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Snoozy Sunday Selfie


Seems all my Sunday Selfies lately are involving SLEEP.  

I say if you’re good at something, keep at it.   You might say it’s my “Specialty of the House” !

Joining up with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie – click their badge and enter your OWN and see all the other great selfies!



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Pee Ess   I have some brand new friends I wanna share with you!  

Two ADORABLE Gerbils named Timon and Pumbaa

and you can stop by to say HI to them HERE!

Bacon Day






BACON DONUTS (Mom says she could eat a dozen of ’em) and a WAY COOL SHIRT – my latest additions to the baconblog on Caturday!

AND, this wonderful little badge from my beautiful and talented Queen of Kitties, Nellie:


Nellie I would NEVER consider bacon your heart dear girl!

January 2012 Snow

Early on it looked “manageable”……….

You may know that here in Virginia we got walloped by a big snowstorm starting yesterday noon – it’s still coming down and we’re supposed to have TWO FEET of it before it stops……………..so just wanted you to know that we’re OK, still have power, staying snugged in…….and warm!



WOW.....this mat is comfy!

WOW…..this mat is snuggly too!


Once in a while I turn over or get in a big ginger ball to keep warm

Meanwhile we had bacon YESTERDAY just because we were waiting for the snow to arrive and Mom thought we’d celebrate that with  bacon…..so I’m having a DOUBLE-BARREL BACON weekend!    Shall we go for a TRIPLE?????  

Have a pawsome weekend……………………….whether you’re in the heat or the cold – be happy!   I sure am!   

Love, Sammy


Snoozy Thursday

Thank heavens this is NOT me!   Thank heavens it hasn't SNOWED either!

Thank heavens this is NOT me! Thank heavens it hasn’t SNOWED either!

It’s cold outside so I’m turning into a FLEECE-A-MANIAC and fully intend to hardly BUDGE from my blankets all day long.   So in honor of my NAP-TITUDE, I’m doing a little “Thursday Snooze” blogpost today…………..it’s too cold to talk, so I’ll just sleep OK?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes it’s just better to sleep through a day instead of trying to pretend it’s WARM and not so darn cold you could freeze your toesies off if you went outside!    So there.   I’ve officially turned this into SNOOZY THURSDAY (kinda like Wordless Wednesday only warmer…..hahaha).

Icy Blue Hugs,


This is starting to look COMFORTABLE to me!

This is starting to look COMFORTABLE to me!


Pre-Tease Monday



Hello Friends!    It’s WARM UP day for tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser – the very first one of the new year!    Mom is working on new badges for 2016………..AND also working on which photo to use for the Teaser.  It’s beginning to look like she’s going back on her word to make it an EASY ONE though – – – – I’m afraid to me anyway it looks TOUGH!   Mom!!!!!!!

There’s one interesting thing though about the photo she may be using – we’ve had a Teaser in this same town/city before………………….is that a hint?  YES it’s a hint but not a very useful one I’m afraid.   Sorry about that!

If I can sneak onto her computer when she’s not looking and find out anything else for you I will…….OK?

Meanwhile, you’d better be ready for a TOUGH TEASER TOMORROW………………

We had a nice quiet Sunday just in case you’d like to know……….it was sunny and a real BLAST of Winter with the temperature being 24 when we got up Sunday morning – YES THAT’S COLD.   How did I handle that kind of cold?  Why I stayed on Mom’s lap (the lap of luxury…hahaha) where the heat is good and alternated between her lap and my fleece blankie!


So now that everybody has recovered from New Year’s Eve – minds sharp, bodies rested – are you ready for Teaser?  Hmm???   Well this is your WAKE UP CALL…………tomorrow you’d better be ready……………..!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Hee Hee......it's ME in here!

Hee Hee……it’s ME in here!


P.S.  I got a couple of late cards from friends! 


From Miss Layla and the cats of Cat Wisdom101

From Miss Layla and the cats of Cat Wisdom101

From my dear Nephew Siddhartha

From my dear Nephew Siddhartha

Pup Scouts!


WOW!  Yesterday I found out that there is a Pup Scouts just like most of you know I belong to Cat Scouts………….how cool is that?  All you dogs who wish you could have the kind of fun you know I have in Cat Scouts can join Pup Scouts and do just that!  They’ve got adorable uniforms and looks like they do a lot of interesting things………………..you can visit the site HERE!    Here’s their logo – I didn’t ASK if I could use it but since I’m pretty much giving them a “plug” I don’t think they’ll mind do you???


Speaking of Cat Scouts though – this weekend we’re having a Carnival.  All the Patrols are sponsoring a booth or ride or game or ther kind of activity and we’re even having a Sideshow.    Should be a hoot.  I’ll try and share some photos with you AFTER the event – don’t want to give anything away but here’s the poster for it that we used to get the word around Scouts!   The Scout who had the idea to have a Carnival in the first place was Scout Nibbler so that’s why her name is on the poster.


I probably won’t be around much today to respond to your FAB comments like I usually do – I’m giving my Mom the day off because her sister is visiting to spend the day with her.  They’re doing girlie stuff like shopping, having lunch, gossiping, shopping, shopping and……well you get the picture!   But tonight after my Auntie Carol (the Mom of my cousins the shih tzus) leaves, Mom will be back here catching up!    I’ll just be around all morning then I’ll most likely be curled up somewhere sleeping (and snoring).

Aunt Carol, and Cousins Mollye & Toby!

Toby is sitting on Aunt Carol’s shoulder and that’s Mollye the “lap dog” in Carol’s arms…..

Mom broke out my fleece blanket collection yesterday and put them in various spots in the house for me to use for naps.  There’s one on the green “Granny Chair” in the guest room……….one on the couch in the Family Room near the fireplace……….one on the floor in the dining room under a chair I frequent……….so I’ve got all my nap spots covered with WARM to keep my tummy and tushie warm now that it’s pretty darn chilly out.  I’m also spending EXTRA time on Mom’s legs when she’s in the recliner….that’s as good as having a heating pad!


Hope you all are staying snuggled in – – – – I know that right now some of you are going into Spring instead of Fall like us………YOU LUCKY PEEPS!!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy