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Garden Shotz!



Ole’ !



Ok peeps – I promised some “baby garden” shots and this is it…………Mom snuck out between raindrops yesterday and snapped some of our “babies” in their pots – remember these are newly planted SMALL plants but give me a month or two and WHAM BAM THANK YOU SAM, they will be much bigger and prettier (I hope).

I did a slideshow for you – easiest way to show things off don’t you think?

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So I’ll do an update in a month or two – things will be considerably larger (we hope) and still alive (or else!).

I was so thrilled to see SO MANY of you bloggers “reblogging” Sharon of Gentle Stitches’ blog post about the special day for Forrest on May 10th………………..word is spreading like wildfire and I expect it will be a BANNER day.    Remember if you post a “WAG” or “WAVE” photo to Forrest that day to use the poster and if you want to, link it to All Fur One And One Fur All (Bev Green’s blog)so people can click and go leave her a message.

Thanks everybody for leaping on board this idea………………Bev is gonna love all the wags and waves to Forrest on the 10th!

Love, Sammy