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Pre-Teaser Monday Time


Good Morning Class!

Time to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s TEASER test.    You know the drill by now but it never hurts to do EXTRA preparation does it!    So let’s do a quickie review of the rules and badges shall we???

Wake me when this part is over will ya? I know this stuff!

Now if you will recall LAST week’s Teaser class………….NOBODY got a RIGHT GUESSER badge!    So I suggest all of you study tonight so SOMEONE will win that badge and some others will win a RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST badge.    You don’t want to FLUNK out two weeks in a row right?

HECK NO!!!!!!

We promised that our Cheer Team would not only be back on duty this week BUT have brand new uniforms.     I think they look swell but I kinda miss the “old look” don’t you?      What do you think everyone?

Well our uniforms make us look kinda lame
AND shaving our arms and legs was a shame!
We think we liked the OLD look better
We’re chilly and need our sweaters!
We think we might keep on lookin’
While you all sample Miss Dingleberry’s cookin’ !!

We Professors are old fashioned and think maybe these uniforms are just a bit TOO MUCH for our cheerleaders here at Ding Dong Sheep School.    They don’t feel comfortable either – and we want our team to be able to be proud of their uniforms so BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!    Nice try Ding Dong Seamstress but TRY TRY AGAIN!

The Cheer Team did say one thing in their cheer that makes sense though – how about we sample Miss Dingleberry’s cookin’ and head to the cafeteria???


I think the Cheer Team looks totally groovy…..

Happy Monday Students!   Who’s “UP” for lunch?   

Today’s Menu:

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See you for Teaser Tomorrow!!!!!




Sam Adds More Bling


Very Inspiring Blogger Award 

Golly.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for having received yet another blogging award from my super good friend Dianna at These Days of Mine.  The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is very elegant looking too, don’t you think?  Mostly I find it just plain wonderful that somebody thinks my little blog is worthy of ANY awards but I do like thinking maybe I might be inspiring to someone too!

Miss Dianna (and she’s the Mom of my “girlfriend” Sundae you know!) had to answer seven questions as a condition of award acceptance after someone awarded this pretty award to HER……and because the award was given to me AND my Mom (!) we’ll BOTH answer the questions:

I’m Most Creative……

  • (SAM) When I’m asleep….my arms/legs/face are very twitchy so who knows WHAT I’m creating in my dreams!
  • (MOM) When I’m in my studio (I’m either painting/drawing or blogging!)

If I Were A Color, I’d Be…..

  • (SAM) Green
  • (MOM) Lavender

I Often imagine Myself…..

  • (SAM) Flying around to visit all my blog buddies in my private jet
  • (MOM) With a house full of cats….sometimes Sam seems like a house full though…..!

I Really Wish I Knew How To…..

  • (SAM) Fly like a birdie
  • (MOM) Age gracefully instead of kicking and screaming my way through it!

I’d Love To Spend A Lazy Sunday…..

  • (SAM) In a sun puddle on the front porch
  • (MOM) On a gondola ride in Venice (tee hee)

I’m Most Excited About…..

  • (SAM) Butter….no….Bacon….no…..Butter……no…..Bacon!
  • (MOM) Taking another vacation to France next spring

My Secret Talent Is…..

  • (SAM) Whistling (my Mom says sometimes when I snore it sounds like a whistle!)
  • (MOM) Being a sounding board for people with problems

So folks, there you have it.  Our answers to those seven burning questions!  Also, I want to pass this award on to some of my friends…I know not everybody wants to “bother” with these things but if you decide not to do the questions OR post the award, that’s OK.  I understand!!

Official Blog of Author p.m.terrell – I think ANY author is an inspiration but my Mom’s friend Miss Trish is REALLY inspiring for anyone who writes because she’s a best-selling author of MANY suspense thrillers, and also has written some computer books AND a “how to” book for people who want to write and market their writing but don’t know how to go about it!  Now THAT’s inspiring!

Pedro The Cat – Pedro is not only a handsome cow-kitty, he’s very generous with the help of his also generous human.  Pedro is going to rule the world one of these days and I purrrsonally find that VERY inspiring!!!

CAT CHAT – Miss Caren and her cat Cody have a VERY inspiring blog.  Miss Caren does great review – books AND goodies too – and she gives a lot of time and effort to the animal community too.  Cody and I are pals.

Cat From Hell – Where do I start with all the swell things about THIS blog?!  Nellie, Kozmo and the Hairy Slobbery Sisters are so much fun to know.  Their Mom is one BUSY lady too!  This blog is inspiring because it’s really SOOOOO creative!  I’ve been on one Feline Bureau of Investigation caper with Kozmo (the Evil Mr. Chirpy Caper) and that’s when I found out just how VERY creative some people can be….. 😉 

I also want to tell all of my other blogging buddies that there’s nothing I like better than being friends with you and visiting your blogs every day that I can.  I wish I hadn’t waited for TWELVE years before I decided to start my very OWN blog – I missed out on a lot of time being friends with all of you!!

I’m off to chase the sun……..

Sammylittle happy face

The Annual Box Parade

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Bring on the boxes!

I overheard my parents last night saying that in preparation for next week’s annual “putting up the Christmas tree” event, they’d begin moving boxes of STUFF up from the basement today.  That means I’ll have a lot of sniffing, inventorying, re-discovering to do as each box lands in the library – which is where we put our tree up. 

There’s a LOT of boxes too.  I enjoy the box tops when they come off the boxes.  I lie in each of them – sampling them for the most comfortable (which Mom thinks is hilarious since they are all the same type of box).  Then of course I have to WAIT patiently (if possible) for NEXT weekend when the real fun begins.  My parents don’t get a “real” tree like many people do; instead they have a new pre-lit type tree which is way easier to work with than the old one was.  It’s a bit narrower but just as tall as the other one we had.   The important thing though is that there’s room underneath it for ME! 

Dad’s getting a new train set to put under the tree this year as a decoration.  The old one finally pooped out and doesn’t work anymore but it was pretty cool.  Smoke came out of the engine stack and it had a train whistle……it makes a cool decoration (and I think Dad likes to play with it like a little kid!!!).   You might think that since I’m a bit of a nervous sort I wouldn’t like the train BUT guess what – I love watching it go round and round.  Might take me a bit to get used to a NEW one though.

Other than watching my parents trudge up and down the stairs to and from the basement, I don’t have any big Sunday plans.  Besides, I need to begin saving up my energy for NEXT weekend when those boxes open up and the real FUN begins!!!!  🙂

Happy Sunday