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Pre-Tease Monday


Good Morning Class!

Yes indeed – time to start thinking ahead and planning to be ALERT for tomorrow’s TEASER!    Professor Teddy and I are here to help you do that – to encourage you – to remind you that knowing your world is important!    Being able to look at a photo and FIGURE OUT where it was taken – it’s solving a mystery and life is FULL of mysteries!!!!!

Gosh Professor Sammy, this is “HEAVY” stuff for an early Monday morning!

Yes Roger but it’s important stuff…………..!     Now – shall we begin?

First of all let me say that again we have a GUEST TEASER for tomorrow.   A good friend sent us in a great photo or two and we think it might be a goodie for you to have for your weekly challenge.   Tomorrow morning we will have our post go up at a surprise time and then it’s a MAD SCRAMBLE to get to the comments section and leave a comment – WHY YOU ASK?   Because the FIRST COMMENTER gets a badge (or if there’s more than one during the first 60 seconds they will also get a badge).    This is the one they will get!

I understand that the ART DEPARTMENT here at School is working on some brand NEW badges for us which we MIGHT have next week but for now – it’s the oldies with a promise of next week having NEW badges you may covet for your badge collections!

Now I thought we’d see if our Suzie is in the mood for a bit of a cheer this morning…….something to get you in proper guessing mode……….

Bingo bango bongo
The Teaser photo is NOT the Congo
It’s gonna be a toughie
So make sure your eyes aren’t puffy
Be alert for the Teaser posting
Or your buns I might be toasting!
I’ll look for you tomorrow
Or there will be tears and so much sorrow!
Ricky Ticky Beezer
Tomorrow is the TEEEEZER!

Thank you Suzie………………I’m sure you’ve inspired everyone who reads today’s post or is in class here to try EXTRA HARD to guess the Teaser tomorrow.

Don’t forget now – post will pop up at a different time than usual………………………..be PURRRRPARED……………..and remember to clean your screens tonight before you got to bed!!!!

Assistant Prof Teddy and I will see you in the morning!!!!

Remember, the early bird gets the worm! See you tomorrow when we go LIVE!

Tuesday Teaser Time!


Class Is Now In Session!


Good Morning Class!    Here we are again for our weekly test of your knowledge of geography.   I hope you’ve been good boys and girls and studied fervently and seriously this past week because we’re about to find out who WAS and who WAS NOT concentrating on their studies this week!

Remember that we have a special AWARD for the first person to COMMENT on this blog – YES – this very blog – today………………….so go ahead and make a comment so you can be FIRST then come back and take a peekie at the photo for the Teaser today!   GO ON – HURRY UP – WE’LL WAIT FOR YA!    I’ll even hold my breath………………..




Today’s photo is a goodie I believe because as some of our photos are, this could be a NUMBER of places across the globe.   It’s architecture is familiar to a number of spots we can think of so maybe you’ll have a problem figuring it out OR maybe you’ll just plain KNOW.    At any rate, let’s bring Mr. Silver Briefcase in and have him open that briefcase and display the photo for you shall we?????

Here's our GUEST TEASER photo Professor !

Here’s our GUEST TEASER photo Professor !

Remember you need to tell me in what city/village/town and what state/country this photo was taken – OK?


Now, as you agonize over the photograph before you guess, let’s bring our little SuzieQ in here to give us a rowsing cheer – one that will fire you up to guess and win a special badge!!!!

Teaser Teaser Big Crowd Pleaser I'm a cutie Sweet patootie I hope you're a winner A PRO not a BEGINNER You'd better guess right Or you won't sleep tonight! Poo Poopy Do Good Luck To YOU!

Teaser Teaser
Big Crowd Pleaser
I’m a cutie
Sweet patootie
I hope you’re a winner
You’d better guess right
Or you won’t sleep tonight!
Poo Poopy Do
Good Luck To YOU!

Gosh Suzie – that one practically made sense!   Thanks a bunch…………….glad you were in a good mood today (for a change).

Now hurry up and guess………………if you’re the FIRST to guess RIGHT you get this to display on your blog or website or Facebook or WHATEVER:


If you guess RIGHT but you aren’t first to do so, you get this:


If you don’t know where the photo was taken OR you guess and you’re EL-WRONGO, you still get something for taking a stab at it – you get a GREENIE:


I’m waiting……………………………..so get to it class – figure the mystery of the Teaser out – don’t let me down now!     We will re-convene here in class tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL and I’ll pass out the awards……..now GET TO WORK!

See you tomorrow class....

See you tomorrow class….


Good Luck!  Professor Sam

P.S.  Do you need a badge to show you’re a Teaser Fan?????