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Woo Woo!!!!   It’s here………………….my day……………….bacon is on the menu of course and I’m happy about that.   Mom and Dad are making bacon/egg/cheese sammiches and I’m sure I can “wangle” a little bit of all three of those things for my plate!



Yesterday my parents took on the first LEAF SUCKING VENTURE of this Fall.  That’s right – hooked up the tractor to the leaf machine and around and around the yard Mom went – took less than an hour and only three “dumps” of the leaf bag thing to get it all done.   The leaf machine we have sucks up the leaves and grinds them up before depositing them in the big canvas square bag on the back of the tractor and it’s pretty big so holds a whole lot of ground up leaves.   Our neighbors on either side have leaf sucking attachments to their mowers BUT they don’t “pre-grind” the leaves into itty bitty pieces so they’re constantly having to empty their bags or containers.  NOT US!   So the yard looks tons better and there’s more grass available and accessible for ME to have a snack when I want one!   Here’s some photos Mom took AFTER she finished mowing………..

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I guess today is supposed to be another pretty day so I’m hoping for more sun and more outside time.   Mom’s been pretty swell to take me out every time I SCREAM at the front door.   What a Mom!!!

What else is going on in my world?   Not much…………..which is FINE with me……we older guys like our LEISURE time!!!!  Happy Weekend…………

Hugs, Sammy


Caturday is FALLing


HA!  See how I cleverly snuck (sneaked) that in????  Caturday – FALL ??  Well anyway I’m making today all about Fall because I finally got Mom to take her flashy box outside and capture some updates to my original “the leaves are changing a little bit” post last month.

Things are moving right along in the leaf department BUT we haven’t had ANY rain since the original photos and I think MAYBE if we get some rain from the hurricane Karen that’s hitting the South things will be even prettier by my next “Leaf Update” photos.

Without further ado – may I present for your viewing pleasure my latest yard shots?????

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I think maybe in a couple of weeks there will be some SIGNIFICANT changes to the outdoor scenery around my house.  We just need RAIN!

I have some Cat Scout updates for you too – I’m now a “Co-Administrator” of my Troop called the Warrenton Wildcats.  WOOT!   I also have earned the Camping Badge (which I told you was EASY for me since I love to camp in my tent and I just had to sent a photo of me in my tent to them to qualify!!).  I’m checking out the other badges and I am SURE I can get some more.  Just have to get Mom to help me a bit (even though I have thumbs I can’t do EVERYTHING by myself on the computer!!).

I’ve also seen some of my bloggy friends there!  Wally, Austin, Tubby, and Mauricio are all there AND I’ve even made some NEW Scout friends there.

Today was quite a pretty day and I got Mom to go outside with me for a while.  We visited some of my “usual” spots…………

Down the woods trail to the bench......

Down the woods trail to the bench……


Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…..it’s NICE out here!

Now for the really BIG deal about today – it’s my Dad’s birthday……..yep – today he’s turning (OOPS I ALMOST TOLD EVERYONE!!) and I got him a present and Mom got him a present and we both got birthday cards for him.

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

My pal Dad….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!




I hope all of you have a fantabulous Caturday – no matter WHAT you do or WHERE you go!





My Changing View!


Hi Peeps! 

Yes, every single day now, more and more leaves are flying off the trees and indeed my view out the windows in the house is changing quickly.  For one thing, the leaves that were SOOOOOOOOO colorful just days ago are turning brown now and falling off the trees like mad.  My back yard, which had SOME leaves on the grass last week now looks like this!


Yikes....that's a lot of raking needing to be done!

Wowza! Talk about falling Fall!


Wowzers.  Some change huh?  So I sit in my window seat and watch – and there’s lots to watch in addition to the leaves – the squirrels are all over the place….gathering acorns, stealing grabbing and eating sunflower seeds from the bird feeders and repairing their nests up in the trees.  Plugging all the air holes they made to get through the long hot summer probably!

Early morning bird watching

Leaves falling, squirrels pouncing, birds chattering, deer passing…..but mostly leaves floating by my spy spot!

We’re getting ready too.  Dad’s calling around talking to people about firewood delivery, getting the chimney cleaned, and then there’s the dreaded LEAF MONSTER that was pulled out of the basement last weekend and is now in the garage “standing by” for duty.  Those of you who HATE vacuum cleaners and their noise as much as I do will identify with my feelings about the leaf sucking machine.  Talk about noise!   My parents say next week will be the first time they’ll be using that monster.

So Fall is here with a vengence and that’s OK……we have Halloween almost here, then next will be Thanksgiving and then Santa Paws will be comin’ to town!  It’s never too early to start thinking about THAT.  I’ve already started my wish list – how about you??????

Me in a Santa Hat......

Yep – my Santa Paws outfit still fits me!

Speaking of wishes – I wish you’d take a look at your calendar because if you do, you’ll see that time’s a tickin’ on the clock until the 27th which will be the last day to enter that pumpkin of yours in my contest.  Don’t be a pumpkin party pooper…..and remember, you can do a REAL pumpkin or a VIRTUAL pumpkin – two winners picked – one from each category! 

My kitty cat “pumpkin-to-be” resting comfortably on Dad’s work bench waiting for the BIG MOMENT when Dad works his magic!

Happy Thursday everybody – get carving!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Leaf Peepers…..


Hi everybody!  It’s CATURDAY! 

I thought I’d start out by telling you that I have already received one entry for my Pumpkin Decorating Contest……remember you have until October 27th to get your entry in! 

Now on to the explanation of the title of today’s blog…..WHAT – you may ask – IS A LEAF PEEPER???  Well, it’s what we call the steady stream of cars that pour out of Washington, DC and the close in communities into the countryside and towards the mountains this time of year.  Everybody wants to get out of the city hustle and bustle and go see the beautiful leaves of Fall.   The traffic gets amazing on the roads though – backed up for miles and miles just with folks wanting to see the leaves.

We’re lucky – why?  Well, first off we already live in the country (sort of) – we’re about an hour and a half outside of Washington, DC and about an hour away from the mountains.  Plus we have tons of trees here anyway – especially in my yard.  Mom took these photos this morning:

I love the bright pink/red maples but that orange one is OOOH LA LA !!

From the top of my driveway looking down into the front yard….not a LOT of color yet but lots of oranges and yellows!!

Yellow maples….another orange maple….and right in front the dogwood turning purple-ish!

Say – maybe I could charge $5.00 a car to park in my front yard or driveway and let people wander through my woods out back and PEEP at MY leaves??????   A guy has to look at every opportunity that comes his way – and my piggy bank could use a boost. 

HAPPY CATURDAY……..and if you’re leaf peeping out my way this weekend, I’ve got a DEAL for you on a guided leaf peeping tour in my back yard!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

P.S.        A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND CODY’S MOMMY MISS CAREN OF CAT CHAT!!!  Stop by and wish her a happy birthday won’t you????

Helping Mom (ha)


Hello everybody……all the birthday excitement is over with and we’re back to normal (whatever that is) today.  In fact, Mom just sent Dad off for the day with a nice lunch and a coffee thermos and he’s driving down to the airport to spend the morning flying around the countryside.  I bet it’s starting to be pretty from the air with all the trees changing………this is a photo from LAST fall Mom snapped while flying with Dad one day……neato huh?

Fall Trees

Wow.....so many tree colors!

Mom says the most colorful are the maples – we have some of those in our yard at home…..but seeing them all from the air has to be way cool. 

Anyway, since Dad’s off flying, that means Mom and me will be able to hang out at home.  I was very helpful already this morning – Mom was changing sheets on her bed and I assisted by pulling the fitted sheet off one corner while she did the other three…..then after she put the top sheet on, I spread out and rolled around a bit on it just to make sure it FELT right…..it did…..she put the blanket on even though I was lying there (very funny Mom) and I had to crawl out from under it before the bedspread arrived!  Just trying to be helpful……….you all know what I mean…………I’m sure you try to help out around the house too – right?

Mom will be going out to rake a few leaves too – you know that means LEAF PILES!   I’ll remind Mom to take her camera and try and give her plenty of photo opportunities.  

Meanwhile, I hope all of my buds out there in kitty/doggy/bird land have a super day…….I know I plan to!

Sammy, One Spoiled Happy Cat


Chilly Sunday

Backyard tree in fall

Fall is falling......

Happy Sunday!  As you know, my Mom was away for a couple of days but while she was gone we sure saw a lot of changes in our trees.  I’m happy because I love all those leaves piling up.  This one tree is my favorite because when its leaves come down, the pile is the same color as me.  I can hide in the middle of them and nobody can see me.  Great for spying. 

I like to spy.  I think my favorite spy spot is under the leyland cypress trees on the side of our yard.  I can watch the neighbors next door – they have a lot of kids and of course two cats and two beagles – lots to watch.  Mom thinks it’s funny that I enjoy just sitting under the trees and staring over there but there’s always a lot of activity.  The kids play basketball in their driveway while I’m spying…..the dogs run around and bark and chase each other…..the man who lives there putters around with interesting stuff like ladders, camping gear, hoses, tools – lots of interesting stuff…..but almost ALWAYS there’s something to watch. 

Cats like to watch stuff.   Other animals and birds, cars going by, people (especially people!) – and anything that moves! 

What’s YOUR favorite thing to watch????? 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Friday The First of Fall !

More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

My front yard will look like this SOON! Yippeee! Leaves!

It’s here!  The first day of fall.  I’m looking forward to cooler, snuggly days and of course all those leaves.  Right now, the leaves have just started turning but I bet once we have more cool days, they’ll all get real pretty and begin to fall.  I did a blog not long ago about how much I love to play in piles of leaves – well, won’t be long now!

My good friend Sundae reminded me this morning how awesome it is to curl up on a quilt on these cool days……remember this picture of me on my “Granny Chair” ?

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Napping on an old quilt, on an old chair....nice and warm!

I love a good snuggle.  In fact, as soon as Mom and Dad begin using the fireplace more frequently, I’ll be curling up on the end of the couch in the family room that’s closest to the fireplace.  I can feel JUST ENOUGH heat there….and Mom will put one of my cozy quilts there to make it even more comfy.  If not there, or on my Grandma Chair, I’ll be:

Napping on Mom's lap (as usual)

On Mom's lap on a blanket.....


Nap time.....again!

Snuggled up UNDER a blanket......

It’s all about comfy, cool, Fall days from here on out……at least until things change again, and we have snow to play in!

Happy First Day of Fall………….and Sundae, thanks for reminding me about the joys of quilts, blankets, and cozy spots!

Sammy, One Spoiled Boy


Cool Morning….Thinkin’ About Fall !

Test your eyes! Look carefully - I'm there!

Look real hard and you'll see me sniffing the flowers!

It’s a beautiful morning here on my hill…..back by the edge of the woods a little herd of deer (with four babies!) walked through just a little while ago and there’s lots of squirrels packing away the acorns already!  Me?  I’m just enjoying the cool air.  It’s in the 50s this morning and I’m starting to think MAYBE fall isn’t all that far away.  I love fall like my Mom and Dad do.  They like it because they can have fires in their fireplace on cozy evenings – – – I like it because I can play in the falling leaves! 

Here’s some of our backyard trees in pictures Mom took last fall…..see how pretty the leaves are?  The orange maple matches ME and I can hide in a big pile of those leaves and pop out and scare Mom when she walks by!  HAHAHAHA

Backyard tree in fall

Same color as me!!

Mom rakes up the leaves in a pile and I hop right in and wait for some unsuspecting human to walk by then…………….
POUNCE  🙂  !!
The front yard is even better as you can see in this next picture……..Dad takes his big blower machine thing out there and makes LOTS of piles of leaves.  then I’ll hide in one of them and they have to try and find me.  Hide and seek……one of my favorite-est games inside or outside!
More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

Front yard leaves mean LOTS of leaf piles!

I LOVE FALL !!!!  
Do you like fall too?  What’s your favorite time of the year?
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat