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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


YAY!  Friday is here – time to have some fun filling in the blanks in the four sentences our two co-hosts have given us this week.    It’s such a fun way to learn about each other don’t you think?  If you want to join in the fun – click the badge above and when you get to 15andMeowing – fill out the LINKY form – easy huh?

Here are this week’s four sentences……..two from each of our co-hosts.   Mom and I both filled in the blanks this week – my fill-ins are in BLUE and Mom’s are in GREEN!

1. I wish I could tell me teenage self not to be in such a hurry to grow up and to enjoy being young and free.

2. I think the most romantic movie is “Always” – not a very well known movie but very romantic and sweet – there are SO MANY great romantic movies though!.

3. This morning was the last time I had to find a hidey hole while strangers were wandering around my house!.    (the HVAC guys who were here yesterday came back to put in a new sensor and Teddy felt like two days in a row was simply UNACCEPTABLE to interrupt his nap time)

4. Interrupting my nap time happens too often.

Poor ME – I really have it rough don’t I?    HA!  Just kidding.   I am totally spoiled but I like things my way – who doesn’t????     So that’s it for another week of filling in the blanks.  Can’t wait for next week………..Fridays are totally cool with Friendly Fill-Ins Hopping!

Happy Friday Friends……………….Hugs, Teddy

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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


WOO HOO!  Here we are again on a Friday – sharing stuff about ourselves with the world.    Thanks to our two co-hosts at Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing, we have FOUR sentences every week that have blanks for us to fill however we want to thereby telling everyone little details about US.   What a fun and cool way to get to know each other!    Wanna play?   Just click the badge above and link up with us.    I thought Mom and I could SHARE this week so the blanks she filled in are in RED and my blanks that I filled in are in GREEN!

1. Hearing the doorbell makes me nervous.
2. I should get rid of my old clothes, but I can’t because I don’t want to admit that I no longer FIT in most of them!!!.
3. My ideal home would include a housekeeper and cook – in reality it actually does include those already – it’s ME – but I’d love to see what it would be like to have someone ELSE do those things for us!.
4. You would not find any other cats in my ideal home.   (I admit it – I like being an “only” – I get ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the attention around here – no sharing!)

There you have it.    True confessions by me and my Mom for another week.    Thanks to our co-hosts for coming up with some swell sentences.    It’s always fun to see what they give us in the way of challenges!
Now I think I’ll go pester Mom to take me outside – it’s chilly and super windy with lots of leaves blowing around – I think I’ll chase a few !!!!!
More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

We have this many leaves down but our trees aren’t this pretty – this is a photo from LAST year – our Fall this year is UGLY and BROWN not colorful!  POOEY!

Hugs, Teddy the Leaf Chaser!

Friendly Fill-Ins


Greetings fellow cats!   Time for us to fill in the blanks…………………every week our co-hosts, 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs give us two sentences each to fill in the blanks.   When we fill in the blanks, we wind up telling a lot of stuff about ourselves and that’s what makes it so much fun!

Here are this week’s sentences from our co-hosts and this week I decided I would fill all the blanks in by myself with no help from Mom!    My own words are in BLUE.


1. Never have I ever run away from home – Mom and Dad keep a close eye on me when I’m outside.
2. I won’t eat a cricket again.  (After eating several of them this past summer and barfing, I decided there are better snacks than crickets!)
3. I believe I have good knowledge of how to get my way with my Mom AND my Dad (but don’t tell them I said that).
4. Our car is my worst enemy. (Whenever I am put into it, it takes me to the vet so I don’t trust it……I also do NOT like seeing things go whizzing by outside the windows)

Ta Da!   All done and I did them all by myself………well Mom had to use her fingers on the keys but I dictated my answers.    We are a good team………….Speaking of that, I think it might be time that I went to find her and get her to take me outside.   Earlier this morning we were out but I saw some deer in the woods and they kind of scared me.   Don’t tell anyone I said that though or they will think I’m a weeeeenie!).
Happy Friday!

Hugs, Teddy the Dirtball