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Sunday Easter Selfie


Happy Easter

and Happy Passover

From Me and My Peeps

To You and Your Peeps!


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Before you go….how about a little Easter fun

with a lot of help from my “Besties” ?????


AND, if that’s not enough excitement for you

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My Saturday Motto!

My Saturday Motto!

Oh I’m so happy it’s here – bacon day………………and I’ll be shameless when I ask for it – trust me on that one…………….here comes my favorite posters!!!!!

I don't have to resort to this behavior to get my bacon fix either!

I don’t have to resort to this behavior to get my bacon fix either!


Mom has also promised that we will have bacon tomorrow on Easter morning too – along with fresh blueberry pancakes (I’m not that hot on pancakes but my Dad sure is!!)………..then later in the day will be DUCK……………..I’m told by all of you that I will love it.  Believe me when I say I’ll be blogging about it on Monday for sure…………….

In case some of you are out of town tomorrow – I’m giving you your Easter card from me NOW……………………please know that I love you all and hope you have a grand weekend whether you’re celebrating Easter or just “A WEEKEND” !!!


Love and Hugs


Pre-Easter Excitement


FLOWERBANNER1Oh boy – the Easter Bunny is coming to my house – he’s never let me down in all my 15 years so I’m expecting him to show up on Sunday as always.   He brings me a basket – it’s a little one – “Sammysized” of course for ME.   Below are three of my past baskets!   But that’s not nearly as much fun as watching my Dad hunt for Easter eggs.   Tee Hee…………that’s right – Mom and Dad color Easter eggs every year and Mom hides them in the house for Dad to find.   Sometimes I cheat and show him where one of the eggs is (because I’ve followed Mom around when she’s hidden them!).    He calls me his “Bunny Buddy” because I help.

Sam's Easter Basket 2012

Easter Basket 2012

Easter Basket 2013

Easter Basket 2013

Easter Basket 2015

Easter Basket 2015

We think we’ll have a pretty day on Easter Sunday.   Mom and Dad will fix a big fat meal too – this year Dad won the right to choose Easter dinner and while we USUALLY have turkey, we’re having DUCK this year.  I wonder if I’ll like it?  I’ve never had it before – Dad loves duck – Mom does NOT so that means there will be a lot of it around here!!   I’m willing to give it a whirl!



We’ll also be hiding Easter eggs out in the yard for our neighbor’s little boys.   We did that last year – the plastic eggs with little goodies in side and one brother gets his hidden in our front yard and the other gets his hidden in the back yard and they see who can find all of theirs FIRST!

So see why I’m excited about Easter?   SO much going on…………….ducks, bunnies, eggs, baskets – and in the middle of all of that, Mom says we should remember what Easter is REALLY about.   Of course we will……….ALWAYS.

Love, Sambunny



Weekend Wrap-Up


Whew!   Did Easter exhaust you as much as it did me?  Well, we were pretty busy around here and while it was all FUN and the Bunny brought treats, my parents were on the go and I didn’t get a lot of time with them.  I’m glad it’s Monday.  Time for some catching up.

First I have a few pix from my Mom’s trip to visit her sister – my Auntie Carol – last week and I wanted to show you my Cousins……Shih Tsus Mollye, and Toby.   Mollye only has one eye because when my Aunt rescued her, she’d been a puppy mill Mommy all her life and had no vet care…..she had glaucoma very bad in one eye and also never had dental care so Aunt Carol had her work cut out for her but Mollye is one great big sweetie love bug.   She has problems ambulating because she was kept in a cage all her life just having puppies so her little legs had quite an adjustment to make when she could run and walk like a normal pup!   Anyway, she’s doing just fine………and her big brother Toby takes good care of his sister!  They are great friends and very close.

MollyeApril2014 TobyApril2014

Then of course we had Easter!  This is me and my Easter basket the Bunny very kindly brought to me.  I know many of you wanted to know how my Dad did with the big Easter Bunny egg hunt………well, he found ALL the eggs thanks to my help and a bit of help from Mom.   Mom and I hid the eggs in the basement before Dad got up and I helped Mom pick some GREAT spots……it took my Dad about 45 minutes to find 11 eggs!!   HAHAHA

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I hope your Easter was a goodie?  If you don’t celebrate Easter I hope you had a fabulous weekend anyway……………………don’t you DARE forget that tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser!!   You don’t want to forget that now do you?   The other thing about tomorrow is that I am going to be a guest on my good buddy and Cousin (haha) Bacon the pig’s blog tomorrow.  You know his regular column “Dear Bacon” where he gives advice to animals who have problems of all kinds???  Well, I’m doing a guest spot for him tomorrow.  Five distraught animals have sent letters to Cousin Bacon and I’m stepping in to answer their questions or solve their problems for them tomorrow!  Make sure and visit Bacon’s blog Tuesday to see how I’ve tried to help these five poor lost souls find their way………………… 😉

Guess that’s about it for me for a Monday………………..see you tomorrow???  The Teaser will be waiting for you………..and you know you don’t want to miss that!!



Getting In The Mood


Easter – yep – it’s not all that far away and I’m starting to work on getting ready for that…………..are you?   I had to find the perfect outfit and I think MAYBE I found it – what do you think????


I have other Easter pix of me – some show me with my Easter baskets of the past – some with my Easter scarf on (from Mollie’s Shop) – and while I COULD wear my scarf again, I think I make a rather cute bunnywabbit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you like Easter competitions, there’s one happening over at My Three Moggies…………you have to submit a picture of you in your “Easter Costume” AND answer some questions about the Moggie boys……….if you feel lucky, give it a whirl because the prizes are from Mollie’s new “Easter Collection”……..!

Now on to other things – like TUESDAY TEASER………………….we have a “Guest Teaser” tomorrow.  That’s right – a fabulous friend of mine sent me some pix to use and I’m gonna use them tomorrow.  I probably will post TWO pix from this spot on Planet Earth for you to guess WHERE………then on the Tell All I’ll show you more pictures from the location……….cool huh?   So, remember, you get a special award from ME if you’re first to guess right tomorrow……….


If you guess right but aren’t FIRST…………


And if you’re clueless (but still adorable since you’re my friend of course)……….


So be here bright and early tomorrow morning (6AM Eastern Standard Time) to give it a shot at getting the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award…………..you know you want it!

Monday Hugs,

Sammy the Bunny Guy


WHAT AWARD?   It’s the “YOO-HOO AWARD” from my friend Nerissa (Nissy)


Nissy has started a lot of new awards around the blogosphere and I figured since I received this yesterday I’d better send it on its’ way ASAP!

Rules of this one are:

Post and thank the person nominating you!

Visit three of the blogs who received the award along with you when you were nominated!

Tell three things you have to celebrate/are thankful for!

Pass award to SEVEN bloggers!

SO, in accordance with the above…………….THANK YOU NISSY – I’m about to visit three of the other blogs you nominated…..

The three things I have to celebrate or are thankful for are:

1.  I’m still alive and kicking at 14 years old

2.  I have the BEST humans taking care of me that I could POSSIBLY ever have dreamed for

3.  I love my friends so much and I hope I make MORE every single day

My SEVEN nominees are:

Dezi of Deziworld

Raz, Allie, Ellie and Cubby of Florida Furkids

Misaki of The Misadventures of Misaki

Nellie, Kozmo and Jo-Jo from Cat From Hell

Mollie and Alfie from Mollie’s Dog Treats

Gracie from Goodness Gracie

Timmy from Timmy Tomcat

Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming….(HAHA)