Friendly Friday Fill-Ins

Time to Fill-In!  Let’s do it!

Every week McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing give us some sentences (two each) with some blanks for us to fill-in.   What does that do?   Gives us a chance to tell stuff about ourselves – that’s what!!   And the results are always interesting and sometimes surprising but ALWAYS entertaining.    So shall we do our thing?   If you want to do your thing, just click on the badge above, go to McGuffy’s and fill in the LINKY form – VOILA – you’re there with the rest of us – telling it like it is!

My Mom said she’d fill in this week…………..she almost always says that and I’m happy to let her because most of the time, I can’t think of anything good to say OR they are more human-ish questions than cat-ish.   Mom did her filling in with RED.   Can’t miss RED can you?!

1. My favorite part of November is Thanksgiving but ALSO the fact it’s the last month to have to wait for CHRISTMAS to be here!

2. Every November, I give my husband my Christmas Wish List – that’s something HE started when we got married – we keep a list of things we’d “like” to have then before the holiday we exchange lists.   My list always ends with the words “PLUS SOME SURPRISES PLEASE!” because I love surprises.

3. For me, peace feels like it’s just out of reach – like the old carousels that had the rings you tried to grab as you went around and around – it’s THERE but tough to grab……I hope and pray that we ARE able to grab the ring.
4. So far, my upcoming holiday plans  include NO traveling – just lots of home time with fires in the fireplace, stockings to fill, and the FUN of seeing Teddy have his first “real” Christmas!
OK – I admit – Angel Sammy told me that I will LOVE Christmas so I’m definitely on board with Mom’s last fill-in………………..Angel Sammy was a big fan of the train that went round and round under the tree.  Not sure how I will like that but I’m going to give it a try!

Angel Sammy checking out the Christmas tree in Dec. 2015

Dad has a NEW train since Angel Sammy was here though.    It’s smaller than this one.    This old train was 30 years old when it stopped working!    I have a list made for Santa Paws – Sammy helped me with it.   I’m not big on toys but he’s sure there will be SOME things that I will like – he also told me that Santa kind of just “knows” what we will like without me writing it on a list!    I think that must mean that Santa is MAGIC.

Anyway, that’s it for Fill-Ins this week.   Thank you Miss Annie at McGuffy’s and Miss Ellen at 15andMeowing for hosting Fill-Ins every week.

I have something in common with Santa Paws!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Teddy


Friendly Friday Fill-Ins

Let’s Do This!

Here we are again – arriving at a Friday which means Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop!   This one is co-hosted by 15andmeowing AND McguffysReader.    If you click the badge above you will go to McGuffy’s and you can use the LINKY tool to enter your blog post link and have some fun with us!

Here are the questions for today – two from each of our hosts!    Mom gets the honor today – these are mostly “peopleized” questions so she’s the STAR today and her fill-ins are in RED.

1. A recurring dream I have is that I’m back in school (not sure if grade school or high school) and can’t remember WHERE my next class is!

2. Turn a rainy day into a day to catch up on reading or napping or getting in touch with old friends.

3. My small spot of poison ivy is driving me crazy!

4. Lately, I have been making more “light” meals because it’s been so hot .

Thanks Mom!    I have to say that it’s PROBABLY  my fault you got poison ivy – you’re always picking me up out in the yard when it’s time to come back inside on our walks and often I’ve been digging around in the leaves/greenery out there!    Sorry about that……..
I’ve been hearing some rumors that Mom is going to desert me on Monday to visit her sister – my Auntie Carol and her two pups.   One of her pups is Casey, and he’s just a baby – and quite small – and he’s able to get through the deck railings on Auntie Carol’s front deck which is where he and his brother Toby play!    Not good – he will run run run run like a crazy boy if he gets loose.   So Auntie Carol put one of those “blow up” collars on him like we have to wear after we’ve had a little “surgery” at the V.E.T./Stabby place.    It works perfectly – he can’t get through the rails!   Smart huh?
Sorry Casey Dood but you’re not gonna be escaping again with THAT thing on!!!    Casey is an “Imperial Shih Tzu” which is a SMALL sized Shih Tzu…….his brother Toby is the black/white Shih Tzu behind him.   Casey was almost BLACK until he had his first puppy cut – now he’s kind of taupe/gold/gray!    Mom will get to see him Monday.
Tomorrow is Bacon Caturday………….hope you’re ready for that…………..I know I sure am……………… is Angel Sammy – he still visits me every single night when I’m asleep teaching me things and telling me things to help me.    I wish he was HERE for real but it’s not so bad having an Angel On My Shoulder either…….!!!


Love, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday!

Fun Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!

Oh boy!   It’s Friday and time to fill in some sentences!   I’m turning this project over to Mom again this week –  most of the time the sentences are more “human-friendly” than kitty friendly although we see lots of our furry buddies answering.    I just like to give my Mom something to do to keep her out of trouble…..HAHAHA

If you’d like to pawticipate in the fun, click on the badge above and go to McGuffy’s Reader where you can use the LINKY tool and enter your blog link – then we can see your fill-ins too!!!!!!!   This fun Hop is co-hosted by our friends Miss Ellen at 15andMeowing AND Miss Annie at McGuffys’ Reader.

Mom’s gonna fill in using RED today – RED HOT – like the weather will be here before you know it!    Go Mom!


1. I have googled practically EVERYTHING – it’s fun to research, learn, find stuff – including googling my name which I found most interesting!
2. I have never bought or sold anything on Ebay.
3. I think I’m very lucky to love my life – so many unhappy people in the world.

4. My husband thinks he “runs” the household but I know – and Teddy knows – that everything revolves around TEDDY!!!!.


So there you have it – Mom’s take on things and I did take particular note of her answer to #4.    Woot!

Yesterday was another “summer-like” day – hot and sunny and I got Dad to take me for a walk but not for long – I’m not much of a fan of HOT…….I like COLD.   Go figure.   Maybe because I was born in March somewhere around here in Virginia where it’s COLD and often snowy in March?   Whatever…….anyway, I came in from my cruise and went to the basement where it’s COOL and took a three hour nap.    Mom was busy though – while I was snoozing she was repotting plants and taking some photos of the place.   Several of you peeps asked me to show you how the old place looks these days.   Mom’s plants are all pretty small but soon they’ll be BIG I’m sure……..JUST LIKE ME!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll see if anyone is available to take me outside before it gets steamy.   AND don’t forget tomorrow is (WAIT FOR IT):

Be there or be square!

Love, Teddy B (for bear)

Friday Fill-Ins

Happy Friday!  

It’s time for Friendly Fill-in Fun……..

Hosted by our friends 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader


So what are our sentences for today you may ask??????   Here they are, AND my “fill-ins” are in RED!

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 11

1. I wish I could afford to hire someone to do all the stuff around the house that my Mom does so she could spend more time with ME ME ME!.
2. Zucchini apparently scares some kitties when they see one but not me – I’m a big brave ginger cat!
3. One Summertime memory I recall is my first summer living with Mom and Dad (I was 6 months old) and being allowed to go down into the cool woods and sit with Mom on the bench – I fell asleep!.
4. This Summer, it’s been super hot outside and I’ve decided being INSIDE the house isn’t so bad!!.
Keep Cool!

Keep Cool!

Now, if you’d like to see other “fill-ins” from other bloggers today – just click on one of the links up above and visit 15andmeowing OR Mcguffy’sReader and check them out……..OR, you can do your OWN fill-ins on your blog and link to them using the “Linky” Widget both of them have on their pages!    It’s fun to see how everyone fills in the sentences.   It’s something they do EVERY FRIDAY so put it on your calendar!    Both blogs post the sentences to be filled in the Thursday before the day we post.    WHEEEEE!
In other news – the Broomhildas showed up right on time this morning for the weekly housecleaning duty…………………… they are like a TORNADO!    They get it done so quickly Mom and Dad and I have trouble keeping up with them as they whip right through the house and get everything ship shape for another week!
The Broomhildas have their OWN business now!  They rate "FOUR PAWS" too so you know they're good!

The Broomhildas have their OWN business now! They rate “FOUR PAWS” too so you know they’re good!

They are FASTER than I am with a broom!

They are FASTER than I am with a broom!

Have a Fun-Filled Friday

Tomorrow is Bacon Day!  YAY!

It's GOOD to be King!

It’s GOOD to be King!

“Friday Fill-Ins” and Cleaning Day


It’s that time again!

It’s cleaning day at my house and guess what…………the Broomhildas aren’t coming – we’re on our own – no substitute cleaners so we’re back to the “FAMILY CLEANING DAY” mode!   No worries – we can handle it…..if the crew of bulldogs can do it – WE can do it.

However, I did put out a minor distress call to the neighborhood felines who were MORE than happy to give us a hand…………..why not take advantage of their willingness to chip in right?   (click on the pictures to see captions and “bigify”!):

See?   Didn’t take long at all.   Sometimes I wonder why Mom ever employed the Broomhildas………………we cats are always ready to help out right?

Thanks for asking us to help out Sammy! We're all going home to take a nap now. Just give us a buzz next time you want help with the house OK??????

Thanks for asking us to help out Sammy! We’re all going home to take a nap now. Just give us a buzz next time you want help with the house OK??????

Now for the FUN part of this post today – the Friday Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!    Here are the sentences for this week’s challenge and MY (not Mom’s this week but MINE) answers are in RED!    If you wanna play along, just click the badge below and join the BLOG HOP for this fill-in fun………………



1. I used to love to eat cheese,  but now it  repulses me.
2. I would never eat deli meats like ham, turkey and salami, but now I love it.
3. I always cry for my Mom to come clean my litterbox the second I use it.
4. Seeing Mom first thing in the morning before she combs her hair always makes me laugh.
So there!   Mom did the fill-ins the last couple of weeks and I thought it was high time I got to do it…………………….considering my fill-in for #4 though I’m thinking Mom may want to take over again next Friday.   EEK!


Hugs, Sammy