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Furriday Follow Up


Hi Everybody!  Guess what……..my intensive care unit now has one less occupant (well – there was only one to start with but anyway)…..my Mom feels BETTER today……..she followed my orders quite well and now it’s paying off! 

I told her to drink lots of fluids:

Drink lotsa water Mom!

Drink lotsa water Mom!

Get lots of rest:

See Mom?  Just curl up like this and snooze!

See Mom? Just curl up like this and snooze!

Stay inside:

Sam Standing at Front Door

This is as FAR as you can go Mom!

Stay WARM:

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

Don’t worry Mom – I’ll keep your legs nice and warm!!

I really tried very hard to take good care of her…after all, she’s taken care of me whenever I’ve been poorly – it’s the LEAST I could do for her. 

I managed to sneak away long enough to visit Savannah’s GOTCHA DAY celebration – I hope all of you made it by too?  Mom and I got to thinking about when my “Gotcha Day” was……my parents remember they got me at the shelter in February and I was only a tiny little baby at the time.  Maybe I was a Valentine’s Day present for the two of them?  Maybe the great adoption manager in the sky brought the three of us together SPECIALLY for that occasion?  Well, at any rate, it was in February and that was THIRTEEN years ago as you all know who attended my birthday party on January 1st!  

Well I haven’t heard Mom in a while – I’d better go make sure she’s still behaving herself.  I know if I don’t keep an eye on her she’s liable to do something Doctor Sammy has not told her she can do yet like get that danged monster out of the closet!  Daddy’s purrrfectly capable of cleaning this whole house by himself today – well – maybe I ought to keep an eye on him after all…………

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Doctor Sam Still On Duty


Hi Everybody!  Yes indeed……..Doctor Sammy’s still on duty around here because my Mom is STILL sick.  Yep – that flu bug is hanging on around here sadly but I’ve got stuff covered – between me and Dad that is!

Apparently this is a bad flu – and it’s not even the one that they made a flu shot for this year……so it wouldn’t have helped if she’d had the shot!  She’s a trooper though – she’s helped me get my blogs done and helped me have a fabulous birthday party (!!) and done all the Mommy things even though she wasn’t feeling good.


Anyway, I wanted to pop on and remind everyone to please visit my friend Savannah today – WHY?  Because it’s her very first GOTCHA DAY!  Can’t miss out on giving her a big hug for that right?  Imagine going from being unwanted and considered “unadoptable” in a shelter to getting your forever home – starting to feel secure and safe then having to move to ANOTHER home…….Savvy did all of that and made it just fine because she felt LOVED and she felt SAFE.  Life is pretty darn good when you have those things going for you right?


Other than that, things are quiet around here.  Mom’s hanging in there and hopefully this will be over with soon (the flu that is).  The doctors say it lasts 10-12 days and she hasn’t had it that long……..but then again, leave it to my Mom to be EXCEPTIONAL!!! 😀 😀 😀

If your humans are sick, please do your part…..don’t leave your toys all over the place (especially the stairs where they could trip on them!), don’t hork up your food all over the carpet or (heaven forbid) their bed, and most of all give them lots of snuggles and warm cuddles because they NEED IT BAD!

Love and Hugs, Sammy 😀

Doctor Sam


Hi All!

Well, it’s official…….Mom has the plague…….OK – so it’s not the plague but she’s sick and that’s that!  However, I’m “on the case” so to speak so you know she’s in good hands between me and Dad.

She thinks it might be a mild flu…….who knows……all I know is she’s up for a couple of hours then has to take a nap (snuggle time!!)…..then back up……then back down……you get the picture – kind of like a human yo yo.

This morning she felt good enough to clean the house with the monster though – – – but by the time it went back in the closet she was pooped.   She’s not coughing a lot though – YET.  As her physician, I predict (I’m a physician and fortune teller combination) she will be coughing actively by tomorrow.  Yep. 


Dad and I are hanging garlic wreaths all over the place and…….what?  What’s that you say Dad?………that’s to keep vampires away? ………. oh……… sorry about that ……… a little misunderstanding…… well, Dad and I are keeping our distance from Mom anyway – neither of us want to get “IT” (whatever she has).  I have to admit though, I’ve taken advantage of her lap whenever she’s been seated while resting.  Can’t resist her lap….it’s my favorite napping spot after all.   I just don’t breathe her air so I don’t get her germs.  I mean I love her and all but honestly………there’s a limit. 😀 😀

Don’t worry Mom…….Doctor Sam is gonna take GOOD care of you!  Trust me……….

Hope all of you have a grand Caturday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

peeee essss  Today would have been my Grandpa’s 96th birthday…..I never knew him but I know my Mom misses him tons so that’s good enough for me……Happy Birthday Grandpa in heaven……. 😉