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Aching for Bacon


HAHAHAHA…..cute subject huh?   As always I’m knee-deep in breakfast bacon fantasies because it’s Saturday.   Mom’s making some bacon/egg/cheese biscuits this morning and the biscuits are smelling great, the bacon is smelling even better, and I’m salivating all over the floor waiting for her to finish!


After she makes breakfast she’s going to be doing some baking – biscotti !   Now you might think I would turn up my nose at some kind of silly thing like biscotti but you’d be wrong.  I actually like how crunchy it is, and Mom will give me a tiny corner of a piece to gnaw on – good for my teefies you know!    She’s going to be putting mixed dried fruits in the biscotti but I don’t like that so it will be a corner of a PLAIN biscotti that she will make JUST FOR ME!   How lucky am I?  Would this be yet another indication that I’m “one spoiled cat” ???   Yeah….probably so.


We had a lot of noise around here yesterday – the neighbors got a puppy a few months ago and he’s growing like a little weed.  He’s a schnauzer which looks like this (but this isn’t him):


They had an invisible fence installed so Fritzy the pup can wander wherever he wants to on HIS property but won’t come onto ours or the neighbor on the other side……….at least that’s the theory.   Other people we know who have the invisible fence say it works so we’ll see.   This dog will have the WHOLE yard including down into the woods to explore so the space they gave him is huge.  That means he can play with the boys and their friends in the woods and anywhere else in the yard.  Seems like a good idea if you have a dog and don’t want to put up an ACTUAL fence to keep him in.

I don’t need a fence!   No sireeee…………I’m not wandering off from this good deal I have here in my house – no way baby!

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!!!


 Hugs, Sammy