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Pre-Tease Monday!


Ringy Dingy School Bell Time!

Class is called to order!   Remember – you are being watched!

Today we do our preparation work for tomorrow’s BIG DAY – the day you will be tested as to your geography prowess AND also to see how QUICK you are on the keyboard to be FIRST to make a comment!    Lots of pressure huh????

Well, let’s just say that lots of people WANT to be the FIRST COMMENTER on Tuesdays and everyone has a chance to………….just have to be ALERT when it pops into your inbox!    Everyone who comments in the first sixty seconds on tomorrow’s TEASER post gets one of these beauties:

We have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow. and that’s all I’m gonna say…………………….!   No hints………………you’re on your own!

As a reminder please obey the “school rules” !!

  1.  When you make a guess as to WHERE the photo was taken, you must include in your guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) because we need a COMPLETE guess OK?
  2.  Please don’t use any “help” on your guessing – popping the photo into GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH will give you some ideas and we prefer you to USE YOUR HEAD and your EYES and not some kind of help OK?   It’s a whole lot more fun to FIGURE things out……………….


Suzie do you think you can WAKE UP this class with a cheer??

I’m great at waking you up!
You don’t even need coffee in your cup!
Get your heart beating fast
Get enthused and make it last……..
Tomorrow’s the day you wait for each week
If you do well at guessing, your nose I won’t tweak!
So get your rest and make sure you’re ready
Or the BOOGIE MAN will steal your teddy!

OK Suzie – I think that’s got everyone paying attention!!!!

I’m sure all of you will be happy to know that our wonderful Cafeteria Supervisor, Miss Dingleberry, has prepared a lunch for us today when we go out to recess………she’s set up her famous hot dog/burger stand out in the playground……………that’s right – you get to EAT then play on the playground equipment………just be careful – you  know you might have an upset tummy if you do too much exercise after stuffing your faces!

Your Professors will be here tomorrow and we hope YOU will too!

Step right up!   Then grab a smoothie and hit the playground!



Don’t forget – post will be at a SURPRISE time!

For our Canadian friends – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Teaser Tell All


Time To Tell It All!!

Ye Olde School Bell Is Ringing!

Time to come inside students!    We will be TELLING IT ALL in class today………………………..hope you enjoyed Talk Like A Pirate Day – I know your Professors sure did!    But now it’s time to get down to business………………..

We’re all ready Professors!!

First of all, we had a FOUR WAY TIE for First Commenter yesterday…………….who were the lucky four:

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi

Miss Inge and Cat Scout Charles

Oliver and Calvin

Edith Chase


For Teaser of Sept. 19, 2017


Now let me show you the photos again…………………………….

And this photo below is another view of this building which I didn’t use yesterday because I thought you’d recognize it for sure!

This is the view of this particular building that I’d seen before and thought you all might have seen it too!

Alright you two – what’s the answer???

This is a group of photos of the beautiful OSLO OPERA HOUSE in OSLO, NORWAY!!!!

The photos were sent in by our GUEST TEASER, Miss Csilla!!!!

For Csilla with thanks for her photos used as Teaser on Sept. 19, 2017

Thank You!!!!

So who was the one who GUESSED this one FIRST?


Woo Hoo!!!!   This is for YOU!

For Phenny for Teaser of Sept. 19, 2017

AND, there were others who were right too!   All of you who were get this:

For Teaser of Sept. 19, 2017

Then of course there were the ones who didn’t guess right – BUT you still get this for your efforts!

For Teaser of Sept. 19. 2017

Now Suzie would like to honor everyone who won yesterday – which ought to be a big challenge since we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS……………..ready?   Set?  Go!

We had a bunch of winners
This cheering is making me thinner!
Inge, Charles, and Csilla
You gave me quite a thrill-a
Calvin, Oliver and Edith
You were all fast as you got here and GREET-ith!
Our FIRST RIGHT was my buddy Phenny
Who is brighter than a new penny!
There, I did it, I’m quite good at cheering
You might even call me endearing!!!!

Boy you just barely squeezed that out Suzie………..and even at that, a couple of those lines were – well – a little UNUSUAL…………………….!!!

Well done everyone…………………….who knows what we’ll have for a test next Tuesday.   But it will be a goodie I’m sure…………..usually is……………..until then, your Professors bid you a fond FAREWELL……….

Happy Wednesday from Angel Prof Sam

and Assistant Prof Ted

Pre-Teasing AND A Reminder……….


Let The Pre-Teasing BEGIN!

Yes indeedy – time for Pre-Tease Class to begin……..are you all settled in your seats?


Assistant Prof Teddy and I want to get you all prepared for tomorrow’s Teaser challenge – it’s going to be a toughie I think but you know and I know that when I say that – usually someone gets it in the first five minutes (!!) – so just be aware that it MIGHT be tough for some.    Here are the rules of the game:

  1.   Don’t resort to GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH……why?   Well, because it’s a whole lot more fun if nobody uses the easy way out and everybody uses their BRAINS to figure it out that’s why!
  2.   To win, you have to guess the correct TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the correct State (if USA) or Country (if not USA)!

See?  Not a lot of rules – just don’t cheat and be complete.   Say – that sounds like a “jingle” !

“Don’t Cheat And Be Complete”

HAHAHA…..I like it!

The other thing to remember is that whoever is the first to make a comment of any kind on tomorrow’s Teaser post will win a FIRST COMMENTER BADGE!   This one in fact:

Then of course you might be lucky enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or a RIGHT GUESSER, or even if you’re wrong you get a GREENIE for your time and trouble!

Now last week if you recall, Csilla received TWO awards – she was FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………..you wouldn’t want her to win AGAIN this week right?   So be on the ball………and while you do NOT know when the post will go live (because it’s never the same time from week to week!) you can keep an eye or an ear on your computer or phone or pad or WHATEVA!    So you could conceivably WIN something!    WOO HOO!

Alright, alright…..calm down….whatever you do don’t lose control!

Now for a little extra inspiration this morning, how about a little dose of SUZIE?   Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered (or should I say psychiatrist?!) !

A cheery good morning
Then comes the Teaser with no warning!
No time to even think
Or make yourself a drink
Just go with your gut feeling
Though your brain may be reeling
Have some caffeine to be alert
Wake up slowly so it doesn’t hurt!
Then come here and do your best
Get here first before the rest
A special cheer I’ll do for the winner
Maybe Miss D will make you dinner?
See you tomorrow bright and early
I’ll be here looking cute and GIRLY!

Alright Suzie!   I’m sure all of our students will be here working hard to figure things out tomorrow……………….getting a special cheer on TEASER TELL ALL Wednesday because they were FIRST just has to be terribly tempting for everyone.

I’m also told that in fact Miss Dingleberry is going to be bringing cookies and milk from the cafeteria for all of us tomorrow.   Home baked cookies and nice COLD milk.    Can’t beat that with a stick right?

Don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of napkins handy.

Assistant Prof Teddy and I will see you tomorrow Class!


As you probably remember, this month AND in September as well, Angel Sammy and I are hosting Shopping Around The World for Bacon and his Mom.   They are up to their eyeballs with “stuff” and need a “time out” from the shopping fun so asked us to fill in!

We invite you to join us on THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st for SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD – right here on our blog – but you will still LINK to Bacon’s blog HERE.     What is the theme for this month????


What does that mean?   It means when you want a little something different than ripping open a bag of chips at night as you watch TV or even if people stop by unexpectedly and you need to make something yummy and QUICK – WHAT IS THAT??????   A special dip?   A plate of gourmet cheeses?   Whacked up fruit with some kind of sweet yogurt/honey sauce?   Yep – watching TV with a bag of chips on your tummy is fine and dandy (and Mom and Dad do that too sometimes!) but then there’s other times when that just doesn’t “MAKE IT”……….so please share your recipe for a special snack you like OK?    If you can show us a photo of it – GRAND…………but one thing we ask you ALL to do is tell us what this fabulous snack of yours COSTS to make?   Tell us the recipe with ingredients and the cost of each thing.    It’s a “SHOW AND TELL OF FOOD” !!!    So I’ll see you Friday right???

See you in the grocery store aisles!!

Love, Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


Yes it sure is!!   Welcome to class kids!

Today is the day we spend in class getting READY for the Teaser photo which will pop up tomorrow.   As of this moment in time, I don’t know if it will be a GUEST TEASER or a MOM TEASER so hang onto your hats – it could be anything.    One thing is FOR SURE though – you won’t know when the post will appear in your inbox.   It will come at a SURPRISE time.   Be alert.

The first person who comments on tomorrow’s blog is a winner – easy – they will get a special FIRST COMMENTER badge to show off to the universe!

Then of course it’s up to all of you to figure out WHERE the Teaser photo was taken and you already know that you have to guess the right TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the right STATE or COUNTRY depending on whether it’s in the USA or not!   SO, today is STUDY DAY………….it’s also “pump you up” day because our Teaser Cheerleader Suzie usually gives all of you some INSPIRATION with one of her famous (infamous?) cheers.    Suzie?  Are you ready?

Of course I’m ready
I’m always steady
I’ll shake my booty
And shout “ROOTY TOOTY”!
Last week we had an easy teaser
Lots of badges awarded – a real crowd pleaser!
This week might be a bit more rough
So buckle up – this might be tough
Study up tonight no parties allowed
Tomorrow let’s have an AWAKE class crowd!

Thanks Suzie – I’m sure everyone feels inspired now to show up tomorrow with their BRAIN batteries charged and ready to go!

Uhoh…….batteries overcharged maybe?

SO, we Professors will see you here bright and early or medium early or late early or WHENEVER the post goes live.    Sarge will be at the door to welcome you tomorrow!

Welcome you little rugrats!

Not sure if Miss Dingleberry has food plans for tomorrow but there’s always hope that she will come through again with some exciting goodie or another!    Meanwhile, class is DISMISSED for recess!



Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted

Pre-Tease Monday


It’s Pre-Tease Monday!

Yeah – I just said that!   So it’s time to get you READY for tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser.

If you are new to my Tuesday blog – every week we post a photo that is either one of OUR OWN photos from my Mom and Dad’s many trips, OR it’s a photo that was sent in to us by one of our adoring fans (tee hee) – that’s YOU!    If it’s not ours, we call it a GUEST TEASER – they are almost always tougher to guess.   You will take a look at the photo and give me your guess as to WHERE the photo was taken – what town/city/village as well as what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) – and you must have that information in your guess.

So now you’re ready for tomorrow right?   No?   Not quite?   Purrrrrhaps if we ask our Teaser Cheerleader SuzieQ to give you a cheer it will put you IN THE MOOD????

Bingo Bango Bavaria
Don’t dare give me malaria!
If you breathe on me and make me sick
I’ll smack you with a great big stick!
What’s that got to do with teasing?
Some weirdos find pain pleasing…..
I’m getting a bit off-track
Professor Sammy might give me a smack…..
Just let me say I’ll be waiting
For you to guess then we’ll be celebrating!
We’ll go have some mojitos
And several pounds of yummy doritos!
I’ll see you Tuesday RIGHT HERE
And I’ll be doing another swell cheer!

Thanks Suzie – no doubt everyone is FIRED UP now……………………….Class, please also remember that the Teaser photo blog post will NOT BE popping up in your inbox at the same time as we ALWAYS publish this blog.    It will be at a SURPRISE TIME…….you’ll never know WHEN………so stand by……….you may want to put your pillow by your computer so you’ll be READY when the email notice arrives!    Gotta be ALERT to win around here!

Remember the early bird catches the worm!  


Professor Sammy, Sarge scared me and now I have to go to the litterbox!

Go ahead Bobby – hurry back though.

Nice to use the litterbox without SARGE timing me!

So I’ll see everyone here tomorrow at some surprise time…………….remember whoever COMMENTS first on tomorrow’s Teaser post will win this:

Then there are other prizes for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST and of course WRONG GUESSER (or as we call it, the ever popular GREENIE!).

See you tomorrow kids! 

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Professor Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Teaser AND Happy Valentine’s Day!

From us to all of you - thanks for being our Valentine!!!!

From us to all of you – thanks for being our Valentine!!!!


Welcomed to Geography class students.   I hope you are ready for your test this morning.   Today we have a GUEST TEASER photo and while it may be possible that lots will guess PART of this answer correctly, remember you must guess it ALL to get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge!     I need to know what town,city,village AND what country (if not in USA) or state (if in USA) EXACTLY.    Got it?

OK – good – now before we get carried away – remember if you comment FIRST on this blog today you will get a prize!


Lovely huh?   You can let everyone know that you were ON THE BALL and got here early and commented right away………………..so go ahead and comment NOW if you haven’t – maybe you’ll win the badge!

"Professor Sammy can I please stay after class today and clean the blackboard for you?????"

“Professor Sammy can I please stay after class today and clean the blackboard for you?????”

YES Bobby you certainly can but it will NOT get you a higher grade or any extra points, or anything other than my undying gratitude that you want to help me out in class.

"oh..............well.........NEVERMIND then......"

“oh…………..well………NEVERMIND then……”

Hmm…..let me make a note of that in my grade book Bobby (makes notation next to Bobby’s name……).

Now, let’s move on to the next part of today’s fun – our little ball of agony FUN, SuzieQ!

The Prof is getting old He forgets that I am HERE Sometimes his brain is BOLD And I get to do my cheer! You never really know From week to week which day He changes things around and makes me want to say..... HEY PROF YOU SHOULD RETIRE AND LET A YOUNGSTER TEACH But I think that I would miss you Sometimes this job's a "BEACH" (tee hee)

The Prof is getting old
He forgets that I am HERE
Sometimes his brain is BOLD
And I get to do my cheer!
You never really know
From week to week which day
He changes things around and makes me want to say…..
But I think that I would miss you
Sometimes this job’s a “BEACH” (tee hee)

Uh……gosh………do I thank you or send you to the corner to wear a dunce cap Suzie!??????     Well, thanks – I think.    Let’s post the Teaser photos before all heck breaks loose……………

Reporting for duty Professor! I've kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week...makes showering tough but what the heck!!

Reporting for duty Professor! I’ve kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week…say – if Suzie is ever fired, I’d make a great cheerleader!




So I realize there’s not a lot of HINTS in these two photos but give me your best guess what TOWN/VILLAGE/CITY and what COUNTRY OR STATE you think my Guest Teaser person snapped these photos in……………OK?    GOOD LUCK!

Now here are the badges you can win today!


I was going to introduce a BRAND NEW BADGE today but have had second thoughts………..it would have been for someone who “almost” guesses correctly.     Well that needs to be thought about a bit………would you win it if you guessed the right country?   No because that would be TOO EASY……….. would you win it if you guessed the right CITY but not country?   No because if you knew the city then you WOULD know the country.    So I’m thinking maybe we don’t need an “ALMOST RIGHT GUESSER” badge.   Unless someone out there has an idea WHAT would constitute winning it?   What would be a FAIR thing to require in order for someone to get an “ALMOST” badge?     Here’s what it would look like if we do it at all…………


See my problem?   Before we can do this, we need to decide WHO would win it (and I’m serious here…….!).

Until tomorrow when we gather together to talk TEASER TELL ALL, I’ll say Ta Ta!


Class Dismissed……Prof. Angel Sammy

P.S.   Here is another kind of TEASER……………..most of you know that my Mom and Dad adopted a new kitty on Saturday from the shelter where they adopted me 17 years ago.   He’s an 11- month old ginger tabby (gosh that sounds familiar right?) named TEDDY.    I found him for my parents – it took me a few months but I located the perfect cat for them and Teddy is the one!   I totally approve and the boy is a chip off the old block.    He now has a GUARDIAN ANGEL (me) and I have a Baby Brother !

My WONDERFUL pals Raz and Madi are going to co-host a  WELCOME day for Teddy in Blogville on February 19th – it will be a “HOP” and as soon as linky information is available I’ll post it here but I hope everyone will join in for some fun that day with my new brother.   Madi did this cute badge for the occasion!


Mom is going to do a post all about Teddy this Thursday along with the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post…………so in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Pre-Tease Monday



Yes it is………..that time again!

Tomorrow at an undisclosed (that means secret!) time, there will be a post from Professor Sammy in your inbox and it will contain a PHOTOGRAPH – of a place that YOU will have to figure out!  That’s right – you need to figure out where the photo was taken……what town/city/village and what state or country as appropriate………not always an easy task!

SO, you’d best get your rest tonight………………..and study in between naps…………….because tomorrow will be here before you know it!    I’ll be here with SuzieQ and Mr. Silver Briefcase and if you aren’t here, you will be sorry because it’s YOUR chance to win one of my newly designed, freshly minted, absolutely STUNNING, badges as you can see below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what I mean?   I’m just PAWSITIVE you want one of these or maybe more than one!   You could be the FIRST COMMENTER on the blog AND a RIGHT GUESSER too!   WOW!

Now are you feeling fired up and ready for tomorrow?   I hope so……..I’m ready.   Of course I have the easy part – presenting the photo for you to agonize over.   YOU have the tough part – figuring out where it was taken.   Hope you’re up for the challenge.

SO, until tomorrow morning???


oops….excuse me….you caught me doing a little “maintenance”…….


This is a more APPROPRIATE photo for me to post to say TA TA until tomorrow!

Professor Sam

The Teaser Man




Tuesday Teaser



(no I’m not calling you a Ding Dong, I’m ringing the schoolhouse bell!)


OH BOY – it’s time to pay attention in class students of geography all around the world.

This is when all your studying PAYS OFF – you could win a badge that you can proudly display wherever you choose claiming that you do in fact PAY ATTENTION TO GEOGRAPHY CLASS ONCE IN A WHILE!!!!   

Now, let’s get started shall we?    First of all may I remind each of you as you prepare to take the TEST that if you are the FIRST PERSON to comment on the blog today – you will be a winner of a badge for FIRST COMMENTER!   How much easier can it get?  Just comment and come back here for the Teaser – GO on – we’ll wait for you………..here’s what you’ll win if you’re FIRST to comment today:


OK now the REAL test.    Today we have a photo that literally could be ANYWHERE.   There are not any clues that I can discern (even with my glasses on) and even using Google Image Search isn’t going to help you (at least I don’t think so).    When you are ready to guess, you must guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the COUNTRY/STATE where the photo was taken or you will not be the winner.   A partial guess means NO WIN………….OK?   

How about we ask our little bundle of energy, SuzieQ to come on in NOW and cheer you on BEFORE we even show the photo today – that should get you FIRED UP don’t you think??????  

Suzie, Suzie That's my name Call me something else And I'll call you INSANE I love Tuesdays Cuz I get to cheer Then after I leave I go grab a beer! Now study the photo And try to guess RIGHT If you don't even TRY I might start a FIGHT!!!

Suzie, Suzie
That’s my name
Call me something else
And I’ll call you INSANE
I love Tuesdays
Cuz I get to cheer
Then after I leave
I go grab a beer!
Now study the photo
And try to guess RIGHT
If you don’t even TRY
I might start a FIGHT!!!

Gosh Suzie – somehow I thought maybe that NICE cheer you did last week might carry into THIS week………….guess not huh?    Well, go on and grab your brewski and we’ll get on with the show!

Mr. Silver Briefcase?   You’ve had the briefcase chained to your wrist since yesterday – unchain yourself and display the photo for the students will you please?????????????

Here's our GUEST TEASER photo Professor !

Here’s our GUEST TEASER photo Professor !


OK Students – study and guess!   Here’s what’s up for grabs!







Ta Da!  Cool huh?

Now, what are you waiting for – GUESS!    Tomorrow when we meet here again for the TEASER TELL ALL, I will “tell all” and give you the particulars on this photo – who sent it in, where it was snapped and BEST of all – WHO WINS BADGES!

Until tomorrow – keep on studying.   It’s a big wide wonderful world we live in – lots of places you’ve never seen but might want to see – lots of places you’ve seen and wish you hadn’t seen – AND we will be exploring all of that stuff here in Professor Sammy’s Geography Class………………if you have a photo of somewhere you’ve been that you think might be a STUMPER for us, email it to me and my Mom at junekimm(at)AOL(dot)com.

I'm a SuzieQ Fan - Are You?

I’m a SuzieQ Fan – Are You?

Suzie insisted I show her official “Fan Badge” for any of you who would like to post it on your blog (don’t ask me why you’d want to tell the world you like wacky Suzie but some of you do!!!!!)

See you tomorrow Class!

Why am I wearing a sweater when it's a bazillion degrees out???

Why am I wearing a sweater when it’s a bazillion degrees out???

Pre-Tease Monday!


Here It Comes!


Your “Early Warning” post to remind you that tomorrow is Geography Class, taught by the lovely kindly old Professor of Geography, Sammy!     He will be here – will you?   We hope so – because we have a doozy.   At least I think it’s a doozy.   AND it’s a Guest Teaser kind of doozy.   That means you’d best get those glasses cleaned up:


Clean off that computer screen:


Well that’s one way to do it!  Just move him closer to the computer!

Study your globe:


And have a good breakfast (brain food) so you will be SHARP AS A TACK and ready to tackle the Teaser!


Remember, we are using brand new badges that Mom and I slaved over to make sure you’d LOVE them and want to WIN them so don’t disappoint – be here…………yeah I know I never tell you WHEN to be here – that’s part of the fun – never knowing precisely WHEN the Teaser will go live………………..you do like to be SURPRISED right?

I love this guy's face!   HAHA

I love this guy’s face! HAHA

Suzie will be here to CHEER YOU ON in a way that only she could possibly do (cough cough)………………so can I count on seeing you here tomorrow??????????????????    GOOD – otherwise I’ll have to send home a note to your Mom saying you snore in class or I caught you smoking in the bathroom or some such thing………….

Rest up – Tomorrow is coming….

I'll be here tomorrow......will you?

I’ll be here tomorrow……will you?

Hugs, The Prof !

P.S.   Remember if you’re FIRST to comment tomorrow (not necessarily guess – just comment) you win this!


Teaser Tuesday


Report for Class!

Time for you to find your seat in the classroom and prepare for THE TEST!


OK class……get comfortable and put your cellphones away because you will need your wits about you today!   We have a toughie for you…….

Today’s test is a Teaser sent in by a guest and you know almost ALWAYS those are real gems…..remember that the very first person to COMMENT on today’s post will receive a special present for being so alert no matter WHAT time of day they are seeing this blog today!   What is it?  Glad you asked……this is it!

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/7/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/7/16

Now, let’s get down to business!    Remember when you’re guessing where this photo was snapped you’ll have to tell me specifically where it was snapped……..what place/country/town/OK?   Can’t just say “on a beach somewhere” – I wanna know WHERE you think it was taken.    OK, let’s let SuzieQ try her hand (and pom poms) at getting you all whipped into a frenzy and ready to study today’s photo.   Suzie?   Come on down!



Two Bits Four Bits Shirts Have a Collar All for Teaser Send me a Dollar!! Wicky Wacky Ticky Tacky Sis Boom Bah I will cheer  Til my throat is RAW! YAY TEAM!

Two Bits
Four Bits
Shirts Have a Collar
All for Teaser
Send me a Dollar!!
Wicky Wacky
Ticky Tacky
Sis Boom Bah
I will cheer
Til my throat is RAW!

Suzie, I’m speechless………………

What kind of cheer was that???  "Send me some money" ?????  HUH?

What kind of cheer was that??? “Send me a dollar” ????? HUH?

 SuzieQ I can see that when you went off to Cheerleading School they forgot to tell you that you don’t BEG when you cheer!

I think we’d better move on quickly and perhaps people will forget that you “lost it” today when you pumped up the students to prep them for guessing the Teaser…..I suppose at least you were ENTHUSIASTIC with your cheer – so that’s something right?

Mr. Silver Briefcase, will you please display today’s photo for us?

Here's today's CHALLENGE!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE!


It’s gonna be interesting seeing what you think of this one students…………….take your time, and see what you can come up with.   The FIRST person to tell me where this photo was taken will be the proud owner of this FIRST GUESSER’S BADGE!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 6/7/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 6/7/16

Then, anyone else who might guess correctly after the FIRST one does, will get a RIGHT GUESSER BADGE:

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/7/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/7/16

Everybody who bombs out guesses incorrectly or hasn’t got the slightest idea where this photo was snapped PERIOD, will still get the ever-popular, highly collectible GREENIE!

Me and 87 bazillion others didn't get the TEASER right on 6/7/16!

Me and 87 bazillion others didn’t get the TEASER right on 6/7/16!

We think this Teaser ought to keep you googling and studying and agonizing all day today so what are you waiting for?    GET TO IT………….I’m waiting…………

Ready, Set, GO!

I'll be at my desk here in the front of the class waiting for those guesses to come in!

I’ll be at my desk here in the front of the class waiting for those guesses to come in!


Professor Sam, Geography 101