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Friendly Fill-Ins and Shopping!


Happy Friday everybody……….today is Friendly Fill-Ins day but it’s also Bacon’s Shopping Around The World so I will have TWO parts to my post today.   I’m going to START with Fill-Ins.    That’s a fun Hop co-hosted by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing.   They each give us two sentences full of holes – well not holes really – BLANKS – and we fill in the blanks with whatever we want to and wind up telling everyone some new stuff about ourselves.   Makes it fun to hop around and read everyone’s “fill-ins”!    Wanna join us?   Click the badge above and visit McGuffy’s and fill in the LINKY TOOL and you’re IN!

Here are this week’s sentences and I thought I’d be generous and let my Mom fill things in………….her fill-ins are in RED.

1. I could really use a housekeeper – oh boy wouldn’t that be nice!!!! .

2. The National Cancer Society  is a charity that I like to support.

3. One time, I broke a memento belonging to my husband, and it took me a week before I could bring myself to tell him!   (and when I did he said no big deal it was fake anyway)

4. I wish that I had been less impulsive when  I was young.


Thanks Mom!   Well done.   I didn’t think I could answer these from MY point of view – they were more human-ish than kitty-ish.

Don’t forget everyone – if you want to play along, just visit McGuffy’s Reader so we can learn some fun stuff about you too!!

Now it’s time to SHOP AROUND THE WORLD……………….this is also a lot of fun – once a month we get an “assignment” from Bacon of what kind of recipe we need to share with everyone ELSE who participates.   We also tell the price we paid for the ingredients of this item AND show a photo if we can of it.    It’s very cool to see what other people pay for the same stuff we buy in our hometown grocery store.    Amazing the difference in prices around the world!    Our assignment this month was something that we consider comfort food like a dessert for instance.

Mom is going to give a recipe of something she’s given before but it’s still one of hers and Dad’s favorite desserts and she makes it A LOT.

Fruit Tart


Easy to make, delicious to eat and not one bit expensive in the long run (so says Mom).     The photo above is a strawberry tart but it could really be ANY fruit.


1 sheet puff pastry (that’s enough for two small tarts or one larger one but if you’re making more than two tarts, get more sheets of puff pastry)   ($4.89 on sale – Pillsbury)

Fresh fruit – washed  ($1.99 lb. for strawberries)

Sugar  (on hand)

Fruit jam or preserves   ($2.69 for GOOD strawberry preserves)



Preheat oven to temperature given on puff pastry packaging.   It’s usually 350 but make sure and preheat to the proper temperature.

Unroll puff pastry and divide into two pieces.   Fold up the sides of the puff pastry about one inch all the way around so it’s double in thickness just around the edges.   Prick interior of puff pastry square with fork so it won’t rise as much as the outer edges will.      Cook puff pastry in oven for required time.    Allow to cool

You don’t have to cut your fruit if it’s small – for strawberries I slice them into fairly thin slices.   When pastry is cooled a little, I put a layer of fruit preserves on the bottom of the tart, then arrange the slices of strawberries nicely then drizzle more preserves on top of the fruit.   Sprinkle with sugar !     A dollop of whipped cream is a nice finishing touch but not necessary as these tarts are super delicious just the way they are.


EASY?  You betcha!!!     Now I admit I don’t eat the strawberries but I have been able to sweet talk Mom into sharing a little bit of whipped cream with me.    Tee Hee


Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins…..LATE!


YAY!  Mom and Dad are back and so am I !!  

Just in time for FILL-INS!

Boy was I happy when Mom and Dad showed up at the kennel this morning and rescued me from the pain and agony and horror of being locked up in the slammer the happy place where the Sisters took such good care of me!   They all came out to hug me and tell Mom and Dad how very good I was while there.   Then Mom put my harness on and I walked loud and proud all the way out to the car and home again.   Of course I had to sniff EVERYTHING on all three floors of the house to make sure things were where they were SUPPOSED to be.  They were.

We are behind today but I’m doing my Friendly Fill-Ins late and that’s better than NEVER right?   This week’s sentences are filled in by my Mom and they’re in HALLOWEEN ORANGE color today!   If you haven’t joined up on this blog hop before you SHOULD – it’s co-hosted by Miss Ellen of 15andMeowing and Miss Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and if you click on the badge above, you will go to McGuffy’s where you can join up and fill in your OWN answers – it’s fun to share with everyone on the HOP!

1. If I was a ghost, I would haunt everyone who has ever been mean to an animal !.
2. I always smile when I think of Christmas – I am still a little girl when it comes to that holiday.
3. My favourite scary story is “The Shining” by Stephen King.

4. I will be so glad when we quit having HOT days and get our FULL-ON Fall!!.
Thanks Mom!   I knew you could do it…………………!
Mom and Dad had a nice time on their little vacation to Maine.   Here are just a few of the photos Mom took………..she didn’t take a photo of the leaves but they were GORGEOUS up there – way more colorful than here in Virginia.
Three sunrise photos from their hotel room……………….
This is just a view from the lobby of the hotel out to the ocean and the rocks……………..
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to whine until one of my parents takes me out for my first “I’m home now” walk in my yard!!!

Hugs, Teddy

Filling In, Blogging for Peace and Thanking!


It’s a “Triple Duty” Day!


First I’m going to do my Friendly Friday Fill-ins which is co-hosted by 15andmeowing AND McGuffy’s Reader…………………..each Friday we have four sentences that we just “fill-in” with our own responses.  Then we all share and it’s tons of fun to see how everyone answers.    If you wanna pawticipate – just go to one of the blogs that’s hosting and use the LINKY TOOL and join in!

Here are the four sentences for today and this week I’m filling them in ALL BY MYSELF!  My answers are in RED.

1. Peace in the world is my family’s #1 wish.
2. I need to  take my thyroid medicine without giving Mom the bitey or spitting it out – I should be better about that, but I keep procrastinating.
3. A friend is  the BEST gift you can get.

4. I  will  try to  stop begging for butter but sometimes I can’t help myself!

There you have it!   My fill-ins for today (say- why did the typeface change?!)


I’m joining THOUSANDS of bloggers who Blog For Peace every November 4th.  

CLICK HERE to visit the website……….post your peace globe…………….GIVE PEACE A CHANCE………………

AND, last but not least, I want to sincerely thank my very good and dear friend from “Down Under” Sharon Pridmore of Gentle Stitches.   She sent me and Mom a most cool thing from the incredibly magical place in Australia called Uluru Rock.   Ever heard of it?   An amazing red monolith rising out of the ground in the middle of nowhere…….with quite a story.    You can read about it HERE and she sent me a souvenir of her visit there……Check it out!

This is FLAT ME with the globe by my feets!

This is FLAT ME with the globe by my feets!


This is a CLOSE up of the globe – isn’t it cool???????

Miss Sharon is the lovely lady who designed the fabulous “Sammy Tote” which she made with her very own talented hands (and yarn!) and the pattern for this way cool bag will be available in December on a knitting site – I’ll share the link when I get it.    Meanwhile, here’s the photos I posted of it when we received our “prototype” tote from Miss Sharon a while ago!

HOW COOL IS THIS!!! It's ME - It's ME !!

HOW COOL IS THIS!!! It’s ME – It’s ME !!

Sorry to inundate you with STUFF today but I had a lot of things I needed to say – and thanks to give – and PEACE to share…………so I hope you have a PEACE-FULL day and weekend………..tomorrow is BACON DAY at my house!



Peace Baby