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Pre-Tease Monday



Hello Friends!!   We survived the weekend – did you?   Yesterday morning I was reminded that winter is on the way………..it was 36 when Mom and I took our early morning “tour” of the yard.  Talk about frosty………I briefly gave some consideration to asking Mom to pick me up and carry me BUTT I didn’t push my luck.

Tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday and I have yet another GUEST TEASER PHOTO for you…………yep – someone sent me a doozy of a photo to use.   Not saying who until Thursday’s Tell All but what I can say is you’d best start studying NOW!

Will YOU be ready for me tomorrow???

Will YOU be ready for me tomorrow???

Yesterday my Mom did something really silly…………the little boys from next door came over and Mom got the deck planters down from the deck and dumped the soil out onto the grass – WHY?   Because they were the planters she had her beautiful sweet potato vines planted in – Mom always gets those for the hanging planters on the deck because they are beautiful plants – NOT for the potatoes they product…………but the boys knew there would be potatoes so after the vines were removed, it was time to dig through the soil for ‘taters!   They found plenty of them but two of them were WHOPPERS…….one was about five inches long and probably five or six inches around – it was so big it already was popping through the soil in the planter so Mom knew that at least ONE big sweet potato was in there.  But when the boys began digging through the pots, they found several that were decent sized – lots of little ones too.   The boys think they can make a small sweet potato pie out of them but Mom told them not to be too disappointed if their Mom said “no can do” and made them throw them away.   Still it was a lot of fun and I watched from inside the kitchen door because the deck is right out the door.    It was rather exciting!!

Sweet potato vines

Sweet potato vines

That was about as exciting as our Sunday got………………….it was quiet……………..which you know I like.   We all like QUIET Sundays right?

Sam Sleeping Close Up


So will I see you here tomorrow at a random time of Mom’s choosing?   HMMM???  Will you be ready to examine the Teaser photo???  Will you be ready to comment first or guess where the photo was taken or will you just have the “I’m gonna get another Greenie” mindset?!?!?!?!   C’mon………..you can do it!  I know you can!

See you in the morning………….

Hugs, Sammy the pre-Teaser

Fallish Fotos!


Hi Everybody!  Wasn’t International Talk Like A Pirate Day a blast?  I had a lot of fun visiting everybody’s blogs and seeing all the great photos.   Thanks for all the comments on my Pirate Poem – I aim to please!  Tee Hee

We had a gorgeous day yesterday and I was FINALLY able to get my Mom to take her flashy box outside and get some photos of the FIRST COLOR coming on our trees….yep – Fall in Virginia is gorgeous and I had a bunch of you ask me to take photos and share them when they started to change.  Your WISH is my COMMAND!

During the summer my trees are nice and green but then Fall starts falling and VOILA!  Check it out in my slideshow!

During the summer my trees are nice and green but then Fall starts falling and VOILA! Check it out in my slideshow!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now you all know that October is almost here and that means HALLOWEEN………..I’m thinking about some fun things to have on my blog for that big day so stay tuned.  I know a lot of blog buddies have already put plans in motion for Halloween fun so I’m probably late BUT “better late than never” !!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday…………….Did you have fun yesterday?  Whether you were in the pirate spirit or not I hope you had a really great day WHEREVER you are!






Friday The First of Fall !

More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

My front yard will look like this SOON! Yippeee! Leaves!

It’s here!  The first day of fall.  I’m looking forward to cooler, snuggly days and of course all those leaves.  Right now, the leaves have just started turning but I bet once we have more cool days, they’ll all get real pretty and begin to fall.  I did a blog not long ago about how much I love to play in piles of leaves – well, won’t be long now!

My good friend Sundae reminded me this morning how awesome it is to curl up on a quilt on these cool days……remember this picture of me on my “Granny Chair” ?

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Napping on an old quilt, on an old chair....nice and warm!

I love a good snuggle.  In fact, as soon as Mom and Dad begin using the fireplace more frequently, I’ll be curling up on the end of the couch in the family room that’s closest to the fireplace.  I can feel JUST ENOUGH heat there….and Mom will put one of my cozy quilts there to make it even more comfy.  If not there, or on my Grandma Chair, I’ll be:

Napping on Mom's lap (as usual)

On Mom's lap on a blanket.....


Nap time.....again!

Snuggled up UNDER a blanket......

It’s all about comfy, cool, Fall days from here on out……at least until things change again, and we have snow to play in!

Happy First Day of Fall………….and Sundae, thanks for reminding me about the joys of quilts, blankets, and cozy spots!

Sammy, One Spoiled Boy


Ouch! Acorns Hurt!

A photoshop funny picture from a friend!

Thanks Miss Penny for my acorn helmet photo - I'm using the helmet EVERY day now!

Happy Wednesday Folks!  Not long ago I was complaining on my blog about how HUGE the acorns are this year – and since we have big, high oak trees in our yard those things fall from a long distance and really pack a wallop when they hit…..unfortunately, they sometimes hit ME or my Mom and Dad.  Yikes.  I don’t know why they are extra big this year but they sure are.  Anyway, when I complained, our friend Penny Maxson (who also has a cat named Sam!) sent us this funny card showing ME in an acorn helmet!  How cool is this?  If only I really had one of these it would save me a lot of headaches.  🙂 

The deer are eating all the acorns that the squirrels aren’t gathering, but still walking through our backyard is a hazard – at least for humans.  Walking across a patch of fallen acorns is like walking through a field of marbles Mom says.  They roll and make you slip…..now for ME, it’s not like that – I’m little enough I can pick my way through but Mom and Dad aren’t that lucky.  SO, today Mom plans to rake them up into a big pile…..I’m sure she will wish she had an acorn helmet like mine while she’s out there working. 

Know what I think?  I think the squirrels sit up in the trees and WAIT for me or my Mom to come by then heave those acorns at us on purpose!  Yep – it’s a game to them….kind of like being at a shooting gallery….I swear I can hear them talking up there…..”Hey, I got another one!”……”Wow!  Direct hit!”……”Did you hear that hollow sound when it hit her head???”…..

Well, anyway, that’s my thought for today…..watch out for falling acorns.  They HURT.

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (with an acorn helmet on!)

p.s.  special thanks to Miss Penny for my helmet