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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time to Hop!    We do the Selfie Hop with The Cat On  My Head on Sundays and we hope maybe you will join us – just click the badge above and link up!

I am doing another of my “usual” FLASHBACK Selfies.    Why?   Well honestly because every time my Mom thought she could catch me for a photo this past week I was asleep.   Sound asleep.    I’ve loaded about 500 sleeping photos of me as selfies for the Selfie Hop and I’m sure you’re tired of seeing my tummy.    Now I say that not knowing what photo my FLASHBACK will be as I tiptoe through the photos and see where I was and what I was doing this same day in a prior year (it could be another tummy shot!)

Let’s see what I find – wanna bet I’m sleeping in the photo?

Ha!  I thought it would be a sleeping photo but instead this photo from August 22, 2020 is the one I came up with and it happens to be one of my FAVORITES!     I was almost a year and a half old and Mom caught me in my tent but thought I looked like I was in a flying saucer.    She chose this weird art effect to use and it kinda looks RIGHT for the photo.   Alien Cat!

How about a puzzle for you puzzlers???

OK gang – click this MINI-ME and you can try your hand at the puzzle !!

Big Thanks to The Cat On My Head for hosting……..

HUGS, Teddy



Sunday Selfies Hop


Hi everybody!   Sunday is here so that means selfie time.    I’m doing a FLASHBACK selfie this Sunday.    We actually are sneaking up to the date we celebrate my GOTCHA DAY (February 12th) so I’m looking WAY  back in my files for this flashback to about the time I was adopted.

This was snapped by Mom on February 13th, 2017 which was the day AFTER I arrived in my new home from the shelter.    I’m already looking at my Mom with “love eyes” aren’t I ?!    I was pretty darn happy to be out of the shelter!


Mom decided to jazz this photo up with Lunapic using the REDBLUSH filter – I think it makes me look pretty darn cool (if you ask me!).


For you puzzle fans, here’s the puzzle – 100 pieces!!

Click the MINI-ME photo and have fun……oh – and have a HAPPY SUNDAY too!!!

Love, Teddy

P.S.   Come join the fun at the Tabby Cat Club – we would love to have you !

Sunday Selfie Hop


YAY!   We’re hopping along getting closer to Christmas every Sunday aren’t we………well, we have a big thanks to The Kitties Blue who are our hosts – because of them we can show off ourselves every Sunday to the world – if you want to join us – DO!  Click the badge above and link up.

Another Selfie Flashback for you this week.    I try to look back in the photo files of ME and find something taken in a previous year on about this same day.   Let’s see what I can find for today!!

This one is from December 10, 2017.   My first Christmas with Mom and Dad……………..not a very “Christmassy photo – shows me up on Mom’s bed when she’s obviously TRYING to change the sheets but has a kitty cat in the way!    Interesting colors and contrasts huh?   I quite like my stripes in this one and they seem to be nicely set off by the blue.

Is there a puzzle?   Well of course there is!

Just click this MINI-ME puzzle and you’ll get the jigsaw – remember you can change the number of pieces by clicking PLAY AS on the top!!


Happy Sunday!    Hugs, Teddy