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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Twice The Fun Thursday Is Here!

Today we will join Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop AND my brother Angel Sammy will showcase his weekly poem with something celebrating this week’s letter of the alphabet – “F” !

First my “thankfuls”………….if you’d like to share your thankfuls, hop on over to Brian’s and use the linky tool (click on his badge below to go to his blog) to tell us what you’re thankful for – add your blog link and we’ll see what you have to say.   We all have something to be thankful for….sometimes it doesn’t seem like we do, but if we think about it, there are things all around us to be thankful for.    I’m thankful that even though it’s hot as heck outside my Mom and Dad who do NOT like “hot”, are still taking me out for a walk when I demand ask them to.    They try to stay in the shade but I like a bit of sun myself and they will indulge me.   I’m so thankful for such understanding parents!

Now for Angel Sammy!!!

Here’s what Angel Sammy transmitted to me overnight from the Bridge for today’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!     First of all, today’s letter is “F” and he told us we could all write a poem about ANYTHING starting with the letter “F” or use one or more of his “prompt” words – which were:

(1) Feast (2) Frog (3) Frosty (4) Family

Here’s what he sent to me through his Cloudtop Computer!

Hello My Friends!    Are you ready for some poetry?

Today we do “F” and I’m using one of my prompts – the word “FROG”……….why?   Well some of you who have been following this blog for a while know that for many years I had a good friend who lived under the steps of my front porch at home.   His name was Freddy and he was a frog.    I saw him every Spring for several years – although truth be told, whether it was Freddy or one of his relatives I’ll never know for sure.   ANYWAY, he was my inspiration – we used to have such fun!


“Freddy Frog”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell 7/20/17

An unlikely friend some would say

But friends we were back in the day

Every Spring he’d come out to greet me

We didn’t arrange it – he’d just plain meet me!

The front porch was where we usually met

My water bowl was there and Freddy would be WET.

I knew he’d bathe in my water bowl you see

The telltale puddle was the big clue for me……

Then off the porch we both would hop

Down the sidewalk we’d go – at the driveway we’d stop.

Our “game” started when Freddy sat still…..

I’d give him a pat using my most tender of skills!

He’d hop when I’d pat him – just once then he’d stop

Until I patted him again then he’d take one more hop!

We’d go on with that for about 20 feet…..

Mom would be laughing as we moved down the street…..

Then he’d hop into the grass and go into the clover…..

That was the big clue that our game was over. 

We sometimes would skip the game and just sit with each other

Then a car would go by and he’d run quick for cover.

One year he didn’t come and I worried and worried

Did an animal go after him and away he scurried?

By then I was older and not going out as much

Perhaps I’ll look him up at the Bridge and get back in touch!!  

Mom took this photo of Freddy


I hope some of you also wrote a poem this week and if you did, please leave your blog link in my comments here so we can follow and read your poem OR you can even write your poem in my comments if you like.   It’s fun to write a poem – it doesn’t even have to rhyme….it can be haiku or ANY form of poetry too.   Silly or serious, doesn’t matter.   Just spread your wings and try to write a poem because you just might LIKE IT!     Here are your prompt words for NEXT week’s Poetic Thursday.    Remember, you can write about any “G” word or use one or more of these prompts!!

(1) Garden (2) Giggle (3) Groceries (4) Grandma

Until then my friends – take care of yourselves and enjoy every day!

Sammy the Angel Poet in his French Beret!


See you all tomorrow for Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop and whatever else I can think of to say in my blog!  

LOVE, Teddy

(Having a good think in the sink……….)

Auction Time!


Hi Everyone!  So today is finally the day of the big auction for Leo on Mollie’s blog.  I do hope you’ll stop by and maybe bid on something – remember that all proceeds are going to benefit Savannah’s friend Leo who is piling up a lot of medical bills to treat his Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome.I’m going over as soon as my Mom gets up this morning – after all, she’s the one with the money – I do have a little change in my kitty bank but Mom’s got that paper stuff along with some plastic stuff so she’s got me beat!  If you click on Leo’s picture below, you can go directly to Mollie’s!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Yesterday we had a super lazy day around here………..it was raining off and on and when it’s like that – there’s not a whole lot we can do to keep ourselves entertained.  I was napping a lot (no surprise there huh???).

Sam Under Afghan on Couch

Huh? Did somebody call me???

Mom did exciting stuff like laundry – Dad did exciting stuff like – well – er – um – NOTHING.  So you see what I mean?  It was a lazy day.

One thing I DID decide to do this week on my blog though was tell you a little bit about my Mom’s book which is recently republished on Kindle.  Why?  Well, you couldn’t possibly know unless I told you but there’s a CAT in the story.  Yep – his name in the book  is Eddy and Mom named the cat after her “before me” cat named Eddy.  The Eddy in the book belongs to the main character Bailey Ferrol who is a private investigator in a small Virginia town called David’s Bridge  (which ACTUALLY is my small Virginia town but Mom changed the name to protect the innocent….HAHAHAHA).   Mom has some photos of HER Eddy and when she describes the Eddy in the book, he’s who she’s describing.

Eddy 001

These are old photos – almost 20 years old in fact – but Eddy was a way cool cat.  He “found” my Mom in the old neighborhood where they lived.  Neighbors said he was just a “neighborhood” cat – his family had just moved one day and left him behind and he’d been on his own for a year until one day he wandered into my Mom’s yard and THAT was THAT!   He decided that would be his new home and that was fine with my Mom and Dad.

So anyway, back to what I was saying – one day this week I’ll tell you all a little bit about Mom’s book.  It’s a mystery and there’s all kinds of quirky characters and lots of action and of course A CAT !   There’s a link over on the side of this page that takes you to Kindle where you can get the book FOR CHEAP (did I say CHEAP?  Well, I mean CHEAP!).

Speaking of pets (were we speaking of pets???)….so far no sign of my friend Freddy the frog so I’ve sort of decided that he moved out of my neighborhood.  Probably hopped down to the pond two houses down from mine.  I can hear the bullfrogs making their sounds down there in the morning and for all I know, Freddy decided life under my front porch just wasn’t exciting enough for him!

So long Freddy!  Have fun in the pond!

So long Freddy! Have fun in the pond!


Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser you know and we won’t be having a Guest Teaser this time around.  Miss Michelle from My Three Moggies is home safe and sound from her trip to China and Japan where she taped two awesome Teaser Tell All videos for us which I think you enjoyed as much as I did!   Tomorrow will be photos from one of my Mom and Dad’s vacations so be prepared…………

Now go visit Mollie’s auction now before you forget it – OK?   See you there!

Happy Monday………….Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀


Ready for Freddy?


Happy Monday!  Boy oh boy am I excited……..yesterday morning when Mom went outside in the dark (5AM) to walk down to the mailbox to get the Sunday paper – GUESS WHO WAS WAITING ON THE FRONT PORCH?????   GUESS WHO ELSE HAD HER CAMERA READY AND WAITING??????     😀 😀

YAY!  Mom was so excited these aren’t the best photos in the world but capturing the elusive Freddy on film with him hopping around in the dark wasn’t easy.  She only had the light from the porch to help her and she just guessed about how to aim the camera and snapped.  Let’s hear it for Mom!

Big Daddy Freddy!

So here – without further ado – is my froggy buddy Freddy – on the sidewalk then after he hopped into the garden (I don’t think he liked the flash much!). 

Gimme a break lady – I don’t like that flash thing!

Now – here’s the even BIGGER surprise.  When Mom was coming back from trekking down to the mailbox it was a teensy bit lighter already outside and she saw movement on the sidewalk at the opposite end from where Freddy was (near the porch).  She stopped,  watched and sure enough a LITTLE frog was there on the sidewalk.  I’m positive it must have been Freddy Junior wondering where the heck his Dad was – this little guy looked just like big Freddy – same coloring – only little.  He was right where we used to see Freddy all the time until Freddy discovered the water bowl we keep on the front porch.  We now call it Freddy’s Jacuzzi since Mom found him IN the water bowl one morning having a nice soak.

Daddy! Come home Dad! Breakfast is ready!

Come down here Dad – there’s a crazy lady with some kind of flashing light thing – HELP!

Life around here is interesting isn’t it?  Many of you wanted me to try to get a photo of Fred but not only did we do THAT, but we got a bonus – – – – Freddy Junior too!

Happy Monday……………… 😀 😀 😀

Sammy, Friend to Freddy and his Son Freddy Junior