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Tuesday Teaser Class !


Hello Students!!!!    Remember to comment when you get here!

We’re out in front of the school because we want to introduce you to our new SECURITY TEAM…………..after the recent rock-throwing incident where we had to move to a different school room because someone broke a class window (!!), student Clowie (you all know her!) said she would be happy to do schoolyard Patrol to keep us all SAFE.     We like SAFE……..so we told Clowie we’d be thrilled for her to handle Security – perhaps with some helpers.     So as of today – we will be seeing the SECURITY TEAM on duty!!

We feel SAFE now!!!!    Thanks Clowie and Company!

Now that we know we are well looked after, shall we start class?????

YAY CLOWIE AND COMPANY!   Let’s do Teaser!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you………..So you’d better have clean glasses and open eyeballs so you will be able to study the photo today.

Clean glasses here!

Clean but ill-fitting glasses here!

Let’s review the rules and the badges shall we????

Now we have the “business” portion of things done shall we move on to the super fun part?    Seeing the photo???????


Yep – nobody gets attention quickly like Marge – actually I guess Sarge does a good job of it too!!!!!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!


We think this is an amazing bit of artwork but WHERE in the wide world do you think this artwork and the place where it resides is located???????????   Follow the rules and have fun with this one.  Tomorrow we’ll TELL ALL and let you know who submitted this photo for today’s class.

WOW…….are you sure that’s not a real horsie??   Looks real to me!!!!

Our Cheer Team thinks you may need an extra boost from them this morning to figure this one out so let’s go for it……………………….You’re ON Team!

It’s Tuesday and we’re here to cheer
Then after class, it’s hot tub and beer
That’s for US but not for YOU
You’ll be here studying until well after TWO!
Tomorrow we’ll see just how well you guessed
We imagine some of you will still be stressed
But remember Teaser is just for fun
You can’t all be First Right Guessers – only ONE!
Before we go we want to say
We’re excited about Clowie’s Company guarding us today!
We feel safe and secure and oh so happy
Knowing Clowie will take care of introoders fast and snappy!!!!

OK girls…………head off to your hot tub!

Looks like a great spot to unwind after a hearty cheer!

Now shall we head to the cafeteria?   I’m sure Miss Dingleberry has some delicious treats in store for us as usual…………………………FORWARD MARCH………………….

Hello Students!   It’s time for a hearty lunch in your cafeteria – we are here to serve you so bring your trays and let’s fill ’em up!!!

Our Ding Dong Menu for the Day:

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Good luck guessing students – see you tomorrow at regular time for the TELL ALL!!!!

Your Professors and your Security Team!


Teaser Tell All Time


Good Morning Class!   We’re here to tell it all……..


Yes all.    Yesterday’s Teaser was interesting and we sure had some swell guesses…………………….but it was early on in the morning when we got the FIRST RIGHT GUESS.   We’ll tell you all about that in a bit.

FIRST OF ALL though we need to let you know who our FIRST COMMENTER was – ready?

OK OK OK – give us a second will ya?



I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of September 25, 2018! YAY FOR ME!


Here’s the photo from yesterday then we’ll tell you who our GUEST TEASER was and the details on the photo:

A rather unassuming photo right?  Could be almost anywhere right?   WRONG…………first of all this photo was from our good friend Miss Jackie of TWODEVONCATS !    She does a whole lot of traveling so goes to many very cool and interesting spots – and YAY FOR HER (and us too) she takes a lot of wonderful photographs everywhere she goes.   This is a photo of Mt. Teide, a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain!   It is the highest point in Spain at 3,718 meters and also the highest point above sea level in all the islands in the Atlantic.     I know when we saw this photo we thought it was “just another mountain” but it’s a volcano!     THANK YOU MISS JACKIE!!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of September 25, 2018!


Now for WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday……………………………………


MISS CSILLA (yes – again!)


Yes she’s a double winner – here’s her “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” badge then we have another SPECIAL badge for her!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 25, 2018!! YAY FOR ME!

We have in the past rewarded “double” winners before with a special badge……and our Graphics Department (cough cough) has designed a NEW Badge for Double Winners from here on out and Miss Csilla gets the first of the new badges for being our FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!

I was FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 25, 2018! A DOUBLE WHAMMY WINNER!!!

Congratulations Miss Csilla.

Any others who guessed this Teaser right (and there were some!!!), here’s a badge for YOU because you guessed it too!

I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of September 25, 2018!

And of course if you did guess but you weren’t right – you STILL get a badge!  After all, we reward our students who TRY to guess the Teaser too!!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of September 25, 2018 but I still got a BADGE!

SO let’s give a big round of applause to all the winners and all those who TRIED!    Ding Dong School is proud of everyone!


How Much Longer to Lunch? I need an after-lunch nap!

Alright Class – I see a few of you drifting off – hang in there a bit so our Cheer Team can honor our winners today THEN we’ll excuse you to the cafeteria for lunch (and naps!).

Wow that Teaser was good!
Shook up the Sheep in this ‘hood!
Miss Csilla was a DOUBLE WINNER
An experienced sleuth – not beginner
She knows how to search for the spot
Her skill at that is really quite hot!
Some others in class ALSO were right
So you’re all flying high as a kite!
Thanks to all those who gave it a try
Ask Miss Dingleberry for an extra piece of pie!

Good job Cheer Team…………….you may now go off to refresh yourselves after the cheering in your magnificent hot tub room here at Ding Dong School………

As for all of you students – who’s UP for lunch????

SINGLE FILE SHEEP!   NO CROWDING, PUSHING, TRIPPING, SHOVING, SPITTING, SWEARING – just get your lunch, sit down and enjoy it!    Remember, all of you who bummed out and weren’t right with your guess today get extra pie!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Students – we’ll see you NEXT week for more Teaser fun at DING DONG SHEEPSCHOOL !

Your Professors!

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