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Shopping Around The World



Our friend Bacon the pig hosts this hop once a month and what’s so fun about it is we wind up sharing a lot of recipes with each other AND part of the fun of that is listing the prices we pay for all the ingredients.   Since Bacon has followers and Hoppers all over the world, we get to see if what WE pay for things is any worse than anywhere else……most of the time it isn’t…….food is expensive EVERYWHERE!    The best part my Mom says though is the recipes.   So here we go – this month’s “THEME” is:


My Mom is in love with avocados and always has been.  I know not everyone likes them but they are a healthy choice and this is extra nommy with the apricot preserves in there!    This recipe makes FOUR sandwiches which may or may not feed four people depending on how hungry everyone is…….might just feed ONE (haha).


Toasted Avocado/cheese

Ingredients:    (Prices from our local Harris Teeter grocery store)


Two ripe avocados, peeled and sliced (Price:  $1.79 for two)

1/3 cup Apricot preserves (Price:  $1.69 for 18. oz. jar)

French Bread (the best but really can be ANY bread)  (Price:  $2.59 for French bread)

Havarti cheese slices (Price:  package of 10 slices $2.99)



Spread four slices of bread with preserves and layer with cheese and sliced avocado.   Sprinkle with salt.    Add piece of bread to the top and butter outside of both slices.  Pop on a griddle (or in a frying pan) for 2-3 minutes on each side until the cheese is all nice and melty!

Easy Peasy………………and if you’re a nut for avocados, a very tasty way to “GET YOUR AVOCADO ON” !!

Happy Eating and Thanks to Bacon for hosting the SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD fun!   If you click his badge at the beginning of this post, you will be magically transported to his blog……….

Hugs, Teddy

p.s.  for those of you who are looking for the Tuesday Teaser – it’s in a separate blog today – keep your eyes open!