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Friendly Fill-Ins


Friday’s here so it’s time to fill in sentences!    Our co-hosts give us four sentences every Friday and we fill in the blanks – when we do, we wind up telling a lot about ourselves so it’s fun to do.   Would you like to play along?   Good!   Just click on the badge above and it will take you to McGuffy’s Reader – one of our hosts (along with 15andMeowing) and you can link up!!

Here are this week’s four sentences (two from McGuffy’s and two from 15andMeowing) – and this week I let my Mom be the “Fill In Queen” – her additions are in BLUE!

1. Before you get mad you need to count to ten – sometimes by the time you get to ten what was AWFUL doesn’t seem so AWFUL anymore!.

2. After someone has done something nice for you, always thank them – people should be recognized for CARING.

3. Winter seems so much longer than summer!.

4. Spring is my favorite season – things are coming back to life and growing – also people start SMILING again instead of FROWNING at the bad weather!


OK Mom!   Thanks……………I don’t think I would have done a very good job filling in these sentences…………….you did just fine and by the way – I agree about winter seeming like it lasts FOREVER!!!

Wake me when it’s spring will ya Mom????

Hugs, Pam and Teddy too