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Uhoh Elfvis


Some of you have been asking me “where’s ELFVIS???” and I reminded you that Mom banished him to the top of her armoire a week or so ago to keep him out of trouble.  Well, Elfvis is nothing if not resourceful (and evil) so SOMEHOW he managed to get down and here’s what he got up to today!

First of all Mom walked into her bedroom just in time to see that Elfvis had obviously helped himself to her jewelry box……not only was he all “blinged up” with some of her bracelets but he had a BAG full of earrings and other assorted gems.  Unacceptable behavior Elfvis!   Never bite the hand that feeds you (or raid the jewelry box of the lady who hasn’t put you in the garbage disposal yet).

Evidence Photo #1


THEN, my Dad went into his study and found THIS.   First of all this plane is one that my Dad built when he was a boy so you know the thing is older than dirt and rather delicate…..so it was an insult to find Elfvis sitting on the prop pretending to be a daredevil of the skies.  NO NO NO Elfvis – even I, who have lived here for almost 15 years, knows NOT TO TOUCH DADDY’S STUFF!!

Evidence Photo #2


Lastly (at least as far as we know at the time of this post!) I discovered Elfvis sitting on the bookshelf where the Christmas village thing is set up……..he decided that he was going to steal one of the little trees to have as his very own.   It would have been acceptable if he’d ASKED first – and after all, in the true spirit of Christmas maybe we SHOULD let him have his own tree (it might keep him out of ours!), but he didn’t ask – he was just TAKING!   NO NO NO Elfvis.

Evidence Photo #3


Right now he’s back up on the armoire and Mom had to “restrain” him…..so we’re hoping that we get at least a few days reprieve before he figures out how to get back down again and wreak havoc again.

Meanwhile, did you know that tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY?   Well it is!   And remember I have those FANTABULOUS newly designed December badges in the offing for those of you who are lucky enough to remember to show up tomorrow to take a peek at the photo(s).  Where will we be going this week to try and stump you?  I’m not tellin’ and Elfvis isn’t either because I think Mom put a gag on him in addition to the restraints.  HAHAHA

Don’t bother calling the Elf union about the way he’s being treated here because when they heard Elfvis was here all they had to say was “GOOD LUCK”…………not “we’re sending an attorney” !!!!!

Have a super Monday!

Hugs, Sammy the Elf Watcher