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Summer In The Fall….

Sam posing for the camera on the sidewalk in front of the house - what a ham.

Hey - where'd my cool weather go?? This feels like SUMMER - again!

Yesterday it got up to SEVENTY THREE degrees outside.  Huh?  One day we’re watching the leaves hit the ground and it’s cold and windy and all that wintery chill stuff – then whammo – here’s a warm and sunny day.  What’s with that?  How’s a guy supposed to figure out which coat to wear???  Am I supposed to keep growing in my extra thick fur for the cold or what? 

Oh well – gotta go with the flow huh?  Can’t exactly do much about the weather……besides, what a GREAT day yesterday was for me to be in the yard.  Mom and Dad were out there doing various things (Dad stacking firewood, Mom filling birdfeeders and sweeping leaves off the deck) so I got to wander around on my own (well with watchful eyes of course).  It’s always fun to watch the squirrels getting sunflower seeds out of the feeders – – – so I did that for a while……then I took a “mini-walkabout” down into the woods.  Haven’t done that in a long time.  About 20 feet down the trail out back is a very old tree stump lying on its side.  When I was a baby I’d go there and climb up on top of it and sit – I could see better!  Yesterday I revisited Mr. Stump…..he’s still there (although slowly rotting away) and I found a large hold at the bottom of it.  SOMETHING has dug a big hole there.  I also found a lot of small holes ON the stump – which may explain why we see chipmunks around the stump all the time.  They were smart enough to stay away from me yesterday though while I sniffed and checked the old stump out.

We all were outside for over an hour I suppose……eventually I decided it was time to come inside and get a drink of water and a snack.  But it sure was wonderful for a while – getting another little burst of spring or summer – – – today we’re supposed to get some rain and it will be cooler.  I’m thinking there’s still time to talk Mom into a nice long “OUT” this morning though before the wet arrives. 

I’m looking forward to snowy days (well, WATCHING the snow from inside of course) and cozy fires in the fireplace but the little burst of warm weather was mighty nice yesterday……best of all, my arthritis didn’t act up!  Now that’s a REAL treat!  🙂



Watching The World Go By…….

Backyard woods, trail, bench

At the edge of the woods in Sam's backyard is a favorite spot!

Yesterday was a REALLY nice day!  Mom and Dad took me outside for a nice long time – and I had a chance to catch up on some of my favorite spots like this one.  See the big oak tree in the middle of the picture?  It’s right by the trail that used to go all the way down in the woods to the creek.  On the other side of the trail is a bench that swings and I like to sit on it with Mom sometimes and just watch the squirrels play or the birds visiting the birdhouses…..or a chipmunk with a mouth full of sunflower seeds flying across the ground to his home to feed his family – kind of like when Dad goes to the pizza place and brings home a pizza for him and Mom.  🙂  Anyway, it’s always nice and cool down in the woods and yesterday it was just perfect.

When I was just a little guy, Mom and Dad spent all weekend clearing a path for me all the way down into our woods to where a big old oak tree had fallen way before we even lived here.  They moved all the leaves and brush and tree limbs and stuff out of the way and the path was really fun for me to follow to the tree – there I’d hop up on the tree and walk along the whole length of it thinking I was King of the hill!  Mom would sit and watch me – I thought I was pretty hot stuff….but then I was just a little kitten and everything I did was “pretty hot stuff”……..now a days the path has grown over – I kind of lost interest in it through the years.  I’m content to sit on the bench with Mom and watch the other animals play.

She says that’s one of the way cool things about getting older…..having time to just sit, rest, relax, and watch the world go by and know what?  She’s right!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat