and WARM if you’re in a cold climate and COOL if you’re in a warm climate.    Here at Rainbow Bridge it’s perfect all the time!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



I wondered what you’d write for this weeks’ photo Angel Sammy – and I think you did a super job (as always!).   I bet everyone else did too and hopefully they’ll leave their links or maybe write their poems in our comments.     I will see you next Thursday – thank you for watching out for me, Mom and Dad…………..We miss you every single day.

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello Friends!   Thursday is here – time to be THANKFUL on Brians’ Hop and time for Angel Sammy’s Poetic Thursday too.    First of all we will be thankful though – AND tell you that if you would like to join the Hop, click the badge above and link in with us.

This week we had a horrendous hailstorm – it was absolutely the worst (and noisiest!) thing we’ve had through here in ages.   It continued for a good 30 minutes too – with pea to quarter sized hail.   Totally covered our back deck and front sidewalk.   No trees down but lots and LOTS of leaves and of course Mom’s deck plants were ripped up pretty good.    THANKFULLY both our cars were in the garage but we just KNOW some people whose cars were parked outside and not inside had some dents.   YEEKS!

The bad weather didn’t keep Angel Sammy’s email to me from getting through though and I’m sharing it with all of you below.


Here we are on a Thursday for some poetic fun!

Welcome to my little part of Teddy’s Thursday post every week.    We share some poetry together – poems we’ve written which have been inspired by photos that I give you every week.   Amazing what things come to mind when you look at a photo isn’t it?    IF you’ve written a poem for our photo from last week, let us know in Teddy’s comments will you?   We want to read your work!!

Here’s the photo I gave you last week followed by my poem:


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     June 5, 2019©


Oh my goodness – no no no!

Pretty please don’t make me go!

I know I said I could be a BIG guy

But all I wanna do now is scream and cry!

This is scary and I wanna be strong

But going this fast has gotta be wrong!

I promise I’ll be good for the rest of the day

If once we’re off this thing we get FAR AWAY!


That little boy looks like he’s ever so sorry he got on that ride OR that he allowed his big sister to talk him into it in the first place………….AND I bet if we could see the face of the little person sitting in the seat behind him – it would look just like this little guy’s face OR WORSE!!!    Still, somehow it is still a cute photo – makes you wonder whether this little guy will ever get on a roller coaster again………I bet he does……..in the front seat with his girlfriend next to him and HE’s holding HER hand instead of his big sister’s.    Right?

I have a photo for you for next week………………and here it is!

Are these two cute or what?   Identical twins……so who will be the troublemaker and who will be the perfect little kid?   Hard to tell isn’t it.   I just think it’s an adorable photo.   Teddy knows that our Dad is a twin – not identical twin but twin nonetheless.   He and his brother, my Uncle, are close and while they are alike in many ways they are absolutely NOT alike in other ways.    I know we just had a photo with a kid in it (today’s!) but this was too cute to pass up – let’s see what we can do with it when we write a poem for NEXT week.

Until we meet again, be good to each other – and please always remember that your Angels – human and animal alike – are with you ALWAYS.   If you want to need someone to talk to – we’re THERE OK?    Forever.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy


I like the photo for next week Angel Sammy……………………you pick the best photos for everyone!    I wish you and I had been identical twins – imagine the fun we would have given our Mom and Dad!!

Love, Teddy the Garden Cat

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday time……………..Brian, #1 thankful today is thanks to you for hosting this chance for us to all get together and concentrate on what we’re thankful for!    Anyone else wanting to join in just click on Brian’s badge and link up.    It’s something I think we ALL look forward to every week.

Another thing I’m thankful for is that we only for 3 inches of snow this time around.   The “arctic air” and extreme cold is really something but somehow with the sun out, it’s not so bad.   We just feel awful for any creature who does not have shelter when it’s like this.

I got Angel Sammy’s poem last night so I’m happy to share his Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poem with you all!    If you wrote a poem this week, let us know in comments won’t you?   We’ll come visit you and read your poetry.


Hello Fellow Poets and Poetry Fans!   Time to SHARE!

Hope we have a few more entries to read today in our weekly get-together………if you say that you “can’t” write poetry you’re wrong.    If you can WRITE, you can write a poem.   Trust me.   Just try once and you might like it.     I will give you a photo every Thursday and you have a WHOLE WEEK to think about it and see what you can come up with in the way of a poem – any poetic form – to share the following Thursday.  

Here’s the photo I gave you for THIS week with my poem following.    Gosh this looks amazing doesn’t it????


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     January 30, 2019


This skillfully built masterpiece of calories

I hope the designer has a good salary!

I look at it and think WOW

I wish that I could eat that NOW

Sweets aren’t good for cats to eat

But a little lick of ice cream is a very nice treat

That whipped cream is inviting – I might eat that……

Surely anything in moderation is OK for a cat?

My Mom says even though she’s getting too round

She’d like to tackle this banana split then lose 50 pounds!


When we saw this photo we just knew it would be a fun one to write a poem about.    My Mom hasn’t had a banana split in YEARS.   Funny but it’s kind of one of those “old-fashioned” ice cream treats……these days people are more diet conscious and get sugar-free trees or at least something in moderation – – – this photo shows an all out, full speed ahead, ice cream orgy in a dish!!!

Well, I hope you had fun with this – I did.   Now for next week’s photo – you have ALL week to think about what to write………………let this photo inspire you!

When I saw this photo I thought – “NO WAY!!”…………but there are a lot of people who love high diving – cliff diving – dangerous diving and while I wouldn’t do it (even though I’m safe because I’m am Angel!) that doesn’t mean that SOME consider it a legitimate sport.    I just think it will make for a GREAT poem!

So I’ll see you here next week?    I sincerely hope that I do……………….I love this little bit of time with all my friends……………..I miss all of you……………..

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love always from the rainbow…………Angel Sammy


Oh Angel Sammy that photo is just so scary…..even cats who can handle jumping from amazing heights would NOT want to leap off that rock – I won’t even leap off my cat tree from the tippity top.   Anyway, thank you for sharing your poetry with us every week.



We’re staying warm!

This coat helps a lot!

I can handle it!

Can we go inside now Mom??

It’s too cold for us to be outside so stay inside………………..and if you’re able to provide shelter to another animal during this horrible arctic cold, please do.   We have our heated cat house on the front porch!

The heated bed for any visiting kitties on my porch!

Hugs, Teddy



Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


The first THANKFUL Thursday of the new year.   I am thankful that I’m starting out the new year HERE with my Mom and Dad in a cozy house with a big yard.   I’m thankful that the tree that popped up in our library a few weeks ago and that I could lie under and watch blinking lights is now resting in a big bag in the basement until Mom and Dad put it back up for ME next year.   I’m also as always thankful for all my friends – I realized when we took all the Christmas cards down that I got WAY WAY more of them than my Mom and Dad did (!)

Angel Sammy celebrated his birthday at the Bridge yesterday with all his Angel friends but I’m thankful he still found time to send me his poem for Poetic Thursday.    I hope you are going to start off the new year by participating in Thoroughly Poetic Thursday inspired by the fun photos he finds for us to use as inspiration!

Here’s the email I got from him last night!


Happy New Year my friends!

Hope you all are ready for another exciting year – we at the Bridge are of course going to continue to work behind the scenes to keep you all happy and safe.    We’ll continue to see you in your dreams as always.   

So did any of you write a poem for this week’s photo?   I thought it was a sweet and fun photo and I hope you did too.  If you did write a poem, let us know in the comments here on Teddy’s blog and give us your link – we’ll visit you and read your poem.   If you didn’t write one – why not make this the year of the poem for yourself.  Be creative – have some fun.

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to inspire this week’s poem.   My poem follows……….


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    January 2, 2019

Momma, Momma, Momma – just look at me!

I’m skating like a big girl and I’m not even three!

My baby shoes are scuffed from taking a few falls

But Momma’s always there to pick me up when I give a call.

My dimpled knees have a scar or two that will be there when I’m old

When my own little girl has roller skates and my stories are being told!

Of scooting along like the big kids on skates and screaming with delight

Of my Momma picking me up for a hug and squeezing me ever so tight.

These innocent and wonderful times I hope I remember all my days

I hope they all flash before my eyes as I pass into the eternal haze……..


Ta Da!    That little girl has such joy – I started out wanting to capture it but it kind of turned into a reflection as I wrote.   That often happens when I do my poems.    I have an idea but as I put it into words it takes a direction all its’ own.    That’s one of the GREAT things about writing though !!!   

I have a photo for you for NEXT week’s poem.    Please give it a try.   I promise you will enjoy it.    Poetry takes so many forms.    You can choose your own.   Freeform – rhyme or no rhyme……just let the photo take you somewhere in your imagination and put that feeling into words.    When I found this photo below I had all kinds of thoughts…….Is this guy wondering how on earth he wound up with this job?    And what IS his job?!?!?!

Anyway, have some fun with it and share your poem with all of us NEXT Thursday.    I’ll send mine to Teddy to share with you!    Have a good week…………full of smiles and lots of HAPPY.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love to all of you………..Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy………………….I wish I could have spent your birthday with you yesterday – we would have been QUITE a team wouldn’t we?

Love, Teddy







Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Hi everybody.  Yep – it’s Thursday again – the double post day for us but it always starts with being THANKFUL.    Brian hosts this Hop every week and you can be part of the thankful brigade if you want to – click his badge and go to his blog to see all the other Hoppers and sign up on the LINKY form to join us!    You know it’s not just one day a week that we’re thankful – it’s every day of every week because we all have many things that we should be thankful for.   Some of them we kind of take for granted – they are for us “normal” things in our lives, but if you think about it, sometimes those things we consider normal are exceptional for many who aren’t as lucky.   Our warm homes are always here for US but how about all those animals and humans who don’t HAVE a home?   See?   We really do have a lot to be thankful for and that’s just ONE THING.

I always am thankful that my Angel brother Sammy visits us all every week too.    He sends us a poem every week based on the photo he gives us the week before.   He finds time in his busy schedule as an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge to send off an email to me enclosing his poem and a new photo for us to use for next week.   GOSH – you all can’t imagine how THANKFUL I am to still have him in my life.



Another poetry sharing day comes around – time passes very quickly doesn’t it.    It does for us at the Bridge too although “time” is a little different there…………..it’s hard to explain – you will find out one day in the distant (I hope!) future when you become an Angel yourself.    I do seem to find time to write a poem every week though and I’m always excited to read YOURS so I hope you’ve written one!    If you have, you can share it with us by telling us in our comments that you wrote one and give us your blog link OR you can write your poem in our comments – either way, we’ll get to see what your creative self can come up with based on the photo I give you.   

Here’s the photo that I gave you last week to use as inspiration for your poetry today!


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     Nov. 28, 2018

New York City is a crazy place

On the roads it’s like a stock car race!

Downtown traffic is slow as molasses

Some folks never took driving classes!

Brakes screech loudly and horns are blaring

Lots of yelling and people swearing…….

Those yellow taxis are everywhere

Taking people here or bringing them back from there

People wave at them wildly from sidewalk and street

Getting one to stop for you is quite a feat!

Down at street level it’s almost a riot

But for Angels like me, up above it’s so quiet !


Tee Hee!  I had to make this one a little silly but actually it’s also serious.    Mom and Dad have been to NYC a couple of times and the first time they were there they had the wildest taxi ride EVER.   Yes the taxi got them from point A to point B but Mom said she had never seen anyone drive like the taxi driver did – and he knew a lot of shortcuts and sneaky side streets that were definitely off the beaten path.   Mom held her breath for much of that trip downtown but after it was over, she and Dad had a good old laugh because they’d HEARD about taxi drivers downtown in NYC but never dreamed those stories were TRUE!    

Anyway, we have no traffic at the Rainbow Bridge thank heavens.   Just peace and quiet.  

Now, would you like to see the photo I found for all of us to use for next week’s poetry fun???

What an interesting photo this is.    I took a few minutes when I found it to really LOOK at it closely.    There’s a lot to see……………….note the bottle on the shoreline?   Makes you wonder what’s really going on here.    Whatever it is, it makes for some real interesting ideas about a poem doesn’t it?    We’ll find out next week how well this photo “spoke to you” as you write a poem.

In the meantime, have fun getting ready for Christmas if you celebrate it……………holiday season you see a lot more SMILES on faces………..I used to love “helping” Mom do the decorating in our house and now Teddy has that duty.    I loved lying under the tree and the train Dad set up under there was for me quite fascinating to watch.    Most of all it just felt MAGICAL to be under the tree on a soft cloth with lights above me and presents around me.    Mom says I was her most FAVORITE present every year under the tree!    


I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Holiday Hugs, Angel Sammy



That was a great poem Angel Sammy and I sure like that photo for next week………………gonna be fun to see what you come up with.    Mom, Dad and I send you big hugs…….we know that on December 2, it will be two years since you left to become a ginger angel…………..we miss you.

Love, Teddy