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Well, there’s ALWAYS something going on at Cat Scouts.   ALWAYS……….recently we started a “FLAT CATS” travel group – we all had pictures of ourselves enlarged and mounted on cardboard or poster board and we’re currently mailing ourselves all over the place to visit each other!   I know FLAT CATS have been around a while at a lot of the conferences but we thought we’d give it a whirl and it’s turning into a real TRAVEL FRENZY!

So far I’ve visited Spencerville and Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m about to fly down to Florida then back up to North Carolina.  WOW.  Who knew a FLAT CAT could have so much fun???    Yesterday Mr. Mailman delivered TWO big envelopes here – one had my buddy from Scouts Sammy Pilch in it (or “SammyP” as he’s known at Scouts) and the other had my besties Raz, Allie, Anya and Gracie in it.  Today I showed them my red wagon and took them for a ride around my yard in it!    My other Scout buddy, Raz’s girlfriend Madi, is still here but she’d been outside before with me here and decided to stay inside and have a snack instead of another yard tour!


Here are some photos from my trip to Indiana!


And here’s Madi when she arrived – having a snooze her first night here in the guest room AND the next day when we had a picnic on my front porch!


If you’re a cat and want to have a TON of fun – consider Cat Scouts!!   If you join up, you might like to join MY Troop, the Worldwide Wildcats.  That’s right – I’m the TROOP LEADER!!!!

Know what tomorrow is?  HMMMMM???

That’s right – it’s MONSTER DAY!


Hugs, Sammy