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Father’s Day Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Father’s Day to all Dads everywhere.    A big thank you to The Cat On My Head for hosting the Selfies Hop and giving us a chance to strut our stuff every Sunday.    If you’d like to join in – just click the badge above and link up with the rest of us.

I’m treating my Dad extra nice today.     Of course I show him I love him EVERY DAY – especially when we’re outside on a walk together – but I’m sticking EXTRA CLOSE to him on this special day.    You’ve all seen my favorite photos of me and Dad together many times but even though it’s been some years since these were taken, they are STILL my favorites.


These photos were from the “old days” when I was still on a harness and leash.  Nowadays I roam free under snoopervision by Mom and Dad!

I’m going to make sure my Dad is treated like a KING today…………………….

As for a selfie for ME today since it’s the Selfie Hop, here’s another recent photo of me (from last week) that Mom took the same time she took the famous “laser eyes guiding Dad out of the back woods” photo that I had LAST Sunday!

And of course Mom put it into Lunapic and jazzed it up a bit – by the way – notice how SMALL I look next to that BIG alberta spruce???   Sneaky huh!

Oh boy do I ever LOVE this one…………………what a very cool effect………..it’s under “NEWEST ART EFFECTS” and is called “LIFE ART 2”  – WOW – so interesting isn’t it????

THEN, we made a puzzle out of it which is NOT going to be easy we don’t think…………….so if you’re in the mood for puzzling just click the mini-me below and don’t get eye strain please??     Most of all enjoy your FATHER’S DAY!



Hugs for Dads and Everyone from Teddy!