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Friendly Friday Filling In Time!


Time To Fill In Sentences!!

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I guess Mom will have to fill in sentences AGAIN this week – mostly the sentences need to be filled in by humans because they are more “human-oriented” sentences!   Does that make sense?    Anyway, it’s nice to give OLD MOM a chance to shine since all the other days of the week I’m “the star” of the show!

Here are this week’s four sentences and Mom’s fill-ins are in GREEN.


1. My favorite fictional character is believe it or not – ALICE (in the looking glass) – that entire story has ALWAYS been one of my favorites – so incredibly crazy from start to finish and Alice may have not liked PARTS of her adventure but I think I’d enjoy the whole thing if I was Alice!!.

2.  A new tv show or film I am looking forward to this Fall is  –I’m not a big movie buff but my husband and I are BIG FANS of a lot of British mysteries and they will all have new seasons premiering on TV which we will definitely be excited about!

3. One of my very favourite books is  an old Stephen King novel – “The Stand”……I’ve read it about ten times – maybe once a year or something like that……I just find it FASCINATING.

4. The best time to take a nap is when you have a cat or dog to snuggle with while you snooze!

Thanks Mom – good job……..will you pretty please read Alice Through the Looking Glass to me?  I love bunnies – the neighbors have a bunch of them in their garden…….!
I guess that’s about it for me – I’ve got Mom to fill-in sentences for me and yesterday I got tired climbing up and down the BIG PILE of firewood Dad had delivered – Mom said I climbed up like a little mountain goat (is that a good thing??? I don’t know what one of those is!!!!).    It was fun but I got tired so I’m still recovering.   I’ll do my share of snoozing out in the garage while Mom and Dad clean the house…….they don’t need me for THAT!

Happy Fill-In Friday

Did you call me Mom?????

Love and Hugs, Teddy