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Sunday Selfie Hop


Hi Friends!    Happy Sunday.    Looks like it’s time for us to join in the Sunday fun by showing a photo of us at our best (or worst) in this Hop hosted by our buddies at The Cat On My Head.    If you click the badge above you can join in the fun.

I am doing a FLASHBACK Selfie today because Mom failed to capture any photos of me this week.   Not that I didn’t give her plenty of opportunity – just she was distracted with things like searching for toilet paper in the grocery stores around here and photographing ME – her only son – apparently didn’t rate the same attention as toilet paper did.  Oh well.   Sigh.

What I did though was go back in time to this same week to see what photo she MIGHT have taken of me either one or two years ago.    Let’s see what we can find shall we??

How about this little gem?    This was from March 16, 2017 which was just over a month after I was adopted.    I apparently was so exhausted from playing like a crazy kitten that I didn’t even make it into my cube before I passed out.   Well I’ve always been a good napper – this is proof that I was right from the start!    Even just seeing half of me I think I look like a skinny kitten compared to my generous proportions three years later.

Let’s see how this looks with a little ART effect added……………………..

Mom used Lunapic.com and discovered this effect at the bottom of the ART EFFECTS page – there were some styles of several famous artists available there including this one which is called the “FRIDA EFFECT” – if you aren’t familiar with Frida she is a brilliant artist.   Mom toned this down a little but the textures are very cool aren’t they?    Did we make a puzzle?  OF COURSE WE DID!!!!!!


Click the mini-me for the puzzle……..and GOOD LUCK!

Just in case you’re wondering – this photo is from the same day and Mom took it from the top hole looking down on me – looks like I finally made it INSIDE the cube after all!

Happy Sunday 

Hugs, Teddy