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Easter Sunday Selfie


Happy Easter!

Today is Sunday Selfie Blog Hop with The Cat On My Head but it’s EASTER SUNDAY so we dressed our selfie up for the occasion.  If you’d like to join in the Hop, click on their badge below my selfie and use the LINKY tool and you’re IN!

And even though this is the first Easter without Sammy in the house, we honor him with one of his Easter poses…….we miss you Angel Sammy!

Sammy with his Easter Basket – Easter 2013


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From my house to your house – HAPPY EASTER……

and if you want a giggle check this out!


Love, Teddy Bunny

On this beautiful Easter morning we have just learned that the Queen – Nellie – has left for the Bridge.   My brother Angel Sammy and so many other friends welcomed her there with open wings and hearts………and she is at last dancing through the clouds.   Forever hugs sweet Nellie………..

If you click the badge it will take you to Nellie’s blog and you can leave a comment………..


Friendly Filling In


Happy Friday! 

Let’s Fill In Some Sentences!

Friday means joining one of our favorite Blog Hops – Friendly Fill-Ins which is co-hosted by Miss Ellen of 15andMeowing and Miss Ann of McGuffy’s Reader.   All you have to do is fill-in the sentences they give us…………….two sentences are from Ellen and two from Ann and that’s all there is to it other than clicking the above badge and going to McGuffy’s Reader and using the LINKY tool to sign up your blog!   Easy right?

This week we have let Teddy do the filling in………kind of scary to give that much power to a kitten but we thought it might be fun so here goes.   Teddy’s fill-ins are in RED!

1. An Easter (or Passover) tradition I have is (will be) getting an Easter Basket from my Mom and Dad!  Angel Sammy said he always did so I hope that’s a new tradition for ME!

2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Vanilla – of course something ELSE might be a favorite but so far I’ve only had vanilla from my Mom – I’m willing to give others a try though!.

3. One of my favourite Easter/Passover memories is Nothing since this is my first Easter so I’ll let my Mom answer this one.   Hello everyone – this is “Mom” and one of my favorite Easter memories was when I was a little girl and we lived in Weisbaden, Germany.  Our housekeeper was a lovely German lady and she brought my brother and me a very special German Easter egg full of tiny, very sweet little special candies.   Funny because I’ve had many Easter baskets since and all kinds of candies and goodies but I remember HERS over all the others.   

4. My favourite Spring flower is Dicentra – it’s the only flower I know – they are blooming in Mom’s garden and I love the little hearts!!

So there you have it!   That’s the last Fill-In before Easter so in case we don’t have a chance to say this again before Easter Sunday……………..HAVE A BLESSED EASTER OR PASSOVER!

Sam's Easter Card

Love, Angel Sam, Teddy and Mom

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Double Post Day!

(First of all sorry for the confusion yesterday – Mom ACCIDENTALLY hit “publish” instead of SCHEDULE for this post and you got a notice a day early!   We quickly deleted it – but here it is again on the RIGHT DAY!!!!!!)  

First part of my blog today is for THANKFUL THURSDAY.    Today I’m VERY thankful – Why?   Many things but today I’ll tell you just one reason – Spring is popping here finally.   As recently as one week ago we had a frost/freeze warning but for the last several days we’ve had WARM temps and the little leaf buds on the trees are bursting open in leaps and bounds!    Our pink dogwoods have pink blossoms and the little dwarf Japanese maple has leafed out – the maple was my FAVORITE spot to stay cool in the summer and we think Teddy has figured that out now too!

Front Garden 2012

Want to share what you are thankful about?   We are sharing by joining Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY blog hop………..all you have to do is click the badge, go to his blog, use the LINKY TOOL and enter your blog address – SHARE with all of us what you’re thankful for.  EASY!

Now for PART TWO of this post and that’s my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post……………….this week we are up to the letter “R” in the alphabet so the poem needs to be about an “R” thing!



By Sammy Kimmell, April 13, 2017

It’s a well known Easter habit

Watching out for the Easter rabbit!

He comes when everyone is sleeping

On bunny feet he does all his creeping

He hides eggs around the house

He’s QUIET as a mouse!

Kids will carry their baskets around

To see how many eggs can be found!

Sometimes the bunny leaves candy –

The basket will sure come in handy –

For carrying around all your treasures….

Such fun is impossible to measure.

Easter Rabbit makes everyone SMILE

Makes older folks feel like a child.

The Easter holiday would not be complete

Without those visiting RABBIT feet!!

Next Thursday we will celebrate the letter “S” as we make our way to the end of the alphabet for the second time here on the blog!    I hope you will join us – it’s not too late to join in today – you can write a poem and put it in my comments OR if you have a poem done on your blog – leave us your link so we can HOP over and read it!    Try some poetry – you’ll be glad you did!!

Love, Angel Sammy

Blog Hop? Bunny Hop!




We are joining up with The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Blog Hop which today I’m calling a Bunny HOP!   Just click on their badge to visit and see other bunnies critters showing off their Easter finery and wishing everyone what I’m wishing YOU – that you have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


Click Below to see more Selfies or join the HOP!    May you have a joyous Easter celebration…….!


Love, Sambunny !

Cleaning……and Waiting


Yep – cleaning the house has priority on a Friday BUT I’m still waiting, waiting, waiting for my lab results on the blood work too.   Cleaning and waiting – sounds like a law firm……”Good Afternoon, Cleaning and Waiting, how may I direct your call?”……..HAHAHAHA


Anyway, Mom and Dad have a couple of things to do this morning that will put cleaning on hold briefly – Dad is going in to sign the tax forms which are done AND Mom is dropping off the PC in the computer shop for the new CD/DVD drive installation!    This time I won’t be missing for DAYS – we have the new laptop so life will go on in the Kimmell household even though the PC is in the shop!



Yesterday was an amazing day – we really did have a touch of REAL LIFE SPRING.    I know it won’t last – it’s too early for it to last – but it was just plain GORGEOUS.   Seventy-four and sunny and Mom got the lawn tractor out for the first time and did a turn around the yard.  The lawn looks like “****” (if you get my drift), but there were some long tufts of “sort of” grass and a lot of leaves and now it’s at least cleaned up!   GO MOM!   She loves riding that thing – I was waiting for her when she came back inside all dust covered from the dry dirty back yard where she probably shouldn’t have driven but did.    So – Spring is arriving.  Our Bradford pears are blooming – that’s a sure sign there is HOPE!    As soon as there’s something pretty to show I will but right now – it’s still pretty BARREN out there.

Too early for azaleas but never too early for sidewalk cruising!

Too early for azaleas but never too early for sidewalk cruising!

I’m ready for the Easter bunny…………………..he never lets me down – just like Santa – always on time and always makes me smile……………………he recycles my basket – has used the same basket for 16 years now.   But there’s always something FUN in it on Easter morning – not a boring old egg!!

Don’t ask me where my 2014 basket is………Mom forgets to name photos LOGICALLY sometimes!

Anyway, I hope you’re ready for Easter if you celebrate it………………………..I’m just READY FOR BACON tomorrow!   I’ll also be BRAVE when the cleaning starts today – honest I will!

Hugs, Sammy

Pee Ess    The waiting is now over – the vet called before this post went live so I can report that I have to UP my dose of thyroid meds (whaaa) – two whole pills a day vs. 1-1/2 pills a day.   I’ll do my best…..after all, Mom gives me my pill in baby food which is pretty nommy so maybe it won’t be so bad….maybe.