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Friendly Fill-Ins


Friday and time for filling in the blanks with our co-hosts for this fun Hop.    Want to join us?   Just click the badge above and look for the LINK and join in the fun we have every Friday.    This is a great way to tell everyone more about ourselves – how we think – what we’re up to – etc .    So let’s go!    I let my Mom have a little treat this week since she’s trying to get back to “normal” (whatever that is) after her surgery and I let her do ALLLL the fill-ins.    Her words are in GREEN.


1. So far 2021 is great – new President – new hope for the future – brand new right hip!.
2. A book (movie or song) title that best describes my life is “When You Wish Upon A Star” – when I first heard that song as a kid watching Walt Disney Show I decided to start wishing on the brightest star in the sky every night and so many of my wishes have come true…….I’ve been lucky.
3. Having so little snow yet this Winter (although I know that can change!) was a pleasant surprise.
4. I learned that having my hubby do the laundry on his own without supervision is a recipe for disaster.       (David had to fill in for a lot of things that I normally do while I spent my first two weeks after hip replacement surgery in bed/off my feet……bless him……he had no idea where anything went, what gets washed with what or even how to use the washer and dryer!!)   
About #4 Mom says she is very proud that Dad DID learn about laundry and the appliances in the house and what goes where and when something needs to be done but he also (we think) has a bigger appreciation for all the things that SEEM to happen “seamlessly” around here thanks to Mom!
Everyone have a warm and safe week……………..we’ll be back with more filling in next week.

Love, Teddy (and Mom)