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Hello Friends!!

In the last several days three of my blog friends have nominated me to do the “Eight Photos of Happiness” blog tag  and today (now that Teaser is over with!) I’m happy to do that post.   There are so many things that make me happy this should be easy peasy right?

This blog idea was created by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet and it’s really a sweet “tag” as I’ve had fun seeing everyone else’s posts since it started going around.

First of all here are the three friends who nominated me:

Wag-n-Woof Pet


Clowie’s Corner


The rules for this tag are:

Thank the nominator and link to them (done – in fact all three of them!)

Link the creator (Ariel – done)

Post eight photos – the photos can be anything that represents  a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy AND a brief description why you chose it

Spread the “HAPPINESS” by nominating up to ten other blogs!

My 8 “Happy” Photos


This makes me super happy – this is my Super Sam drawing that Nellie (Cat From Hell) and her Mom Miss Barb made for ME.  Why does this make me happy?  Because I’ve been a BIG FAN of Nellie’s “Finish the Sentence” game ever since she started but until YESTERDAY, Randomizer had never landed on MY NAME!   My  sentence had been “If I were a Super Hero I would…….(and I said I’d like to wear a SUPER SAM cape!)   THANK YOU NELLIE AND MISS BARB – you made me HAPPY!

Sam Portrait  With Mom

My Mom – my best friend – she does everything she can to make me happy and moments like this really DO the trick!

I believe I'll have a little walkabout!

I believe I’ll have a little walkabout!

Being allowed to go outside with my Mom or Dad makes me happy….I love to eat grass….smell things in the breeze….watch cars go by……


It’s a little thing BUT it makes me VERY happy – TISSUE PAPER!

Sam Sunny Library

Napping in the sun makes me HAPPY!


My Mom says she'll share her recliner AND her Mother's Day with ME!!!!!!

Napping next to my Mom makes me HAPPY!

Early morning bird watching

Watching squirrels and birds from my perch makes me HAPPY!


My favorite treat – BACON – makes me HAPPY!

There are my eight “HAPPY” photos.  I could have shown a ton more because so many things make me happy including balogging, Cat Scouts, all my wonderful friends and most of all what makes me happy is that I’ve been here on earth for almost SIXTEEN YEARS…………….THAT REALLY MAKES ME HAPPY!

As for who to nominate – so many of you already have done this “Tag” post that I will leave it up to you ALL to decide if you’d like to share your “HAPPY” or not – if you would, please follow the rules and have fun with it.    I sure did!

LOVE AND HUGS (Happy ones!)

Oh yes.......I am one happy boy.

Oh yes…….I am one happy boy.


Frantic Friday


Perhaps that’s slightly overstating it – FRANTIC isn’t exactly right but it goes nicely with “FRIDAY” don’t you think?????   It is a busy day………..and I’ll explain!

First of all I received an award from my buddy Travis at Lone Star Cats called the Most Influential Blogger Award:


I’m linking to Travis’s blog (above), and am supposed to post my favorite song AND pass the award on to ten other blogs.   My favorite song is an easy one – it really has been my favorite song since I heard it not that long ago.   I just love it and Mom sings bits and pieces of it around here (although to say she’s singing is a stretch – sounds more like a cat getting his tail stuck in a door):

As for the ten other blogs to pass the award on to?  Interestingly I think practically everyone I know has received this one lately so I just don’t know who might like to “run with it” so I’m opening it up to ANYONE who would like to post their favorite song, link back to me, and hopefully find ten friends that don’t already have it to send it to!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The second thing I can tell you is that starting some time today and through much of the weekend, Cat Scouts is having a QUEST.   What the heck is a Quest?  Well you may have remembered me whining telling you all about the last one we had.  It’s a series of challenges and competitions between Patrols of different Troops at Cat Scouts.   You have to know Cat Scout rules and procedures, and things like morse code and semaphore (yuck), what the Cat Scouts logo is all about, some of the SECRET stuff I can’t tell you about (tee hee), just a big pile of things that we’re all supposed to know………we also will have to hunt around the Cat Scouts site for stuff that’s hidden (one year it was animal tracks!) and try to find it first for our Patrol…….so I’ll be BUSY.   However, I will be taking my usual naps during the Quest period so my Mom has been kind enough to volunteer to sit with her derriere wedged into the computer chair – at the ready to respond to whatever challenges come our way.   GO MOM!   Hopefully we’ll make a good showing but I told all my Troop members AND all four Patrols in my Troop that we should just do our best and have fun – not worry about winning but just enjoy ourselves.


I’ll be reporting on THAT believe me as soon as it’s over.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The last thing I want to talk about is a sad thing that has made my heart ache……and I’m not going to DWELL on it because I just can’t, but yesterday a dear friend, Sparkle the Cat, announced on her blog HERE that she is leaving the blog because she has chronic renal failure and doesn’t know how much time she has left.  The blog will go on but our Sparkle, who has been a bright spot in my blog life since I started blogging, may be on very limited time.  She was going to the vet with her human today……whether she comes home is up to her human and her doctor.   I’m so sad……the post was so moving and dear and sweet and she wanted it NOT to be a sad day – but a celebration of her life so that’s what I’ve done.  I’ve been thinking of her wonderful blog and all the great things she and her human have done since I’ve known them.  Sparkle will forever shine………..FOREVER.


Love to all,




We’ve Got Friends


Yes we do!   All of you are our friends – at least I think you are – some of you are “lurking” out there and we never hear from you, but you’re following us and hopefully reading my blog posts so that makes you FRIENDS!

My Mom has friends too (believe it or not), and day before yesterday, she and my Dad met their friends, Dianna and JR (parents of my girlcatfriend Sundae!)  for lunch and an antiquing adventure in the old historical town called Hanover, Virginia.  They met at an antiques shop – it was about an hour and a half drive for my Mom and Dad to get there and the same for Miss Dianna and her husband JR to get there – a GOOD meeting point!


The store was two stories big and had TONS of wonderful things – Mom (on the left) could have stayed there all day but lunch was calling……………………….you can see that Dianna (on the right) found an antique stamping set (she’s a stamper and makes all her own beautiful greeting cards):


My Dad also found something there that he just HAD to buy.   He’s got it torn apart to clean the frame and glass but I found this photo of the painting online.  The artist is “GIG” and they’ve done a bunch of these “big-eyed kitty” paintings and we’ve all seen them but Dad thought this looked like POOR PITIFUL ME!!!!


Off they went after antiquing to the Hanover Tavern, in Hanover, VA.  It was a really beautiful old Tavern (dating back to 1733) and they sure did have a nice menu!  Everyone had a great lunch and a lot of giggles and Mom snapped a photo of Dianna and JR and they did likewise!


DiannaJR1 DiannaJR4

Out in the parking lot Dianna and JR set up a tripod and took this photo of the FOUR FRIENDS……….then everyone went their separate ways promising to get together again REAL SOON!


Friends are wonderful – I ought to know – I have hundreds of them thanks to my blog……………….that means YOU!

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Thanks to Travis of Lone Star Cats for nominating me for the Most Influential Blogger Award! 

I’ll blog about it soon I promise!

Ooops….Didn’t Notice!


Hi All…..Happy Friday!

So what didn’t I notice?  Well apparently we went over 1,000 posts five days ago………DUH………..well, I think I’ve said before that Mom and I don’t really read our stats regularly but just now when I came here to do my blog for today I happened to see the number 1,005 there.  Wow.  That’s a lot of writing.  That’s a lot of naps, weather complaining, bacon, gardens, snowy landscapes, birthdays (mine and everyone else’s), parties, giveaways, special events, plugging my Mom’s books (tee hee), and all kinds of things that escape me at the moment.

Just in case you haven’t been with me since I started blogging back in 2011, this was my FIRST ever blog post RIGHT HERE.

AND – this was a photo I put in my very first “Blogagersary” celebration after one year of blogging:

I published this on the ONE YEAR anniversary of my blog !

I published this on the ONE YEAR anniversary of my blog !

But what I SHOULD say is that I SOOO appreciate all of you following me.  Like most of us I started out with ZIP followers and now I have 437 followers.   I really am excited about that and I always HAVE been excited to have anyone follow me.  After all – my blog is about me – a cat who lives in a household with no other cats (other than Stevie the neighborhood mooch) and two retired parents and I pretty much just talk about my daily life……PERIOD.  Still, you stick with me and seem to enjoy visiting me like I enjoy visiting a WHOLE LOT of you!!!!   Blogging is great isn’t it?   Making NEW friends, keeping in touch with OLD friends, and having fun – keeping track of each other in this big world of ours.

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed

I love all of you as much as I love being brushed – and that’s a LOT!

Where would I be without you?  Well, for one thing I’d have to change my blog name to:


Happily that’s not the case…..between my blog and my membership in Cat Scouts, I am FAR from lonely!   What time I don’t spend here with you, I’m napping on Mom’s lap or taking little walks outside, and loving my life.   No reason to think I won’t be doing this for a long time to come either.  So far (KNOCK ON WOOD) I’m hanging in their health-wise and Mom keeps an eye on me like a hawk (like all Moms do!) and outside of some usual older cat stuff like arthritis and upset tummy from time to time, I’m GOOD TO GO!

Anyway, this isn’t the most exciting blog post I’ve ever written but when I noticed I’d gone over 1,000 posts I just had to say THANKS TO YOU, I did – because I never would have kept going if YOU weren’t here…….really!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thanks to all of you!

Thanks for allow me to be:

ONE SPOILED CAT (with friends!)

Hugs, Sammy