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Things Are Better With Bacon….


Have You Ever Noticed That?   IT’s TRUE!

Things do go better with a little bacon……and that’s why we do this every Saturday.  Makes you smile, makes me smile, makes things a little brighter and – fills the tummy too!!!   I should be hired by the bacon industry in fact – look what we’ve done for them all these years!

Sure does……………in fact lots of things are super good about bacon………!

I’m sure that’s why doctors prescribe it!

It makes EVERYONE happy right?????

And other than the Tooth Fairy, only BACON has its’ own little magic fairy!

See?   It’s just good stuff……period……..where would we be without all the silly jokes and cartoons about bacon?   A good belly laugh is good for the soul!

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! Yours too apparently!

This is EVER so true!!!!!

So therefore as your King of Baconia, I am here to say –

Let The Bacon Feast Begin!  

(go ahead – go tell your humans to whip up some bacon ASAP – tell ’em THE KING sent ya!

Love, King Teddy with a short but SWEEEET post today –

gives you more time to eat bacon!

Bacon Anyone?


Wanna Be Bacon Buddies?


If you don’t belong officially to this club – well – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????    Feel free to grab this badge and display it with PRIDE on your blog or website or WHATEVER.   I mean isn’t it time you declared your love for the most FABULOUS food in the universe????????


Even Darth Vader thinks bacon is fabulous!


See?   My Mom is still here, and my Dad is still here and they eat bacon all the time!!!   I went to the Rainbow Bridge but it wasn’t because I ate too much bacon!!!


Yeah…..don’t be selfish – think of others!    Help end the violence!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!   EAT THIS WITH PRIDE !!!!!!!


As long as your boat doesn't sink - you haven't had too much bacon!!!!

As long as your boat doesn’t sink – you haven’t had too much bacon!!!!


Join the In Crowd – become a BACONATOR!


With Love, from your King……Angel Sammy