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Friendly Fill-Ins for Friday


Friday!!  YAY!   Time to HOP with 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    Filling in blanks in sentences sure can tell a lot about us huh?    That’s why it’s fun – we travel around and read everyone else’s fill-ins and find out stuff that we might not have known about each other.  We thank our co-hosts for this super fun HOP!    Mom and I usually take turns doing the filling in OR sometimes share in one post.    I thought Mom and I might SHARE the filling in duties for this week.    If Mom is answering, it will be BLUE and if it’s ME it will be GREEN!

And away we go………………………..

1. My favorite outdoor activity is sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the front porch and watching the world go by.
2. One positive aspect of social isolation is nobody is ringing our doorbell!!!!.
3. It’s fortunate that my husband and I are homebodies – life hasn’t changed much for us these last weeks.
4. I have all my favorite napping spots memorized.

Mom is right – our lives haven’t changed much since the “stay at home” has begun.    We love being at home – all of us.    My Dad still goes to the airport to fly his plane or just clean out the hangar, etc., and Mom DOES do grocery shopping once a week but everything else is status quo.    I get to go outside if I want to and pretty much WHEN I want to…………once in a while the phone rings (robo calls of course!) and we get “just checking in to see how you are” emails just as we send out our share of those.    We kinda did that ANYWAY.     Checking in with friends is what you tend to do when you’re a blogger.
We just continue being grateful that we are healthy, happy, have food and supplies, see the sun instead of rain occasionally (!), and carry on while being more careful than ever.    We pray everyone will continue to follow the guidelines and we can hope that as a reward, the virus will DIE OFF and leave everyone alone.    That won’t happen for a while yet though so PLEASE STAY SAFE.    We love you!

Don’t worry Mom – I’m keeping an eye on the front door for you!   

Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


Hello All!   Time to fill in those pesky blanks that 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs give us every week so we can have some fun filling them in.    If you’d like to do the same, just click the badge above and it will take you to 15andMeowing where you can LINK UP with us!

Mom and I decided to SHARE the filling in duties this week………..if I’m supplying the words then the words are in RED and if they are Mom’s words, they are in GREEN.   Got it?   Good – let’s go!    Oh and thank you co-hosts for this FUN  Hop every week!

1. Lately, I have done a lot of housecleaning, closet straightening, and cupboard reorganizing because – well – what else can you do when you’re stuck in the house all day?????.
2. My windows are badly in need of cleaning but I am absolutely NOT interested in doing that YET – it will take me a couple of days.   Three story house = lots of windows to clean.
3. I can’t help but be a little bit happy that my Mom and Dad are hanging out at home more than ever lately – it’s all about ME!.
4. When I meet a stranger, I give them a good sniff first and if they pass the sniff test I’ll give them a head bonk.


So there you have it – easy peasy – Mom and I handled the fill-ins TOGETHER.    We think there will be a lot more togetherness in the months to come until this virus thing dies off and goes away.   You won’t hear me complaining.    No sireeeee!    Stay safe everybody!

Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins!



Happy Friday!   Ready to HOP?   I am.    This is a very fun hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs and if you’d like to have some fun filling in blanks with us, just click the badge above, and fill in the LINKY FORM!

We get two sentences from each co-host with blanks in them that we are supposed to fill.    This week Mom said I could fill in the blanks ALL BY MYSELF.    YAY for me!   My words are in RED.


1. I know spring is almost here when Mom doesn’t look like an Eskimo when she dresses to go outside with me for a walk!.

2. I find being out in the wind confusing.   (The wind blows really hard and I can’t smell danger – cats rely on their noses a lot!)

3. I have a strong opinion on how late my parents should stay up before going to bed – I will meow and meow and complain if they are up past a certain hour – I’m ready to go to bed even if THEY aren’t!

4. Wet cat food is the strangest thing I have ever eaten.   (Mom keeps trying to switch me from dry to wet food and I look at her like she’s got two heads or is nuts!)

There you have it – filling in by Teddy for a change.   I thought I could handle all the sentences by myself this week and I think I did OK don’t you?

Happy Friday!

Are you coming upstairs with me Mom?   Let’s go!!!  NAP TIME!

Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins


Friday!    The day our co-hosts at 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs give us four sentences (two from each of our co-hosts) and we have to fill in the blanks.   Easy right?   Well, yes it is and if you would like to play along – click the badge above and LINK UP!

I wasn’t really sure who should fill in this week but I was so busy snoozing that I couldn’t manage to cooperate when Mom was working on this blog post SOOOOOOOOO she’s in charge this week and her fill-ins are RED.

1. I didn’t have my first cat until I had my first apartment on my own because my Dad didn’t like cats!.    (Interesting side note:  My Dad learned to love my cats in his later years – I’d often hear him talking to them when he would visit me.   It made me so happy)
2. I try to avoid getting into arguments.
3. My fear of snakes keeps me from poking around in the woods too much – I keep my eyes on the ground and am constantly scanning the area!.
4. If I were a ghost, I would haunt the best restaurant in town so after it closes every night I could eat all the yummy leftovers!.
Gosh Mom………………REALLY??????    Well, maybe next week I’ll take over and do the filling in.    Know what else?  You’ve told me before about my Grandad not liking cats but the best part of that story is that he admitted that he’d never really tried to get to know/understand us.    I think more people would love us if they took the time to look into our eyes and see all that love in there!!!!
Happy Friday everybody………………………

Hugs from Me and Mom!   



Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday!    Here we are doing our filling-in thing again thanks to our co-hosts 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs who give us some great sentences to fill-in every week.   If you’d like to play too, click the badge above and link up.    The more the merrier!

Today Mom and I shared – she answered and I answered…………..if it’s MY words they are in BLUE and if they are HER words they’re in GREEN!

1. October is the perfect month for getting my sweaters out and putting my t-shirts away.

2. The most recent purchase I made online was a birthday present for my husband who is turning 75 on October 5th.

3. If I turned invisible for a day, oh boy would I be happy – I’d explore all sorts of off limits places in and outside the house!
4.  Curiosity has gotten me in trouble in the past.   (aren’t cats supposed to be curious??)
There you have it – our filling in fun for Friday.    Wonder what kind of blanks we get to fill next week – I guess I’ll just have to wait to find that out!    HAPPY FRIDAY!

Love, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday


It’s that time again!    Fill-in the blanks with our co-hosts, 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    Each Friday we get TWO sentences from each of them and we take it from there – filling in the blanks however we want to.    It’s fun, and easy, and we thank them for thinking of such a fun regular feature!

This week I let my Mom fill in ALL the blanks.    I like to give her a little treat like that once in a while.   After all, she makes my life fun so I want to help make HER life fun too!    Her answers are in RED.

1. I think it would be fun to do a special European cruise for my 30th anniversary next year with my husband!.
2. I have a hankering for chocolate chip cookies AND I have the ingredients, so I’m going to fulfill my hankering.
3. Being stuck in Paris on 9/11 is a memory I will never forget.
4. If I were given the choice to be immortal, I would pass on the opportunity – I have liked my life in this time but not so sure I would like it into the future so “once is enough” for me!.

OK Mom thanks for filling in.   Maybe next week I’ll take a turn………or we’ll do them together………we’ll see what the sentences are next week and decide OK?  OK!     Thanks to our co-hosts for making Friday so much fun.


Love, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop


Happy Friday!   Time to do a bit of filling in with our co-hosted HOP for that purpose.   Every Friday Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing give us two sentences each with lots of left out words and we just fill in the blanks.   Couldn’t be easier and you’d be surprised how much we learn about each other just from that!     If you click the badge above you can link up and have fun with us.

Here are this week’s sentences and I decided to let Mom do her thing with these – I probably COULD have helped but I’m sleeping in this morning (on top of her pillows!) so HAVE AT IT MOM!   Her words are in GREEN.

1. I hope Planet Earth never goes out of business. (Weird answer?  Maybe but you have to admit, we’re doing our best to mess it up and I really hope we don’t – it’s our HOME SWEET HOME!)
2. So far, the highlight of my year has been having fun with my husband discussing possible super vacations for our 30th anniversary next year – so many places we’d like to see!
3. Doing laundry takes up too much time.   (A necessary evil though unless we lived in a nudist colony and “THAT AIN’T HAPPENING” !!!)
4. If I didn’t have to sleep, I would spend that extra time reading more.    (I’m on the computer enough as it is but I’d like to spend LESS time on it and more time with my nose buried in a book)
Thanks Mom!   Good job……..maybe next week I’ll take a turn.   You never know!


Love, Teddy