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Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time!

Every Sunday we join up with The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie “showcase”…………lots of bloggers from EVERYWHERE show off their pet “whatevers” – in our case of course it’s Teddy Boy………and we all get to see how adorable they are up close and purrsonal.    Today Teddy’s photo was one I did quickly on Lunapic – quickly because I was up to my ears in projects today and just now thought of SELFIE SUNDAY so thanks to Lunapic – I accomplished that goal!    Teddy’s not very colorful this week but I like the effect……..and he does too………..I can tell because he sat in my lap and watched me do this post and meowed.

If you’d like to join up with the Hop, just click on The Cat On My Head’s badge after you take a peek at my Teddy being silly in his kitty cube………..and have a GREAT Sunday!

Click the badge to fly over to Kitties Blue and hop!

Sunday Hugs, Pam and Teddy too!

Before you go…..did you know today is HUG YOUR CAT DAY?????


Silly Saturday


Hi Friends………! 

You know yesterday when my Mom was cleaning the house it occurred to me that I do more to mess up the house than I do to clean up the house.  So I thought I’d start taking more responsibility for my own messes.

Alright…….I’m goin’ in……wish me luck!

See?  I decided to take over the duty of cleaning up my own litter box regularly.  But I’m “going in” prepared!  Taking NO chances!  After all, I know how – er – um – well – “dangerous” it can be in my litter box……I have “up close and personal” experience!


Kitty hugs, Sammy  😀 😀 😀

Tuesday Teaser


Where is this???

Here’s your Tuesday Teaser challenge photo.  This was taken on the grounds of a 109-acre “compound” consisting of a number of buildings  somewhere in Europe.  It was in the city where my parents began their honeymoon trip a bazillion, million,  number of years ago. 

Pretty building huh?  Interesting trees too…..so where in the world do you think Mom took the photo huh?  She was leaning out an open window at the time…..(no, Dad wasn’t tempted to push her….tee hee)!

See you tomorrow for the Teaser Tell-All…….and GOOD LUCK!

Sammy the Tease

Tuesday Teaser

Mystery Photo

Where is this pretty little town?

Happy Tuesday Teaser Gang!  Here’s another “where was this taken” kind of mystery photo…..YES there’s canals through the town and YES there are cobblestone streets and YES there’s beautiful old architecture and YES there are pretty flower boxes on the fence along the water.

But where were my Mom and Dad visiting when they took this photo?

Tee Hee…….isn’t Tuesday Teaser FUN FUN FUN?????