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Pre-Teaser Christmas Style!


Happy Christmas Eve Students!

‘Twas the class before Christmas and all through the school

Ding Dong School students were breaking the rules!

But the Professors said “go ahead – have some fun!

But if the principal comes, we’d all better run!”


Hello students and here we are for your pre-tease class which we will keep nice and SHORT since it is – after all – Christmas Eve.    Tomorrow we will have a Christmas Teaser for you and we just want to remind you of the rules AND show you the fabulous Teaser Badges we will be awarding to those of you who win one tomorrow!

Easy to follow these rules isn’t it – you just have to use your imagination, your SEARCH button to get clues from the photo to follow up on, and sometimes your best guessing skills!    You may win one of these:

Oh boy – now you know you can’t let this Christmas pass by without trying for one of these right?    Then for sure we’ll see you in class tomorrow – even if it’s a quickie visit before you see what Santa stuffed in your stocking on Christmas morning.

Which reminds me – we don’t normally give you ANY KIND OF HINT about when the Teaser will be popping up but since tomorrow is Christmas Day……….we will tell you just this one little hint – it will be EARLY.   At least early here on the East Coast of the USA!!!   So, that’s your hint and you’ll never get another clue like that as to time for the Teaser again (unless maybe for Christmas 2019…hahaha).    We don’t want to interfere with your Christmas celebration so we’ll get Teaser done and dusted and turn you loose after Miss Dingleberry’s Christmas BRUNCH (yes I said brunch…..there will be some breakfast items on the menu since we’ll be early!).

Oh I like brunch……..ummm….Professor what’s a “brunch” exactly????

There will be some surprises tomorrow too – our Cheer Team has new costumes AND they have talked Sarge into joining them.    Miss Dingleberry has a surprise too and that’s all we’re saying!!!!

The Cheer Team is wearing their elf costumes for their little Pre-Christmas cheer today but tomorrow……….well………you’ll just have to wait and see!

Here we are as elves one last time
Squeezing into these suits has been a crime!
Tomorrow we’ll be here to wish you a Christmas SO Merry….
We are NOT going to dress as Christmas fairies!
Now you’d better be asleep tonight when Santa arrives
Or the coal he puts in your stocking might give you hives!

Students if you come to school tomorrow with hives we’ll all know you PEEKED!

Interesting cheer today team………….but thanks for the warning about being asleep (or pretending to be) when Santa comes.   The lady in our Graphics Department said her Mom told her if she tries to sneak a peek at Santa she’d get coal in her stocking.    I know you don’t want that so SLEEP tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow!

I’m not gonna peek! No way!

Now let’s go have our lunch so you all can go home early today – remember tomorrow we’ll have an EARLY class and turn you loose to spend the day with your family!!!!!!

Welcome to the cafeteria students…..I know you’re all excited for tomorrow to arrive so you can see what Santa brings you, but for today, me and my cafeteria crew are bringing you a nice Christmas Eve lunch!!    I’m even on my BEST behavior just for you!!   Amazing right?

Christmas Eve Menu:

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See you in class early tomorrow students!    Your Profs…………Happy Christmas Eve!



Tuesday Teaser Time!



Hello Students.   Today we Tease and next week this time we will be having a Christmas Teaser – it’s ALL GO here at Ding Dong Sheep School isn’t it.    I hope you’re ready.    Today we have a GUEST TEASER and it’s an interesting one but that’s all I’ll say.    Then after we show you the Teaser and you’ve had a chance to examine it from all angles, upside down, backwards and standing on your head (haha), then we’ll head to the cafeteria for lunch.

FIRST UP let’s talk rules and badges………………..Only two rules but four badges and this is the last time you will get a PRE-CHRISTMAS badge!   Next week we’ll have CHRISTMAS badges to win!

Phooey!  This is my last chance for a Pre-Christmas badge???  Double Phooey!

Let’s ask our delightful Cheer Team to come in and WARM you all up for the Teaser photo shall we????

The Teaser is a guest one for you today
Is it tough or easy you might say?
We’re sure you’ll think it’s got some clues
So maybe you won’t sing the blues
Your last chance to win a Pre-Christmas prize
We hope you don’t have sleepy eyes!
Good luck to you we know you’re all smart
Then we’ll cheer your name tomorrow right from our hearts!


See you tomorrow students and Profs – we’re heading to our hot tub room for a soak!!

A well deserved soak I might say.    Where would we be without cheer team????

Things would NOT be as GROOVY without them!

Indeed…………….now shall we bring in our Security Guard with the photo for today??????

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Alright students – do your best………………what city/town/village and what state (usa) or country (non-usa) was this photo taken in???????     Meanwhile, you can either sit here and THINK or come to the cafeteria for some food to keep those brain cells alive and kicking.

Brain? My brain needs food? I’m coming to the cafeteria!

Alright you charming students, it’s time to fill up your bellies and get you back to class for your TEASER challenge.   You don’t want to FLUNK OUT do you?     No of course not!   EAT UP!

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Good luck with the Teaser Students – we’ll be back tomorrow with the badges you’ve won!!!

The Profs!


Pre-Tease Monday Class


Good Morning Students!   Time for Pre-Teaser Monday PREP!

Today we get you ready for tomorrow.    That’s right – we will encourage you, threaten you, scare you, prod and poke you towards some success in tomorrow’s challenge which will be to guess where the photo we show you was taken.   Easy.    Just tell us the city/village/town and the state (if in USA) or country (if not in USA) that you believe the photo to have been SNAPPED!

Seems easy enough but watch out – it’s not!

Well, it’s easy if you have studied your geography books and maps – there will be something in the photo that gives you a hint AND if you are a Sherlock Holmes of the internet, you will figure out what to do a google search on based on something you SEE in the photo.    But we DO have some rules – we just want you not to load the photo up in some program on your computer and let IT tell you where the photo was taken.   You need to SOLVE THE MYSTERY YOURSELF!!    Here are the TWO easy rules:

YES I did say you can use Google or some other search function – – – just don’t put the image in a box and click GO – that’s letting the computer HAND you the answer and you won’t have WORKED for the answer.   We’re mean right?   Making you work hard for a little badge you might win?    Well, hopefully you think it’s worth it!    Here are the badges you MIGHT win:

To be the FIRST COMMENTER of course you need to be the first to leave a comment on the post tomorrow.   The TEASER post is the one post a week when you don’t know when it will go live – it’s different every week…….When we go live, you need to say BOO or HI or SOMETHING in a comment and if you are the first or one of the first (in the first 60 seconds) you get the badge.   Then the others are obvious – if you are first to guess correctly, or if you guess correctly but aren’t first, and lastly if you guess but are WRONG – you still get a badge!    WOO HOO!

Totally GROOVY.

Shall we ask our school Cheer Team to come in and give you a rowsing cheer to get you psyched for tomorrow?    Oh let’s do it!!!!!

Here we are fresh out of bed
And NO we don’t have turkeys on our heads!
If the Profs want to dress up and look real goofy
We’ll just be cute all fluffy, adorable,  and floofy!
Tomorrow’s photo will be a GUEST TEASER toughie
So stay up late and study so your eyes get all puffy!
If you win yourself a badge then we’ll cheer for you
If you just get a Greenie then BOO HOO will do!

Thank you team………..I’m sure everyone feels inspired by your cheer today.    Right class??

I’m not impressed…..

I’m bored….not impressed!

Well all we can do is try……………now it’s up to you!    Study hard and win recognition for having done so.    We Professors will be proud of you – that’s gotta be worth something right?

Well I’m not impressed but I’m not unimpressed – I’m undecided.

I think maybe it’s time for us to head to the Cafeteria and see what Miss Dingleberry has cooked up for us today for lunch…………maybe THAT will cheer you all up.   Other than Kismet of course who can’t be cheered up no matter what Miss Dingleberry serves.

Alright Students…..no giggling in line….it’s not easy wearing a turkey on your head without letting the dressing spill out so just keep your smarty pants comments to yourselves and enjoy your fabulous lunch alright?   ALRIGHT?


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Another Reminder:   Remember the Teaser post tomorrow will NOT be live at the usual time – it’s a SECRET time – so be on your toes because you won’t know WHEN it’s arriving!!   

Your Professors……………

Teaser Tell All Time


Greetings Students!  We shall TELL ALL in class today.

Wasn’t that a great Teaser yesterday provided by our Graphics Department (aka Mom)?    Actually we expected it to be a bit tougher than it turned out to be but that’s because we have some Students who have been to this beautiful place and SEEN the sights shown in the Teaser photo PURRRRRSONALLY!

First we want to tell you WHO were our FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning and yes we said “WERE” which implies more than one.    Our TWO “firsties” were:


Animal Couriers (Annie) and Two Devon Cats (Jackie)


Concatulations Ladies……………….you each get one of these fabulous badges that our underpaid Graphics Department put together for our FIRST COMMENTERS:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018! I’m so excited!

Gosh I twied to be early to cwass dis morning but I fell back asweeep!

Then we watched the guesses on the Teaser photo come in – it wasn’t too long before someone guessed correctly but didn’t guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE – just the “spot” shown in this photo:

In fact there were a couple of CORRECT guesses – that it was Skogafoss Waterfall but nobody said the name of the town – just “Iceland” which was of course RIGHT.    Rules are rules though so we waited………soon someone added the name of the VILLAGE to their guess and it became the FIRST RIGHT GUESS.     We’ll tell you who but first we have a link for those of you who might be interested in learning more about Skogafoss Falls in Skogar, South Iceland.   An AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS place!    CLICK HERE.

Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER who guessed right then came back to add the name of the village and become TOTALLY RIGHT????????


No of course it wasn’t you!   It was:


That’s right – the Weim boys got FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week and here’s your badge boys:

We were FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018! We are two smart Weims!


HOWEVER – I just quickly add that it was a CLOSE RACE…………..we had SEVERAL of you who were “dancing all around” giving the correct answer it was just that Da Phenny and his bro’ were FIRST to give it.     If you ALSO guessed correctly – you get one of these of your VERY OWN!!!!

I might not have been first to guess correctly but I WAS right with my guess on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018 so I get THIS BADGE!!!!!

Let’s bring our Cheer Team in to honor our winners shall we?????

Mama Mia that Teaser was GOOD!
All I knew is it wasn’t my neighborhood….
Iceland looks pretty as a destination
But we’d only go if Ding Dong school gave us compensation!
First Commenters today we had TWO
Unless you were Animal Couriers or Two Devon Cats then it wasn’t YOU!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS were smart as a penny
It was Da Neilson and his brother Da Phenny!
Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
Maybe next week it will be YOU!

Those of you who guessed but were wrong STILL get a badge of your very own…………..yep – we are an equal opportunity badge blog!

Boo Hoo….my guess was WRONG on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018 but I still get a GREENIE!


Well I’m gonna put my yoda hat on and go SULK somewhere…….I didn’t get a THING!

Even if you didn’t win anything this week there’s always NEXT week………………..and there’s also LUNCH which is served after Geography class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week so pile into an orderly line and let’s march to the cafeteria!!!!!!!


Everyone who thought I looked pretty hot in my Marilyn Monroe Halloween outfit come to the front of the line – you get served FIRST!   The rest of you who thought it might be my THIN twin sister in the costume and it couldn’t POSSIBLY have been me – END OF THE LINE!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh boy that was DELICIOUS!!!!!  (burp) – excuse me!    Teddy, let’s say goodbye until next week shall we????

Your Geography Class Professors, Teddy and Angel Sammy

Pre-Teaser Class and VOTING DAY ONE!


Good Morning Class!   Time to get ready for tomorrow’s TEASER and also time for you to vote for your favorite costumes!

Yep – the poll is up for day one of voting and you need to know that you will get to vote for your FIVE favorites only!    There are a lot of costumes to look at from a lot of our students who all look fabulous so go through them and see them all then go back to vote.   Remember – FIVE OF YOUR FAVORITES TO VOTE FOR………………..

We are having a Teaser photo tomorrow – we wanted to do the Photo Fun in addition to having the final day of voting.  That way on Wednesday not only will we have a TEASER PHOTO TELL ALL but we will be announcing the WINNER of the Costume Contest.    The Contest Winner gets a surprise package from the Professors – and everyone who enters is eligible no matter WHERE you live.

Yes I thought you’d like that!!!!

So, having said all of that, let us remind you of the rules for guessing the Teaser Photo tomorrow:

You all know the deal – we just want you to use your EYES and not use a computer program to tell you where the photo you will see tomorrow was taken.   AND this week of course the students who earn a badge for guessing will get “HALLOWEEN STYLE BADGES” for Teaser.

Cool huh?    So this week you have a Classroom TEASERWEEN costume contest, a regular Teaser photo contest and special lunch in the Ding Dong Sheep School Cafeteria to look forward to.

Remember the Teaser post tomorrow will make an appearance in your inbox at a SURPRISE TIME…………………so be purrrrrpared!




We are also hiding the results so you can’t see who’s ahead – that will make this more EXCITING!!!!!  You won’t know until we TELL you who’s winning!!    WOO HOOO!!!!!!!

Makes it more interesting that way!

Now let’s see what our Cheer Team has to say today shall we???????

Tomorrow is a BIG BIG DAY
Teaser and voting Day Two come what may!
So many cute costumes you are about to see
You can vote for FIVE which is better than THREE!
The Teaser photo too will be a Halloween Treat
We hope it doesn’t scare you right out of your seat
Be ready to guess and have tons of fun

Scare us out of our seats???  Uhoh……

Now I suppose the next BIG THING today will be to head off to the cafeteria……………remember, tomorrow we will have a special Halloween meal for everyone AND you’ll get to see Miss Dingleberry in her Halloween costume.    Now that could be scary.    Who knows?!?!

Alright Sheep!  Line up!   Forward march……..single file…….present your order to the staff……..then sit down and you WILL ENJOY your lunch…..that’s an order!!!!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Your Halloween Teaser Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Class Is In Session!


Greetings Class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????????

Well we sure stirred people’s imaginations when we mentioned yesterday that Miss Dingleberry has an interesting costume planned.   We haven’t seen it because she’s being VERY secretive – but we’ll all get to see it on Wednesday’s Tell All next week.    That’s HALLOWEEN you know!   You don’t want to miss that class for sure.   We will be announcing the weekly TEASER winner as well as the winner of the TEASERWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!    Have you sent your photo in yet????  We’re getting lots – it’s going to be a tough contest.

Shall we talk TEASER?   That’s why we’re here today after all.   Here’s the rules again – remember to follow them – or else – Sarge might get angry!

Now you know how to handle the photo when we show it to you in a little bit!    You know the badges by now but we always show those too………….just to whet your appetite and make you WANT to win one to show off on your blog or page!


YES I really DO want one….really!

Me too – and if I don’t get one I MIGHT GET MAD!

Let’s see if our Cheer Team can get you all in the mood for the photo today shall we?   They are always UP for just about anything………….(I said JUST ABOUT!).

Oh boy oh boy let’s start the fun
We wish good luck to everyone
We think the photo today might be a roughie
But we also know you guys are toughies!
We’re cheering you on with all our magic
If you don’t guess right it will be tragic
Tune in your brains and get them in gear!
That’s why we write all these fabulous cheers!

Thanks – that probably got everyone in the mood……………………………so let’s bring our Security Guard in before the mood fades shall we???????


WOW – I can hear him running down the hallway!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this taken?   HMMM?????

While you’re agonizing over the photo you may wish to head to the cafeteria – OR you may wish to stay at your desk and ponder the picture.   Whatever you wish to do – we wish you good luck!  We Professors are heading for the food line……………

OK Sheep!   When you get to each server, be polite, ask for what you want, then move along before someone behind you gets impatient.   You don’t want to do that – when food is involved, people get TESTY…….like ME for instance!   And you don’t want to TEST me!!!  

Today’s MENU:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck with the Teaser students……we will see you tomorrow!

Your Favorite Professors!!!!   Teddy and Sam



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Tuesday Teaser Class Is Called To Order!


Calling all SHEEP – Class is about to start…………

Good Morning Class!   Have you COMMENTED yet?   Better HOP to it!

Here we are on another Tuesday morning getting ready to see just how sleuth-like you sleuths can be as you figure out WHERE the Teaser photo today was taken.    We know sometimes it’s very tough and sometimes it’s easy but today – well – we think it might be somewhere in between.

Well I for one, am dressed for success!!!!

Just to remind all of you students……………

I’m sure you know the rules by heart……..but it never hurts to show them to you AGAIN – besides, we may have a new student or two and they wouldn’t be familiar with our rule about using a program to give you the answer.

I asked you to COMMENT when you first got here this morning because someone (or maybe more than one someone) will win a special badge to display on their blog if they are the FIRST COMMENTER!    IT’s THIS one, and our Graphics Department will personalize it tomorrow when we hand out badges:

Graphics Department????  You mean your MOM don’t you?????

We have other badges for you to win too……….winners will be announced tomorrow for the above badge AND the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE, the RIGHT GUESSERS badge, and the WRONG GUESSERS badge.

I’m gonna TRY SO HARD to win a badge this week!!!

The Cheer Team has pretty much recovered (thanks to their special hot tub room) from their BAD EXPERIENCE roller skating last weekend so they are ready to knock your socks off with a cheer today before you see the Teaser Photo!

Here we are to strut our stuff
Yesterday we felt quite rough
Today though we’re feeling grand
Our cheer today is on demand!
Sheepy students really rock
So come on gang and beat the clock
Study the photo you’re about to see
Then make a guess to set you free
Tomorrow we’ll cheer for you win or lose
So study this photo for any clues!!
Biggidy Baggidy Bimbo
Don’t leave us all in LIMBO!


Yes they do…………and today they’re not walking funny like they did yesterday.   Ouch.

It’s tough to cheer when your buns are achy-breaky!

Shall we get our security guy in now to display our TEASER PHOTO for this week?     Sarge?   Could you please ask him to “COME ON DOWN” ?????

Front and Center Security!!!!!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this pawsome photo taken?????

Good luck students………………not that you need luck when we Professors know you’re the smartest flock of SHEEP ever !!!

Now – who’s up for lunch?    If I’m not mistaken it’s BURGER DAY IN THE CAFETERIA!

YES INDEED – today is BURGER DAY and we’re serving them up in all kinds of ways.   Study the menu and know what you want when you get to the server because if you hold the line up – well – let’s just say it won’t be pretty!!!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GOOD LUCK SHEEP!!   Your Profs


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Teaser Tell All


We are here to tell the tale of the Teaser!

Hello class…………your Profs here and we’re going to give you all the details about yesterday’s fabulously interesting Teaser.    It sure got some GREAT guesses and we have our Guest Teaser to thank for that.  We’ll tell you who that was in just a minute.

Buttttt first……

WHO was our very FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?    Well I’m here to tell you that we had enough FIRST COMMENTERS to send the Cheer Team into orbit but I promised them some hut tub time if they didn’t complain a lot about so many names in the cheer today.    WHO were the FIRSTIES yesterday?

Oliver and Calvin, Timmy Tomcat, Miss Csilla, and Kitties Blue !

And the crowd goes wild!   FOUR Firsties!   YAY!

All of you get one of these so please copy and take it as your trophy:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of June 5, 2018! YAY FOR ALL OF US!

Now I’d like to tell you who our FABULOUS Guest Teaser was yesterday……………..first here’s the photo:

This lovely photograph was sent in to us by the beautiful Madi of:

Madi and Mom Down Home In NC!

For Madi and Mom for their GUEST TEASER photo of June 5, 2018! Thank you!

Where was the photo taken?    This is the GOVERNOR’S MANSION in Juneau, Alaska!    Looks like a Southern Mansion doesn’t it?!   Very good Teaser photo so it was interesting that SEVERAL of you got it right but only ONE of you was FIRST TO BE RIGHT…………………..WHO WAS IT?    Well, if you remember who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER last week, then you can congratulate the winner this week for being a TWO IN A ROW WINNER!


Way to go SPEEDY – this is for you my friend:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 5, 2018 !!!

We also had several others who guessed Juneau, Alaska and each of you gets one of these:

Even though I wasn’t FIRST to guess right I DID guess right on the Teaser of June 5, 2018 so I got this badge!

AND of course if you were WRONG but you still took time to make a guess – good for you – and you get a badge too – one of these:

DARN! I guessed wrong but I tried on the Teaser of June 5, 2018!

We had a bonanza of winners this week and I am sure our Cheer Team will complain about all the names they had to cram into their cheer but since they had such fabulous dates last night (I assume) they are probably in a good mood so GO FOR IT TEAM!      SO how were those dates last night??????????????? HMMMMM??????????

Now class we don’t kiss and tell
But let’s just say they rang our bells!
We won’t go into details and specifics
But let’s just say we used plenty of physics…..tee hee
Now on to the business of the day
Which is cheering for winners YAY YAY YAY
First Commenters there were FOUR
We would scream if there were more.
Oliver, Calvin, Timmy, Csilla and Kitties Blue
Ding Dong Cheer Team says BULLY FOR YOU!
Speedy the Wabbit guessed RIGHT and was FIRST
There were others right but the rest of you were cursed!
Next week we bet you’ll study like crazy
No Ding Dongers in class would EVER be lazy!

Thanks Team…………….that was a most informative and cheerful cheer.    I think.

Glad your dates were GROOVY

Guess I’d better spend the week studying…..I’ve never won a THING!

Well class, Miss Dingleberry has lunch ready………..I hope you’re all ready to eat.   It’s MEXICAN FIESTA DAY so you know what that means…………..you’ll be doing the tango all the way to the restrooms the rest of the afternoon!

uhoh….I better eat near the restrooms…….

Don’t forget one of these – everybody gets one!

Study hard class – if you didn’t win THIS week, maybe you will NEXT week!

Your Professors…….Angel Sam and Teddy