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Friendly Fill-Ins


Friday is here and so is the Fill-In Hop!     If you want to fill in some sentences and have some fun with us – just click the badge above and GO FOR IT!   Every Friday each of our co-hosts gives us two sentences with blanks in fun spots and we fill in the blanks however we want to.    It’s always interesting to read everyone else’s fill-ins.

Here’s this week’s sentences…………..this week I decided to let my Mom have the honors and her fill-ins are in BLUE!

1. My favorite kind of music is NOT LOUD.

2. I don’t believe  in going to bed angry.

3. My ideal day begins at 3:30AM with Teddy – that’s his “play time” and our alone time before his Dad gets up.
4. Don’t let fear of aging stop you from staying YOUNG AT HEART!
Thanks Mom!  I knew you’d do a good job with these – I kinda thought the sentences were more for people to answer than ME doing it this week.
I agree with Mom’s #2 – do I look angry?   HECK NO!!!   I look SLEEPY!

Love, Teddy


Friendly Friday Fill-In Fun!


Friday Fill-In Time!!!!!


Our “FUNNEST” Hop – filling in sentences courtesy of our co-hosts McGuffys’ Reader and 15andMeowing……….we just have to fill in the blanks and hop on the Hop and voila – we get to visit and see inside other people’s heads from what they’ve filled in!   Pretty cool huh?   Well we think so and that’s why we join it every Friday.   Each of our co-hosts gives us two sentences with blanks and we fill ’em!

Here are this Friday’s sentences and I let my Mom fill in number 3 I did the others!   My words are in GREEN and hers in RED.


1. Snow isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be to play in – it’s COLD on my feets!.

2. I am excited to have my very FIRST Christmas.
3. One holiday memory that I cherish is Christmas morning breakfast made by my Dad.  Homemade sausage gravy and biscuits.  MMMMM!.

4. I always thought that Santa was a big jolly old CAT with a beard but the photos I see of him – he’s HUMAN!


There you have it!   Our Friday Fill-Ins!    If you want to join in the fun – just click McGuffy’s badge at the top of the page and it will take you to her blog where you can fill out the LINKY form and become “one of us” ……….you’ll be glad you did.

Love and Holiday Hugs, Teddy


Friendly Fill-In Friday



Yes it is – and that means time for filling in the sentences for the BLOG HOP co-hosted by Ellen of 15andmeowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.   If you want to play along, click the badge below and hop over to join in the fun!

It’s a fun way to find out new stuff about each other and we look forward to it every week…………………..This week I again let Mom fill-in because usually the sentences aren’t really so easy for a guy like me to fill-in!    Mom’s words are in RED.


1.   Worrying is  a waste of time.    (worrying about something doesn’t change it – taking action can change something sometimes but worry never does!)

2. My favorite app is PIZAP (I don’t use a smart phone but Pizap is my “go to” application for photo editing).

3. My first car was a big old Oldsmobile that my Dad bought for me.

4. The best car I ever owned was my current car – a Buick LaCrosse, because it’s like riding on a cloud and with all the bells and whistles I just feel GOOD driving it!.


Thanks Mom – I wish you could get Daddy to feel like you do about worrying – he worries 24/7 and if he isn’t worrying, THAT worries him (hahahahaha).    As for your “best car” since I’m not allowed to ride in your fancy shmancy Buick I wouldn’t KNOW about it being so fabulous BUT I’ll take your word for it.  Besides, I like riding in Daddy’s Blazer because there’s lots of room in the back for me to explore stuff and look out all those windows!     I’m not all that crazy about riding in cars but I just need you guys to take me more places so I get used to stuff whizzing by the windows!!

Now I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you all that WE are hosting SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD this month for Bacon and his Mom since they are super duper busy – so please remember it will be on THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st and we will all be sharing our favorite recipe for SNACKS!     YAY FOR SNACKS!    Mom’s got her recipe all ready – how about you?

Remember you need to share your recipe for whatever your favorite snack is as well as the price you paid for the ingredients so we can see how much things cost around the world – part of the fun!!   You should still LINK your recipes to Bacon’s blog so he knows you’re pawticipating this month!!!

AND one more reminder!

Monday, August 28 is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

This is a day to remember those we’ve lost and it was started by Zee and Zoey’s Deb Barnes…..to honor her cat Jazz.   They are hosting a BLOG HOP for Remembrance Day and you can join in the Hop any time on Monday, August 28th by clicking HERE.

We will have two posts on Monday – one of them will be part of the Hop at Zee and Zoey’s and we will be remembering our Angel Sammy……..and maybe you want to do a special post yourselves.

See You Tomorrow from Baconia!  

Love, Teddy


Filling In and Being Thankful!


Time for our “FILLING IN” Blog Post for Friday!


Today is the day our Friendly Fill-Ins Co-Hosts, Ann of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing challenge us to fill in some sentences thereby sharing a bit of USUALLY interesting information about ourselves with the blogosphere!

I’m filling today’s sentences in ALL BY MYSELF………..sometimes I let Mom do it but this week it’s MINE ALL MINE!    If you’d like to join up, please do – just visit McGuffy’s Reader and use the LINKY TOOL and join in the fun!

Here’s today’s sentences and my “fill-ins” are in BLUE!

  1.  Yesterday, Mom and Dad were in W. Virginia with family for Thanksgiving and I was home WAITING for them!
  2.  My Mom says that she has NEVER done a regift to anyone – ever!
  3.  My favorite holiday leftover is TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY!
  4.  The best part of a long holiday weekend is knowing that my Mom and Dad will be HOME instead of their usual out running errands kind of day. 

Mom and Dad returned from their Thanksgiving in W. Virginia early this morning and brought me a LOT OF leftovers!   As you see from my fill-in above, TURKEY is my fave and I’m now set for at least a week.   Of course I MIGHT share some of it with them………..maybe…………and unlike this cat below, seeing a turkey doesn’t scare me one bit – (when it’s on a plate instead of running around the yard anyway!).

Where should I start??

WHAT IS THIS THING????????????????

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration – with good food, family and friends, but above all, remembering all the things that you are THANKFUL for.   I sure have thought a lot lately about how thankful I am…………I’m still here after almost 17 years which is a good start on the list of THANKFULS!!!!

Now we barrel through the next few weeks toward Christmas.   I have been VERY good this year so I’m sure Santa Paws is going to be visiting me as he always has.   I hope you all have already sent your WISH LISTS to him – if not, you’d better HURRY UP!

naughtyniceHe’s already finalizing these VERY IMPORTANT lists he keeps !!!



Happy Friday……

Thankful Sam

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