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Caturday Already??


Gosh………where has this week gone? 

I can’t believe it’s Caturday already……maybe because I’m getting older time is moving more quickly?  Hmmm….I’m not sure I like that!!   Mom says when she was young time just dragged by…..everything just plain took FOREVER to arrive – now just like me – she says time is flying.  Oh well………Caturday Here We Come!

First of all Caturday means bacon.  No complaints there.

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

YAY! Is that bacon I smell?????

Secondly it means both Mom and Dad are home and don’t go anywhere.  No complaints there (more lap time for me).

Thirdly I don’t have to worry about housecleaning or laundry activities because they were done Thursday and Friday.  No complaints there (except I do kind of like it when Mom puts fresh sheets on her bed).

Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed

Ahhh….fresh bedding!

The only other thing going on around here is my Mom finally finished her little short story/book about the feral cat who starts his own colony in the magical forest!  Yep – she’s waiting for a proof copy of it but it’s DONE.  The “star” of the book is a little tuxedo cat named “Feral”.   Now I have to say that my Mom’s Dad’s name was “Ferol” – same name, different spelling.  She’s kind of honoring her Dad and writing about feral cats (ME!) at the same time!   Cool huh?  The book is called “Feral’s Rainbow Forest Family”…….it’s a VERY short book – only 22 ages – and Mom did three illustrations for it herself.  Here’s the cover:



Feral has green eyes!

Feral has green eyes!


Here’s what “Feral” looks like – this is him as a tiny kitten after he’s been separated from his Mom and he’s wandering on his own – he’s in some deep grass and sees a human for the first time!  Can you tell he’s scared????   I bet I was scared when I saw my first human too…..

Feral sees his first human.......

Feral sees his first human…….

Well, I guess that’s all that’s happening in my world.  How about you?  Anything exciting going on?  I’m still somewhat pouting that we didn’t get any snow after they promised me 1-3 inches.  But I promise by the time I get my bacon this morning for breakfast I’ll have forgotten ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about snow!

Kitty Hugs and Happy Caturday!  

Sammy 😀 😀